The 18 -year -old girl in the United States is pregnant. At the gender revealing party, her boyfriend’s response made netizens angry

The 18 -year -old girl Hannah Calverley is a prospective mother with a due date in October this year.

19 -year -old boyfriend Travis Gober is a second -year student of New Orleans and a baseball player.

Recently, they held a "Gender Revision Party", and the teammates of the baseball team were invited to the scene.

The sister throw a special ball towards her boyfriend,

After the boyfriend wields the ball, the ball exploded the blue powder instantly,

In other words, the fetus is a boy in the abdomen.

After the results were announced, the girl was excited and walked in the direction of her boyfriend.

The boyfriend jumped and jumped, in the direction of his teammates for the first time.

First come to celebrate the chest, and then a group of "good buddies" raised their hands to cheer, and the scene was very lively.

Hannah, who is a expectant mother, ignores it.

Not only could she not get forward, but she was squeezed back and forth by the crowd.

This video of less than 20 seconds has caused heated discussion among netizens.

"Don’t forget to embrace the prospective mother."

"She wanted a hug, but was pushed away."

"Damn, they just push her aside."

"I feel very angry."

"Do they forget who is with the child?"

"I hope these guys will officially apologize publicly."

"I can understand that they are very excited and have a good relationship, but this does not respect the prospective mother."

Some netizens said,

It can be clearly seen that this boyfriend itself is actually a "child".

After noticing the response of netizens,

The couple appeared again and recorded the video in response.

However, the boyfriend basically didn’t speak, and the girl was defending her boyfriend throughout the process:

"Thank you for helping me speak.

Uh, but in fact, I was not sad.

At that time, I was just laughing, and everyone ran towards him. How funny this scene was."

"Yes, he should really run over to hug me.

He realized this, and now he is sad, but this is not a dangerous signal at all."

Later, the boyfriend kissed the girl and said, "I like her."

Finally, the girl concluded:

"He is the best boyfriend in the world, and he will also become the best dad."

In this regard, netizens are helpless:

"Girl, we feel sad for you."

"Talk for him and apologize for him."

"The smile on his face shows that he is not sorry for this."

"The best boyfriend in the world?

No … you just haven’t experienced better."

"Girl, you will raise two children instead of one …"

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