The "second -hand smoke" in the workplace is invincible. How can expectant mothers avoid?The method of coming here is worth learning from

Hong Kong researchers’ tracking surveys of nearly 1,250 Bao Ma showed that when the number of smokers in the home was 2 or more, the probability of stopping breastfeeding within one year was as high as 3/10.Among the 10 people, 3 people stop breastfeeding within one year.

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful and healthy, and many times, people always passively suck the second -hand smoke.

Many pregnant Baoma knows the harm of second -hand smoke. Generally, second -hand smoke is generally adopted to avoid the strategy, but sometimes it is invincible.

Especially in the workplace Baoma, when she encounters a colleague with a low quality, it is even more embarrassed.For the baby in the stomach, what should I do if the mother -in -law mother encounters second -hand cigarettes?

Girlfriends are pregnant, but still insist on work.For the health of the baby, she often used a computer and bought radiation -proof clothes.

However, some people smoke every day, and some colleagues can smoke a box a day, as if they are very addictive.There is not one of this "addictive" colleague.Even in the ranks of smoking, there are young female colleagues.

When girlfriends do not have a baby, in order to get a good relationship with colleagues, they suck some second -hand cigarettes, and do not care about anything, but with the baby, they must be responsible for the baby’s health.So she tried to discuss with her colleagues, can she smoke outdoors.

The colleague said, "You see so many people smoke, you don’t smoke, if you are suspected, go outdoors."

Some colleagues said, "My dad smoked when I was a kid. Isn’t this good?"

Colleagues, you said a word, expressing his dissatisfaction with your girlfriends, girlfriends communicated with no results, asked me for help, and asked me to support it.As a person who came, I gave a support for the mothers of the workplace, but before that, let’s take a look at the dangers of second -hand smoke.

Studies have shown that in the amniotic fluid of more than 90%of the pregnant mothers who have been inhaled for a long time, harmful substances such as nicotine were detected.

Everyone knows what the second -hand smoke is, right?It is smoke caused by cigarette burning or smoke spit out.

The amniotic fluid is the environment that the baby lives. After the mother’s inhaling second -hand smoke, these harmful substances will make the baby slowly develop, and the time will cause the baby to be deformed or the baby simply dies.

1) Bold hints

The office is where the office is in office. Generally, the company has a smoking area. If the company’s conditions are poor and there is no smoking area, the smokers should smoke outside. Do not affect others.

If Baoma is really embarrassed to say, you can buy a mask. In general, this is very implicit. When you see this normally, you will consider the difficulties of pregnant women and smoke in the office.

2) Send a message to remind

Generally speaking, people in the same office get along well, like Bao Ma’s wedding, and a colleague in an office must have participated.

If you send a good news for colleagues who smoke, and then talk about your own troubles, such as what harm to the second -hand smoke is to the baby.

Most people are very loving, and many colleagues will still understand that Bao Ma cherishes this little life.

3) Speak generously

Some colleagues, turning corners are useless to them, and some really do not understand.So when you see smoking, he told them directly that he was pregnant. He hoped that colleagues could understand and go outside to smoke.

Education has now been popularized. After all, there are a few colleagues with low quality, and many colleagues can still understand.

4) The silent reminder

Like the encounter of girlfriends, when I encounter a colleague with a low quality, this kind of colleague must be perceived in the usual contact.

Therefore, avoid conflicts directly with them. You can send them WeChat in advance, talk about their own difficulties, and ask if you can smoke without smoking.Avoid provoking groups.

5) Help foreign aid

If a WeChat colleague ignores or ignores it, there are people who have a blind eye, then you have to ask your boss to help solve it.

Or united some colleagues who oppose to smoking in the office to resist them, and they will not look at the lonely Baoma.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and resign for the fetus.

Doctor You, chief physician of Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, said: Harmful substances in smoke can affect the baby’s health through the placenta barrier.

In fact, even if my colleagues are not smoking indoors, they will still leave the smell of cigarettes on the clothes. After returning, they will still be sucked into the pregnant mother.

In addition to opening the windows and breathable, put more plans to purify the air, it is recommended that Baoma replace a company with a good corporate atmosphere for the baby’s health.

After all, not everyone is like that, or simply resigning during pregnancy and raising a fetus, waiting for the child to have a job before finding a job. After all, the health of the baby is the most important.

1. Rich perfume flavor

The musk of perfume is a substance that can cause women’s abortion.

Studies have confirmed that Baoma, who has been in a strong perfume -flavored environment for a long time, has a high risk of fetal malformations.

Therefore, it is recommended that the baby who is pregnant can not use perfumes not to be used as much as possible, and try to stay away from the taste of strong perfume.

2. The pungent paint flavor

If the smell of paint is pungent, most of them are inferior.Pregnant mothers were not highly resistant. In the environment of pungent paint flavor for a long time, not only skin allergies and diseases are susceptible to respiratory tract diseases.

Moreover, harmful substances such as formaldehyde in paint will also allow the baby to suck through the placenta, which seriously induces the baby’s deformity.

3. terrible camphor pill flavor

Most of the camphor pills are sold on the market, but this substance is a carcinogen.Too much inhalation can cause cancer and endanger the safety of the baby’s life.

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When you are pregnant, what do you do when you meet a smoker?

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