The 17 -year -old female high school business is pregnant, but the target is the 13 -year -old boy. How do parents of both sides deal with

Recently, a sexual relationship involving minors in Hebei has aroused extensive social attention.This incident involved a sexual behavior between a 17 -year -old female high school student and a 13 -year -old junior student, and caused girls to get pregnant.Faced with the questioning of the mother’s mother, the boy chose to escape the responsibility and pretend to be innocent.The incident caused heated discussion among netizens. Some people believe that family education has problems, and some people have pointed out that the school has insufficient adolescent education.

This incident once again highlighted the urgency of youth education.Our education system is defective in this field. Many people have a conservative attitude towards sexual education and ignore the desire for sexual knowledge and needs for young people.We need to face up to this issue and strengthen the education of comprehensive knowledge of young people, and help them understand the consequences and responsibilities brought about correctly.

For the 17 -year -old female high school student, she should have received formal sexual knowledge education, but she was unexpectedly pregnant.This caused her physical and mental harm.This also reminds us that more guidance and protection when adolescent sexual behavior is required, and they need to understand the importance of sexual health and sexual safety.

For the 13 -year -old boy, he did not know the consequences and responsibilities of sex, but just pursued the stimulus of the moment, and did not consider the severity of the consequences.This also reflects our pollution and influence of young people in the real environment and network environment without sufficient attention, and they are easily affected by the wrong concepts and behaviors.

Parents on both sides should also bear certain responsibilities in this incident.They lack correct education on children and ignore communication with children.Parents should reflect on whether they have defects in family education and whether they have established the correct example and guidance for their children.In addition, schools have certain responsibilities in young sex education.Schools should strengthen sexual education for students, let them understand the content of sexual knowledge, sexual health and sexual safety, and cultivate students’ correct values and guidelines.

In this incident, the woman’s parents chose a calm and reasonable way to deal with it and solved the problem by communicating. This is a proper way of dealing.As adults, we should take peace, respect the privacy of minors, and do not attack and accuse.This incident reminds us that we need to strengthen sexual education for young people from schools, families, and society.Only through comprehensive education and guidance can we help them correct the consequences and responsibilities brought by the behavior and protect their physical and mental health.

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