The 11 -year -old girl has increased the amount of food, but she is unexpectedly pregnant. She can’t find who her father is!

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Xiaomei, a girl who just passed her 11th birthday, was in a fifth grade in an ordinary elementary school.Like all the little girls, she likes to eat snacks, play dolls, and live a carefree childhood.However, a sudden change made her bear the cruel reality prematurely.

One day, Xiaomei’s parents took her to the hospital for examination, and the results of the inspection shocked everyone-this little girl who was just 11 years old was 3-4 months pregnant! A child who was still in elementary school would be a mother.This news is undoubtedly difficult for her family to accept.Her mother even hit her on the spot. Fortunately, she was stopped by the doctor to avoid confusion.

Everyone present was guessing who hurt this simple child and let her bear such a cruel destiny? Is there really such a wanton trample in this world?

On weekdays, Xiaomei is a little girl who eats and picks.Her parents had a headache for her picky food and could only coax her to eat patiently.However, since one day, Xiaomei actually opened the "food mode", with a great appetite and amazing.

She was quiet, and now she gobbles every meal, and the amount of three meals a day has made a rapid progress, sometimes even surpassing her big man’s father.The remaining dishes on the table quickly bottomed out, causing their parents to be funny and confused.They even joked, do you know where this "belly black hole" came from? Is it their daughter?

As the amount of food increases, Xiaomei’s weight is also rising.Her cheeks quickly became plump, her small hands and feet became fleshy, and even the original loose clothes were now tight.Her parents rejoiced that this was that her daughter finally entered her adolescence and was experiencing physical growth and development.

But gradually, Xiao Mei’s mother found that her daughter seemed to be fatter.Her limbs did not make it obviously thicker, but the whole belly was abruptly protruding out.On one occasion, Xiao Mei’s clothes were blown up by the wind, and her mother was surprised that her daughter’s belly was raised high, as if a pregnant woman with a fetus.

Not only that, Xiaomei also began to have a reaction like her mother was pregnant -rushing into the toilet in the bathroom in the morning.Mother’s masterpiece was a masterpiece, and she decided to take her daughter to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

She never expected that the results of the inspection showed that Xiaomei, 11, has been pregnant for more than 3 months! This amazing fact instantly crushed their family’s sky and made them fall into the unpredictable despair and pain.middle.

Facing the questioning of his family, Xiaomei stumbled to say a name -Uncle Shi Mou next door.She said that about half a year ago, when she was alone at home, Shi Mou came in to help repair the water pipe, and then forcibly had a relationship with her.

As soon as I heard this answer, Xiaomei’s father was almost angry.He immediately rushed into the kitchen to use a kitchen knife to directly kill the beast stone. Fortunately, he was stopped by the people on the side to avoid the tragedy.

After rationalism took advantage of the upper hand, Xiaomei’s family chose to call the police.Soon, a team of policemen broke in directly and took Shimou away from home.Shi Mou exhaled his innocence all the way, but the police did not obey.In the end, in the case of only Xiaomei, Shi was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

For a man who has just entered middle -aged, this is not different from the most precious time in his life.And his family has always shouted for him, thinking that the judges’ judgment was too hasty and there was no more evidence support.All this is just the beginning of tragedy.

After being imprisoned, Shi Mou was sad all day.He was unable to argue, but no one believed his innocence.Prison friends advised him to do parent -child identification to confirm innocence, but Shi Mou was in despair for a time.He was worried that the results of the appraisal were used by Xiao Mei’s family and pushed himself to a deeper sin.

It wasn’t until one day that an old prison friend sat down and talked to him long before he regained his confidence.The old man repeatedly persuaded him that life was the most valuable.Regardless of the result, brave face is the right way.This encouraged Shi Mou.

As a result, Shi Mou made an application and wanted to make a parent -child identification to wash and clear the crime.At first, Xiao Mei’s family strongly opposed the request.They believe that Shi Mou is clearly confused, and only to do DNA testing self -evidence.However, under Shimou’s repeated pleasure, the blood sample testing was still implemented.

On the eve of the test, Shi Mou was disturbed, fearing that the result was not good for himself.Finally, the moment the appraisal report was released, Shi Mou was so excited that he was so excited that the result showed that he had nothing to do with the fetus with Xiaomei’s abdomen! This is undoubtedly helping him.

Facing the irresistible scientific evidence, Xiaomei finally recognized under the pursuit of the police that the real biological father was a unemployed young man from the neighbor’s house.She made up the lies that framed Shi because she was afraid of leaking her love.

In the end, under his persistent appeal, the court sentenced Shi Mou to innocent release.When the grievance was scrubbing and the reputation returned, Shi Mou was so excited that he burst into tears.The most precious thing for a person is to prove his innocence.

After Shimou was released from prison, he came to the residence of the old prison friend for the first time and gave him the most lofty respect.Without the enlightenment of the old man, he cannot cheer up to face life again.

This series of life experience has greatly changed Shi Mou’s temperament.He won’t believe this world easily, let alone help the little girl without asking, for fear of being framed again.However, he also knows that he must maintain a good nature and not be polluted in his heart in order to live more dignity.

The seemingly simple incident actually contains too many life experience and lessons.A 11 -year -old child must bear the responsibility of being a mother and mother, which is really sighing; a young man destroys the future of himself and others, and regrets it; a middle -aged man, who has misunderstood for 5 years and his family is broken.

Before we blame others, do we first examine what we do; whether we are pursuing justice when we are pursuing justice; when we comment on others, do we think about them first.Everyone will face errors and pains, and we need to be tolerant, compassion and tolerance.

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