The 17 -year -old woman was pregnant and got pregnant in high school, and she cried on her knees: sex education should not be late

There is an attitude and temperature to make childcare easier.

Lasting with her girlfriend last night, she heard her talk about a 17 -year -old female high school student abortion in her neighbor’s house.

That child has always been a good girl, and learning is not bad.But since her parents began to divorce, her academic performance has slowly declined.

Starting to dress up and go out, sometimes I do n’t go home at night, and my body exudes a rebellious atmosphere.

My girlfriend had talked to her mother and reminded her to pay more attention to the people around the child, but in the end something happened.

The child found that he hadn’t had menstruation for two months, and he went to her mother for help. Her mother fell down as soon as she heard her heart.

Mom hurried to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick for her daughter, the result was two bars.

Fearing that she had tested her child to the hospital for a detailed examination, she finally confirmed that she was really pregnant.

After the child knew that she was pregnant, she looked at her mother. Her mother was sitting tremblingly, covering her mouth with her hands, and kept crying, but she just didn’t look at her.

The child collapsed and knelt in front of her mother and started crying.

"Why don’t you stop me earlier! What should I do in the future!"

This tragedy is not just an individual family, but also often occurs in society.

A set of data released by Peking University Social Survey Research Center shows:

As early as 2016, the first sexual behavior of the post -95s occurred at 17 years.

Even in 2020, the news of minors to taste forbidden fruit is common.

Some people are anxious to criticize their children’s shame, and some people accuse their parents of being weak and accusing the school of doing nothing.

But this kind of thing has nothing to do with the lack of sex education?

Correct sex education can let children know the meaning and consequences of sex, and know how to deal with their desires.

However, in China, few parents will take the initiative to give their children a sex education class, and even when they find that a teacher is on, they will be furious.

In "Fang Siqi’s First Love Park", Siqi said to her mother:

"Our tutor seems to have everything, just without sex education."

Mom looked at her in amazement and said:

"What sex education? Sex education is for those who need sex."

This sentence defeated Fang Siqi’s help signal. She did not dare to tell her mother that she had had a relationship with the teacher, and she was afraid that she would disgust her eyes.

This is the authentic experience of the author Lin Yihan. In the end, she couldn’t get out of the haze, reconciled with herself, and chose to end her life.

I have also seen a real case.

There was a 11 -year -old girl who was pregnant three times after menstruation, and her uncle Wang was pregnant.

Uncle Wang often bought snacks a few dollars for the little girl to eliminate the child’s defense of him. After the child is familiar with him, he starts to seduce.

Because the little girl’s parents are very busy at work, they are often not at home, so this uncle Wang took the little girl to the hotel every day to open the room.

No one has taught the child what is sex. The child does not know what Uncle Wang does is not good.

In the end, the child’s belly gradually became bigger, and her parents discovered that she was pregnant, and the entire family collapsed.

According to data from the China Population Education Center, 74%of high school students have not exchanged sexual knowledge with their children, and 49%of teenagers mainly gain various sexual knowledge from the Internet.

The sexual knowledge on the Internet can imagine what yellow waste will be, not only does not give the correct education, but brings the child to a crooked road.

Although "sex education" has now been officially included in the protection law of minors, parents cannot do nothing in family education.

Many parents are unwilling to give their children sex education classes. They are basically embarrassing, embarrassed, and do not know what to teach.

But in fact, sex education does not mean shameful content. We do not teach children how to do sex, but how to recognize sex.

The well -known host Le Jia has a very wise method. Parents can refer to:

(1) About love

"You like this boy, the boy also likes you, you can deal with it, but don’t affect the results. If your grades fall, it means that you don’t like him, good emotions breed up power.

(2) About sex

"Sex is over 18 years old, and prematureness is no good for physical development."

(3) About contraception

"If that day, you are" seduced "by the boy, you must let him bring a condom, and take contraceptive pills to hurt you, remember."

(4) About Dian Love

"If many boys like you, you have to clean up yourself, don’t take boys to be jealous for you. This approach not only hurts others, but also hurts yourself."

Sexual education is not a flood beast. We can treat it as a process of shaping the correct view of love for children.

It is not to teach children how to perform sex, but to let the child know what kind of sex is good for him, how to look at sex with a healthy attitude.

Sexual education is actually a course of love, which is a course that we and children need to learn together.

Early open, early education, early regulations, and early growth.

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