The 16 -year -old girl ran away from home 40 days later, and the latest: People have found it

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After 40 days of "getting married", Ma Zhongyan, a 16 -year -old girl in Tianjiazhai Town, Xingzhong District, Xining, Qinghai, continued to pay attention to the news from her in -laws.

On July 7, the surging news learned from Mr. Yang, a contact person in the previous tracing notice that on the evening of July 6, he learned from the local police station that Ma Zhongyan had found around 5:30 pm on the 6th and found it.She has returned to her mother’s house.

Mr. Yang said that the specific reason why Ma Zhongyan left home was unclear.

On the 7th, a villager in the yin slope village next to Tianzhai Town, Tianjiazhai Town, Xunzhong District, Xining City also confirmed the news to Peng Mei News.

On the morning of July 7, the surging news called Ma Zhongyan’s mother’s phone and asked Ma Zhongyan if he found it, and his mother hung up the phone without answering.A staff member of Tianjiazhai Town Police Station refused to disclose more news on the grounds of inconvenience.

Ma Zhongyan’s founding

According to the surging news, on July 4, a tracing notice was spread online, which wrote: Ma Zhongyan, female, Hui, born in July 2007, live in Tianjiazhai Town, Tianjiazhai Town, Xunzhong District, Xining City, Qinghai Province.village.At about 4 pm on June 4, 2023, he ran away from his mother -in -law’s house. 40 days before leaving (April 25, 2023) just got married.Those who are informed, please contact Mr. Yang.

On the afternoon of the 4th, Mr. Yang told Peng Mei News that Ma Zhongyan has not been found yet, and his family has called the police.

Mr. Yang said that he was the uncle of Ma Zhongyan’s husband, and he had operated the marriage between the two.When the two held a wedding, Ma Zhongyan was 17 years old, and Ma Zhongyan’s husband was 21 years old. He did not hear that the two had conflicts.

Mr. Yang said that Ma Zhongyan had left home before, and then recovered. The specific reason for the loss of contact was unclear.

On the same day, a staff member of the Tianjiazhai Town Government of Xunzhong District, Xining City told Peng Mei News that the news in the founding notice is true. At present, the town knows the news that Ma Zhongyan leaves away from home. The town government has contacted his family to understand the situation.

On the evening of the 4th, the village secretary of the Yingyuan and the chairman of the Village Women’s Federation confirmed to Peng Mei News that Ma Zhongyan did not go to the legal marriage age and did not register the marriage when he got married.The village party secretary said that Ma Zhongyan was born in Liyuan Village, and his parents were all in the hospital. They were also looking for Ma Zhongyan.He also said that Ma Zhongyan was lost last year and was later retrieved by his loved ones.

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