Ten pregnant women and eight hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids during pregnancy can lead to premature birth, teach you 5 methods to get rid of hemorrhoids!

Throughout pregnancy, in addition to early pregnancy reactions, the most painful and difficult to pregnant mothers is the hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers are strange, why are there no symptoms on weekdays, but the hemorrhoids will be more serious during pregnancy?What methods can relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids to bring to pregnant mothers?With everyone’s doubts, I will tell you about those things about hemorrhoids during pregnancy …

Speaking of hemorrhoids, Xiaobian’s girlfriends have encountered such a "hemorrhoids" calamity in the third trimester!Girlfriends have a history of hemorrhoids before pregnancy. Because there are no symptoms, they don’t pay much attention.In the early stages of pregnancy, from time to time, he hemorrhoids, but fortunately, forbearance passed.However, at the 7 months of pregnancy, hemorrhoids suddenly occurred, and it was unbearable to hang on anal edge like a "little egg". I tried many methods and could not work. In the end, I could only choose the surgery to end the pregnancy. Therefore, the baby wasI also met her for 3 months in advance.

In fact, hemorrhoids are actually called moles, which are venous groups. The venous canes of the rectal and anal canal are formed by congestion, expansion and flexion.

The fetus compresses the pelvic vein, which is blocked by the vein backflow, and the anal rectal blood vessels are dilated. At the same time, due to the rise in the progesterone content of the body, the sodium sodium retention and the dilation of blood vessels are induced by the hemorrhoids.

It is said that 10 pregnant women and 8 hemorrhoids can be seen. It can be seen that hemorrhoids have a great impact on pregnant mothers. Therefore, experts recommend that pregnant mothers should do a good job of prevention during pregnancy, try to pay attention to diet, spicy and irritating foods and alcohol do not drink, so as not to cause hemorrhoidsEssenceIn addition, pregnant mothers have diarrhea, constipation and cough during pregnancy.

1. Take a bath in warm water to reduce exercise and lie flat

This is the best "method" for pregnant mothers to treat hemorrhoids.Although this method does not have any drugs, sitting 1-2 times a day, 2-3 minutes each time can relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids.For the excessive pregnant mothers, you can choose to lie on the side to relieve hemorrhoids.

2. Prevention and treatment constipation

Constipation will allow pregnant mothers to have hemorrhoids. Therefore, when pregnant mothers have hemorrhoids, use drugs under the guidance of a doctor to help pregnant mothers laxative.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine sitting bath

You can choose Chinese medicine to take hemorrhoids to take a bath, once a day for 3-5 minutes each time.Traditional Chinese medicine in the bath is recommended to prescribe the medicine after going to the hospital to ensure the safety of the fetus.

4. Choose safety drugs

In the choice of hemorrhoids, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose drugs extracted by plants to improve hemorrhoids and ensure that the fetus is not affected.If you are not sure what medicine is used, it is recommended to go to the hospital to ask the doctor.

5. Surgical treatment

Pregnant mothers can choose surgical treatment when pregnancy hemorrhoids are severe or large thrombosis or incarceration hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

In addition to these methods, pregnant mothers can take self -care in accordance with the doctor’s doctor’s advice to ensure safe medication and reduce fetal damage.For women during pregnancy, the prevention of hemorrhoids should be done in the early stages of pregnancy, such as: Don’t read books during bowel movements, don’t squat or excessive force for a long time.In life, avoid the intake of excessive pepper and alcohol, sit in warm water and change underwear.Do anal health exercises and self -massage.

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