The 19 -year -old woman was pregnant, and her father took her daughter to find a son -in -law for marriage: first get on the car and make up for the ticket, and the price is half price.

Women are not left!Many people say that having a daughter is good, her daughter is a little cotton jacket, but have you ever thought about it, one day the little cotton jacket and others have left!

After many people gave birth to their daughters, they "raised" from a young age, and they were afraid of turning in their mouths. Parents also loved their daughters, but their daughters would change when they grew up. Once they met the boy she liked,Maybe you really do something impulsive!

Many people will be anxious after raising their daughters, fearing that their daughter will encounter a bad man outside. When they go out, they are the daughter alone. When they go home, their parents accidentally become grandparents.You can also meet in life!

I will share a story with you in this issue. A 19 -year -old woman is pregnant. My father takes his daughter to find a son -in -law: first get on the car and make up the ticket.

A netizen posted such a video, and was blocked by his girlfriend’s father at home, asking himself to marry his daughter, because his daughter’s belly was pregnant with his child. The man felt that he was still young and did not want to get married.As a result, his girlfriend’s father had to turn his face on the spot and teach herself!

It turns out that women and men are couples. They are only 19 years old. When they know, they are still netizens, because they like the same game, they know each other when playing games. When they chat, they feel that each other is a good person. CompareIf you can talk, the two met in private and determined that the relationship between the lover

After the man and his girlfriend dated, the relationship heated up, and finally did what an adult should do. HoweverIf you know what to do, tell your mother, and after the father knows, he takes the initiative to find a man to ask for a saying.

After the woman’s father found a man, he chopped his face and had a lesson that the man was irresponsible, but it happened. He hoped that he should take the responsibility of the man and quickly discuss with his parents about marriage.The requirements of my girlfriend’s father

The man said, "I was only 19 years old, and now I am too early to get married. I haven’t played enough." As soon as the woman’s father heard this, he suddenly burned and pointed at the man.With your child, we need to be 180,000 in the local colorful gift. Now give you half price, you can give you 90,000 "" Are you still picky like this, we have made the biggest concession "

When the man heard that he didn’t have so much money, he spent money to make money. He didn’t have any savings. This girlfriend also knew that the two were not suitable for marriage at all, and they always rejected the girlfriend’s father’s request!

Regarding this matter, netizens have discussing it. Some people say that the girls now do not even have the minimum education. Smoking and drinking bars, I still feel cute, and finally take a child back home to make the family face face.Sweeping the floor, some netizens said that fortunately they were not her daughter. If her daughter, she directly discounted her legs and did such a thing!

The author’s point of view:

Some girls lived together as soon as they talked about it. They were also named for trial marriage, and they were pregnant accidentally. The man was not responsible. Not only was he who suffered losses, but his parents were shameful.Therefore, the girl still has to hold her bottom line before marriage. Don’t live with her boyfriend easily.

And this man has no responsibility. He can’t be so responsible. Even if you don’t get married, you should find a suitable solution. How to deal with the two parties sit together and talk about it. It was a good thing., It’s really a waste of feelings

Being a person to see each other in the future. After all, it is two young people who love each other. Since they are pregnant, they will get married quickly. This is a good thing, but the man does not want to give gifts.In the eyes, this is really not preaching

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