The 16 -year -old female school hegemony issued a certificate of induction of labor in June.

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I often see a hundred attitudes because of my work. What makes me most distressed and angry is a certificate of induction of labor for minor girls.

On one occasion, a mother brought a young girl with a naive face and a calm and quiet girl to apply for a cited certificate. After inquiring, the girl was 16 years old and ranked among the top high school.The two are classmates in the same class, and they are also a promising school hegemony.

Because of the excellent grades, the family lived close to it, and the two often made up their homework together.They did not know that some of their behaviors would cause pregnancy, and thought it was just a natural physiological reaction that admired each other.After the girl had menopause, she didn’t care. She thought it was irregular on holidays and did not take care of it.Mother’s traditional Chinese medicine that seeks menstruation to regulate her body is still not improved.

Until one day, the child asked my mother in horror: "Mom, I think my belly will move, and I feel that there is something to kick me inside." I was scared to take the child to the hospital for a B -ultrasound.A scared, the girl had a six -month -old baby in her belly.

Under the inquiry of adults, I realized that it was the "good thing" done by neighbors and classmates next door. When the boy learned the news, it was a thunderbolt, because he didn’t know that this behavior would cause pregnancy.

Although induction of labor has certain risks, the parents of both parties considers the future of the two children and agreed to induce labor.If you give birth, you will lose your life.

Woohow sorrow!The excellent students of the two key high school key classes are so scarce to physiological common sense.The parents of the two sides never thought that they had educated their children until they committed Mi Tian to make mistakes, and Fang regretted it, and the price was that girls might be infertile.Therefore, to some extent, girls need to receive sex education more than boys, and they must know what behavior can cause their bodies to hurt.

As a result, parents should also be vigilant. The children seem to be well -behaved, with excellent grades, and they are just a child, but they are slowly growing up. Parents must gradually treat their children as adults.Sex knowledge, who do you expect to teach?

If the girl itself is a "little girl", when she said that she had menopause, the mother would definitely think of pregnancy as soon as possible.But this girl is an excellent student. Why did she think that her child was discontinued because she was pregnant.

As a parent, you must tell the daughter’s body from an early age that the body cannot be touched. When the daughter wore a vest for the first time, she should tell the child when they feel that the boy who likes it.Vietnam; when your daughter comes to the holiday for the first time, she can tell the child what the holiday means, how to protect herself and how to express her feelings on weekdays.

These are compulsory courses for parents!


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