The 13 -year -old boy, mad, was unconscious and almost lost his life!The doctor said, not that simple

Fried chicken with fat house happy water

Spicy strips with refreshing Sprite

Quite delicious

Daqing 13 -year -old boy Yangyang (pseudonym)

But after eating a snack

I can’t get up to the hospital

Yangyang (pseudonym) was a 13 -year -old fat boy in the second year of the year.Recently, I have been on the Internet at home without going out.A few days ago, when my sister came to see him, he brought a lot of snacks. Yangyang was broken.But at night, Yangyang began to feel dizzy and difficulty in breathing.

Yangyang’s mother Yin Guoqiu

When the child is vomiting at home, we will be cold at home. Two days later, my son became unconscious.

At first sight, his son was unconscious, and Indian Guoqiu panicked, and rushed Yangyang to Harbin Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Ning Fang, chief physician of the Department of Urology, Harbin Children’s Hospital

At that time, I did some basic treatment, but the blood sugar was still more than 16mmmpl/L. The blood gas was still acidic, and the state was not good.Sitting in pain, holding the nurse’s hand and saying, can you save him, and then don’t squeak.

After the blood glucose test, the blood sugar of Yangyang has reached 26mmol/L at the highest blood sugar, which is more than 3 times higher than the normal value.

Ning Fang, chief physician of the Department of Urology, Harbin Children’s Hospital

Severe complications occurred, keto acid poisoning. At this time, there was danger of life. In addition, he did change the pancreas at that time, and the pancreas was swollen.

After consultation, emergency treatment, Yangyang finally escaped the danger of life.Yangyang is good in his body on weekdays. How can he get diabetes?

Yangyang’s mother Yin Guoqiu

Eat more meat, drink more drinks, and drink more than 180 pounds when you are the fattest. He never gives your child blood sugar, because the children eat everything at school, and we don’t care about him. The parents ignore it.Good suspension and lost the child’s life

Ning Fang, chief physician of the Department of Urology, Harbin Children’s Hospital

Remind everyone that the first family history should monitor blood sugar for the child.At this time, you have to realize that you want to go to the hospital to see, and the doctor will also remind you to test the blood diabetes and sugar. Thousands of millions of early discovery will be discovered.

Director Ning said that although diabetes is not eaten by snacks, if the child has diabetes and parents do not discover it in time, high -calorie and high sugar snacks will induce further blood sugar.

Yangyang’s mother Yin Guoqiu

Now that you should pay attention to, children ca n’t eat junk food, drink too much drink, do n’t all complain about parents. Now we think about it and regret it. After a few days of rescue by the children’s hospital, my son has returned to normal. Our familyI am very grateful to the doctor of the Children’s Hospital

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