The 10 -year -old young girl will be pregnant with a 21 -year -old male netizen.

Ask the group friends how to deal with this question, he was worried that his children’s parents would come to the door.

At first, the group friends were very strange, because pregnancy should be a happy thing, and the B -ultrasound results showed that everything was normal.

So everyone replied, "Isn’t this good?"

However, after more careful observation, they were surprised to find that the pregnant girl was only 10 years old!

This news not only subverts the three views of the group friends, but also impacted the moral bottom line deep in everyone’s heart.Therefore, some group friends couldn’t help scolding the man angrily.

It turned out that the man who asked for help had met a little girl who was only 10 years old and asked her to meet.During the meeting, the man was desperate and took advantage of the wine to do irreparable behaviors to the innocent little girl.Today, the 10 -year -old girl has been pregnant for 29 weeks.

Children of this age should enjoy happy childhood, but unfortunately encountering such a thing, letting her bear the great pain in physiology and psychology.She is still in an age to know the world, and may not even understand what changes in her body.A netizen who did not have alert to see such a serious consequences was unbearable.

The man sought the help of group friends on the Internet, claiming that the girl was too young to have a miscarriage.Obviously, he did not intend to be responsible for this child, which made us see a father who ignored the child’s life.More importantly, this has involved crimes.

As we all know, according to relevant regulations, if someone knows that the girl is under the age of 14, it still has a sexual relationship with it. Regardless of whether the other party agrees, it constitutes a sexual assault.

It is angry that when the man learned that the girl was pregnant, his first reaction turned out to be helping in the group.Some netizens bluntly said that he may feel that he is very "cow", because the girl is too young to not get pregnant, so she does not take protection measures.

Earlier, there was also a color Doppler ultrasound alone about the 13 -year -old girl’s pregnancy.At the same time, a group of screenshots of a group of chats were also exposed. The reason why this color Doppler ultrasound was spread because the child’s father showed off his child in the group.His friends even expressed congratulations.

Therefore, someone posted the screenshot on the Internet, hoping that the relevant departments could investigate the matter.As more and more people reposted, the local public security department received an alarm and quickly found out the truth -the suspect Jin (male, minor) was suspected of rape and had been taken criminal compulsory measures.

In this case, we saw the shamelessness of a criminal and harm to teenagers.This not only makes us alert, but also let us reflect: How can our society better protect young people and prevent such tragedies from happening?

That’s right, you read it right. The suspect who showed off "this is my cub" turned out to be a minor.This incident occurred without the age of marriage and age.Once the "post -00 tie dolls" caused heated discussions on the Internet, and the three views of minors are dazzling.In terms of unmarried children, live broadcasting, and the youngest mothers on the entire network, they have broken our bottom line and even become a showing capital.

For example, a girl under 16 has become a mother, and the baby she hugs in her arms is her own child.

Another 14 -year -old anchor claimed that "there are 62 days of baby to be born."The taboos of minors in real life were easily broken by them, not ashamed, but they were proud.

In the thinking of many minors, children are just an additional product after joy and never consider the consequences.Behind these events reflects a serious realistic problem: the lack of sexual education in adolescents, leading to their premature contact with pornographic content.

According to the "Report on the Reproductive Health Investigation of Chinese Youth", 60%of teenagers received pre-marital sex, 22.4%had sexual behavior; in the first sexual behavior, the proportion of uncompromising was 51.2%;The pregnancy rate is significantly higher than the 20-24-year-old woman.These data fully illustrate how open their sexual awareness is, and the lack of sex education.

Although the growth and development of children today is getting better and better, and their clothes are becoming more mature, this does not mean that minors have matured physiological.Some minors will be attracted by sexual mystery. After experiencing the "first time", they will show off or even compare their rich "love history" in front of their peers.However, it is not a cool thing to start sex earlier than his peers.This does not mean that they have grown up, but expose their ignorance.

Picking up unkained fruits in advance will bring harm in addition to sourness.In the movie "17.3 About A SEX", a conservative and unique experienced high school student Yu Liang intends to give her first night to her boyfriend.However, what she never expected was the rudeness of the seemingly gentle boyfriend in that area.As soon as I entered the door, she poured down the Liang Liang, completely ignoring whether she was ready at this moment.In addition to the nervousness, coupled with the oppression of the outside world, Xun Liang escaped.

The next day, Xun Liang came to school with a guilty mood, thinking about explaining with her boyfriend.Unexpectedly, her boyfriend had a step earlier, and in the group chat, she had exaggerated the "sex" that could not be successful.Chat records spread throughout the class.For a while, Xiang Liang became the "joke" in everyone’s mouth.

Then she understood.It turned out that her boyfriend did not like her, but like her "virgin" identity.The reason why I was in a hurry to go to bed is also because I bet with others -I got Xiliang within a month.It is conceivable how much damage this matter will be of this incident.The love she thinks is just a thing in the eyes of others.

So for minor girls, the most important thing is not to rush to try, but to learn the gender knowledge about health science.This is not only responsible for yourself, but also preparing for the real beautiful sex life in the future.

Finally, I hope that whether it is a girl or boy, we must think about the consequences of everything.Don’t make yourself urge to become a lifetime regret.We need to strengthen the sex education of adolescents, let them understand the responsibilities and consequences of sexual behavior, and avoid irreparable harm to ourselves and others because of their curiosity and impulse.

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