The 18 -year -old boy showed the uterus in a physical examination!He was artificially conceived, and turned into a male mother to shock the United States

Mikey Chanel is an ordinary American boy, but he has happened to have a big thing recently. After 18 years of life, a man was pregnant …

Recently, many British media have reported the excessively magical story of Mikey. The amount of information is too large.

Mikey Chanel was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and strange things happened when she was born.The mother had done a child’s gender test when she was pregnant. At that time, the doctor told her firmly -a girl.

October conceive, once gave birth.Parents excitedly picked up the baby’s little daughter who was just born, but she was stupid at a glance: This, this … how do this child bring!

Mikey has the male genitals. The parents naturally think that the gender identification of the hospital has made a mistake, and they accept the reality.

As for Mikey, I found out that I was not ordinary.He felt that he was different from most boys. At the age of five, he began to secretly use his mother’s lipstick, holding a aunt’s handbag Pose.

His butt and pelvis are larger than ordinary men, and a little feminine appearance also made him be bullied by the school’s mean children.They called him "shemale" and the like, and there were insult words, and Mikey didn’t even understand the meaning of those words.

He knew that he was not "man", and he knew that he had not experienced the aggressiveness of the same age in the adolescent of the same age.But he did not doubt his gender.

After a long time of self -exploration and thinking, Mikey found that what he liked was not women, but men.At the age of 13, he came out in front of his family as homosexual.

Originally, homosexual identity is why Mikey has always thought that he is different, and it is awkward in the boys’ groups.But last year, at the age of 17, he found the truth that shocked everyone during the medical examination.

In recent years, Mikey found that after each urination and sexual life, the body was a little uncomfortable.Because he was afraid of getting sick, he went to the doctor for urethral ultrasound examination.

After the doctor saw his ultrasound image, the whole person was silent.Tell him a moment: Although you look like a man, you actually have a hidden female reproductive system -cervix, ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

"If you think, you can even get pregnant."

When Mikey heard the doctor’s words, what was the reaction of the whole person?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionHow can a man give birth to a child? Doctors are afraid that you are not joking with me if you watched more novels?

As a result, the doctor pointed out the display screen, and a clear uterine contour appeared in the position of his lower abdomen.Mikey is stupid. Is he a male or female?

It turned out that he was diagnosed with a relatively rare congenital disease -persistent Muller pipe syndrome (PMDS).Patients with this disease will have two reproductive systems, but men’s genitals are outside, and women’s organs are hidden inside the body.

And although people diagnosed with PMDS have ovarian, uterus and other organs, they usually have no vaginal port, that is, on the surface, it is similar to ordinary men.In fact, it is a male and female, and can even have a baby.

Therefore, the scene of men’s pregnancy in Schwarzenegger’s comedy "Devil II", if it is a PMDS patient, it is really possible.

This has also led to many patients, including Mikey who did not know that there was a set of women’s organs in the body of their men.So the question is. Since the patients of PMDS have two reproductive systems, some people can still be pregnant, will they come to menstruation?

Will do.Although most of PMDS patients do not have vaginal ports, some people are the same as women. They have menstruation every month and even irregular menstruation.Their menstruation was discharged through urine or semen.

Before, a PMDS patient found that he often urinated hematuria, and he was scared to see a doctor.After listening to the symptoms, the doctor originally thought that this was a sign of bladder cancer, and he quickly checked for further examination.

As a result, the cancer examination was negative. It was seen that there was a set of women’s reproductive systems in his body, and those blood was menstruation.Given that menstruation will only begin in adolescence, many patients’ childhood has no doubt about their male identity.

The position of u is that the uterus B is the bladder P as the male genitalia

Moreover, there are not the majority of patients with menstruation, and many are like Mikey. There is no reaction.Some people even reached middle -aged, had groin hernia, or had long -term infertility, and found the truth when surgery or examination.

This is actually the two symptoms caused by PMDS.One is umbrella, which is incomplete or not decreased by men’s testicles.Nengoring tests can cause infertility for a long time.

When the unlimited testicles, fallopian tubes, and uterus of PMDS patients are crowded in the same groin, they will cause groin hernia over time.

Doctors recommend Mikey for uterine cutting, because patients with PDMS are more likely to suffer from cancer or tumor. If they are not removed, they will easily cause serious health problems.

Mikey had intended to do it, but in further inspection, one thing changed his idea of removing the uterus immediately.The doctor told him that although he had two reproductive systems, the male reproductive system was infertile, but women’s reproductive function was normal.

Mikey calmly analyzed in a shock, and he suddenly realized that if his male organs are not easy to use, then unless he is a mother with a child, he will not have his own child in the future.

Because his parents were not around him when he was a child, he liked to take care of other children as his parents since he was a child.Now, it is unlikely to be a father, but he can become a real male mother.

Mikey, who is only 18 years old this year, said: "Before surgery, I can’t refuse the opportunity to have children."

"I won’t be born now, I will never have a chance in the future."

So he contacted the hospital for conception surgery. Although the success rate was only 20%, he still wanted to try it.

Seeing this, I know that everyone is confused. Since Mikey has no vaginal opening, how can there be children, where to give birth, and whose children?Intersection

Mikey accepted a series of artificial conception surgery including ICSI (sperm injection in the cytoplasm).The child’s father was carefully selected by Sperm Bank.Doctors will injected the donated sperm directly into women’s eggs to produce fertilized eggs.

Then perform the internal transplantation of a methamphetamine tube named Zift. Since Mikey has no vaginal port, the three fertilized eggs that have been synthetic need to be directly used to inject the fallopian tube through the abdominal surgery.

After a series of complex operations, Mikey miraculously pregnant with a boy, and now it is 4 months old.She usually takes the estrogen prescribed by a doctor to help spend pregnancy.

Mikey also accepted the bisexual settings of her male and female.I look forward to the birth of a child every day.

Mikey, who is successful with her mother

Mikey is ready to be a parent: "I want to accompany him from his first step to the first sentence, and then graduate from his university. I want to support her in his life choice and everything"

But now Mikey is a bit uncertain whether he is male or female. Is he a pregnant man or a male genital woman?

During the process of pregnancy, he has been thinking that the gender detection of his birth may be right at all. Maybe he is a woman?

If this is the case, he is not gay, but feminine.Of course, this is a problem of gender cognition, and Mikey needs to be slowly pondered by himself.

At present, after the child is born, the Mikey election has undergone transsexual surgery, and spends a subsequent life as a female and children’s mother.

At the age of 18, she experienced a female change of male, male pregnancy, and men who changed women like a roller coaster. I really dare not write this novel. I hope Mikey will live a free life in the future.Elastic

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