The 29 -year -old actress spent 100 million in her 3 months, divorced if she had no money, and now she wants to get pregnant?

No matter which country in, the marriage of the entertainment actress is the "melon" that the people are most liked to hear.Many female celebrities will eventually marry wealthy merchants in the end. Although the onlookers will think that the reason for this marriage is how much money benefits, the parties must say "because of love."However, a female artist in Japan greatly acknowledged that when she got married, she saw her husband’s money, so as not to let her divorce decisively.

Recently, the 29 -year -old Japanese female artist Kato Sauri disclosed the news of her pregnancy to the media, but she just divorced her ex -husband 8 days ago.Compared with the news of the former Nakasaki, the news of pregnancy in the country, the coffee in Kato Saita is not worth mentioning at all, but her story is better enough.

Kato Semi is known in the entertainment industry in Japan. Although she is not very smooth as a model and actor, she can only serve as a small supporting role at most.With his appearance as a capital that attracts men, he caught the "Diamond King’s Five".

Last year, Kato Semi disclosed her good news of her marriage to the media. Her husband was a real estate businessman outside the circle.The first condition of Kato Semi is "rich". Now she finally finds the people who meet her conditions. After marriage, the firepower will enter the "money model" and bando money as you want.

Unexpectedly, just a week after getting married, her newly -married husband could not stand her splurge and tried to stop her over -consumption. She also said that she would soon be able to sit in the mountains so much that she would get so much soil.Faced with her husband’s bitter discouraged, Kato Semi not only did not converge, but instead disclosed his dissatisfaction with her husband to the media.

She said that she would marry her husband at the beginning because he had money and had to band money in order to be able to band money. Now her husband wants to restrict her to spend money and cry to her.The remarks of Kato Saro made a lot of people stunned by many people eating melon. Xiao 8 felt that not so much that she was looking for the other half in her life, and she was just using her husband as an ATM machine.

After quarreling with her husband, Kato Semi simply intensified the retaliation consumption, buying luxury goods crazy, buying luxury cars and buying yachts. It spent 100 million yen in just 3 months.

Xiao 8 felt that when the rich businessman’s husband saw that she was so indifferent, he must be completely "cool". Instead of waiting for a long -term change, it was better to stop the loss in time before she completely defeated her family property.Therefore, their marriage has ended in just 3 months.

Kato Tomari had previously revealed to the media that she and her husband got married after 4 months. Unexpectedly, divorce was faster than getting married.Xiao 8 couldn’t help but want to sigh, marriage based on money is really so fragile and so vulnerable.

Just a few days after the divorce, Kato Semi took a group photo of himself and his current boyfriend in the social account. He also deliberately used a luxury car brand packaging bag as the background to show affection, as if I couldn’t wait to tell the world: "I caught the golden turtle again"" ".

However, considering the lessons of the front car, many netizens believe that the new boyfriend will only play with her at most, and will not marry her, let alone be her "exclusive withdrawal machine".As everyone knows, although Kato Saoli divorced his ex -husband, he actually had a background in his hand.

8 days after divorce with the ex -husband, Gato Semi released the news of her pregnancy to the media, and also said that the child’s biological father was the ex -husband, and he did not mind doing DNA identification.She also said that she was pregnant earlier last year, but she was in the Cold War with her husband at the time, so she did not tell her ex -husband.

Kato Saoli said that she would raise the child alone, but had contacted the lawyer and intended to ask her husband to raise money for the child.Many netizens are guessing that Kato Semi wants to take the opportunity to take a huge amount of raising money through the child.In this way, the ex -husband who had already cleared the line with her was still the fate of "human meat withdrawal machine".

Although Kato Sauri, as the development of an artist, has always been well versed in hype. She once actively stated in variety shows that she was the genuine girlfriend of Kano Yingxiao.Kano Yingxiao is the infamous man in Japan. The private life is extremely chaotic. Many female artists see him.However, Kato Rita took the initiative to have a relationship with him. Xiao 8 felt that it could be seen that she was extremely popular for the popularity of the topic.

A series of operations in Kato Saisa make people suspect that she will not give sincerity at all, and in her eyes, there may be only eternal interests.But Xiao 8 couldn’t help worrying about her unborn child. What would the child educated like under the consciousness of her money supremacy?I hope that Kato Semi will not only take the child as a bargaining chip, but also earnestly raise him to grow up.

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