The 15 -year -old girl’s belly has become inexplicable, and the doctor at the hospital thinks she is 5 months pregnant.

Yangtze Evening News, April 21 (Correspondent Qian Li reporter Zhang Bin) Changzhou’s 15 -year -old girl’s belly suddenly became very large, and people who didn’t know thought she was pregnant!Girls came to the Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for medical treatment on the 16th, and then they learned that it was ovarian cysts.After the operation, the girl’s weight "reduces" 10 pounds directly!This afternoon, the reporter learned that the girl had been hospitalized.

It is understood that the 15 -year -old girl Xiao Zhang Zheng was young. In the past year, she found that her belly gradually became bigger, thinking that she was simply fat and didn’t care much.In the past month, Xiao Zhang occasionally felt the pain of lower abdomen, and came to the gynecology department of the Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Dong Yishan, director of the general gynecology department of Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, saw the girl’s belly and thought it was almost 5 months pregnant.However, the girl said that she was not pregnant, and then she found that the girl was about 25cm in diameter.

Such a large cyst must be treated with surgery, but how can we complete this surgery satisfactory?Laparoscopic surgery can be seen more clearly, recovering quickly after surgery, and small abdominal scars. For young patients who love beauty, it seems very suitable; but such a large cyst cannot rule out the possibility of junction or even malignant.It is very important to avoid the overflow of the cyst fluid and cause medical pollution or even metastasis, and the patient’s unmarried and unmarried and the protection of ovarian function is also very important!Application of electrical equipment under laparoscopic more or less will damage some ovarian function. Loche -pickedly and large cysts are not a relaxed work. It may also increase some ovarian cortex losses.Only to make patients benefit the greatest.

Is there no technique that combines the advantages of laparoscopy and abdominal surgery?Director Dong’s team quickly designed a laparoscopic surgery for patients with umbilical umbilical single -hole: only a small incision with a diameter of about 3cm in the umbilical holes. By placing the incision protector, first use a thin needle puncture to reduce the block pressure, in the puncture sitePlace gauze around to avoid the cyst fluid from entering the abdominal cavity; after pulling out part of the cyst wall out of the navel, expand the incision of the cyst wall, and suck most of the multi -cyst liquid of multiple cyst cavity, so as to make the cyst fluid overflow; thenThe narrowed right ovaries are pulled out of the umbilical hole, and the cysts are sutured similarly to the abdominal surgery to quickly and accurately rebuild the ovaries. Finally, it saves a lot of money for girls through homemade single -hole laparoscopy.

But the only regret was because the rapid pathological of Xiao Zhang’s surgery reminded ovarian tumors, and the right ovaries of the lesion were eventually removed.

According to reports, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital can encounter such a huge ovarian cyst patient who did not pay special attention to the best treatment timing because he didn’t pay special attention to gain weight.Obviously increased abnormal increase and the abdomen was obviously bulging. Be sure to go to a regular hospital for examination in time; it is recommended that even adolescent women are best for regular physical examinations every year.

Sheng Yuanyuan

Source: Zi Niu News

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