The 18 -year -old student in the UK knows that he is pregnant. He still conducts border soldiers training one hour before childbirth

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on May 13, an 18 -year -old student in the UK did not know that she was pregnant until she gave birth. She was even conducting extreme training one hour before her childbirth, and worked hard to become a member of the border forces.

The student named Beth Martin, 18 years old, from Blackpool, England.Bess wanted to become a member of the British border forces and had been studying public service courses. Just one hour before she was leaving, she was still receiving extreme physical training such as military and police riot training.

Bess has always maintained the same figure during pregnancy, and there is no sign of pregnancy even in the two pregnancy tests. Although she noticed that her weight increased a little, it was easy to get angry.But she did not expect that she was pregnant, and she attributed fatigue to high -intensity training.

Bess told reporters: "I receive sports education, and there are about 70 hours of high -intensity sports activities a week. One week before my childbirth, I was undergoing the training of riot police. At that time, a few horses were chasing me. This was chasing me.It seems a bit unbelievable. "

After a training, Bess suddenly felt the stinging of the abdomen. She thought she had severe intestinal excitement syndrome, so she immediately called the emergency phone call. Bess described the scene at the time: "When I arrived at the hospital, the stomach hurt was so painfulGreat, a nurse told me immediately, saying that I seemed to be pregnant. "Bess was 7 months pregnant at this time.

After the difficult delivery, the baby weighing 6.6 pounds was finally born, and Bess named him Maggie."I have seven hours to accept the fact that I am about to become a mother, and my two brothers think I am a prank. I never thought about children, but now I can’t imagine that without her without her.Life. My parents are very happy. Although this surprises us, I have to say that the appearance of Maggie is the best thing in my life. "

In September last year, Bess returned to college to complete his studies. After a few months of maternity leave, he returned to his job after maternity leave. Bess said, "For the future, I am ready."

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