The 23 -year -old girl weighed 30 pounds, and it was useless to split every day!Doctor: 5 months pregnant, or twins

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Unmarried pregnancy is still for twins, for the 23 -year -old Xiao Ke (pseudonym), I really do not know whether they should be happy or worried.What she doesn’t understand is that she obviously came to leave every month. Why was she pregnant for 5 months?

I clearly jump, jump, and practice flexibility at home every day. How can the two babies stay in their stomachs?

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In the lower abdominal pain, I found that I weighed 30 pounds

On this day, Xiaoco couldn’t stand the torture of his stomach pain and went to the gynecological treatment of Cardiovascular Disease Hospital in Zhejiang Greentown.After Director Wang Aimei received the consultation, Xiao Ke said that he was irregular menstruation and was not allowed every month. This time, his stomach had been painful for 3 days. It had not yet come to the holiday.Essence

Director Wang Aimei found that she was unusual when she touched her belly. She asked Xiaoshi if she had an past history such as abdominal mass. Xiaoche had just done a physical examination half a year ago. Except for the day before menstruation, the stomach pain was normal.After 3 days of pain, menstruation did not come.

Director Wang asked weight again. Xiao Ke said that he was almost 130-135 pounds. This answer made Director Wang doubt: "The little girl looks relatively high, but the weight she reports does not match her body."As a result, Director Wang asked Xiaocha to measure weight, but Xiao Ke was twisted and squeezed, not willing, thinking about the relationship between weight and stomach pain, why he should inform weight, why doctors do not believe in themselves.

Director Wang explained that the BMI (physical quality index) is a common standard for measuring the degree of fat and thinness of the human body and whether it is healthy.Height and weight are important to evaluate the condition.Patients with small can have menstrual disorders, and the BMI index is required.

Xiao Ke followed Director Wang to measure the weight, "Ah! How is it possible! I have 170 pounds? This is impossible! I obviously have practiced at home, split every day! Isn’t this tossed?"

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Consciously "holiday" as usual, but was notified of the twins

It turns out that it is a famous acrobat actor. Because of the epidemic, he cannot be trained and can only be practiced at home.Therefore, in order to maintain a better figure, Xiaoco practiced at home every day, strength, flexibility, agility, etc., daily, is similar to the exercise before the epidemic, and the body’s sensitivity is not bad. Why did you weigh 30 pounds for no reason?

Director Wang asked Xiaoco to do the ultrasound check and gave the answer -Xiaoco was pregnant, it was 5 months, and it was twins!"The little girl was holding a report, and she couldn’t speak for a long time in the clinic for a long time, crying and laughing." Director Wang explained for her that the masses that had just touched the stomach was signs of pregnancy, and 5 have 5, and 5 have already had 5, and 5 have 5, and 5 have 5, and 5 have already had 5, and 5 have already had 5, and there are 5.Moon.

Xiaocke asked the letter suspiciously, and asked: "But in the past 5 months, every holiday is here. How do you say this?" Director Wang patiently told her: "This is a little periodic bleeding and hidden pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy.Symptoms of aura abortion. "

Xiao Ke remembered that each vacation was irregular, sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes there are too many quantities, and she did not take it in heart.You need to toss for a while to know about pregnancy.Director Wang soothed Xiao Ke and did some health education during pregnancy.

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Reminder: Irregular menstruation must be visited in time

Director Wang reminded that women should develop a good habit of recording the menstrual cycle.Generally speaking, the number of menstrual delayed days is normal in about 3-7 days.Under normal circumstances, if the aunt is not coming for more than 7 days, it will cause attention.Auntie will be advanced or delayed due to the changes in the secretion of the body in the body. For example, endocrine disorders caused by too much pressure or taking drugs can cause estrogen secretion in the body, which will delay the aunt.

In addition, if you are pregnant, you will not come to the aunt, so if the delay time of menstruation is more than one week, it may also be pregnant. At this time

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · hour Journalist He Lina Correspondent Wang Hui Nan Dandan

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