Ten days of pregnancy?The number of days of pregnancy is delayed during menstruation, please figure out TA first

I often encounter a question of "Can you get it out for more than 10 days of pregnancy?", But in further confirmation, we found that this problem actually hides two situations, so there is a choice of tires.Different choices!

The first case -the "ten days of pregnancy" complained by the patient may be delayed for more than ten days, and the pregnancy time should be more than forty days!


First of all, we have to understand when the pregnancy time starts: from the first day of the last menstrual period, the time of the first day of the last menstrual period is the number of days of pregnancy.

In other words, some friends complained that "ten days" may be delayed menstruation for more than ten days. According to normal menstruation, it may have been more than forty days before the last day of the menstrual period. At this timeYou can see the gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal buds.

If it is confirmed to be internal pregnancy, it can be killed.At this time, you can choose both drug abortion or artificial abortion. Please choose the appropriate abortion method according to your personal conditions.Of course, if you are a friend with a long menstrual cycle, you may have been pregnant for 50 or 60 days. At this time, you can only perform artificial abortion without choosing a drug flow.

The second case -really "do ten days of pregnancy"

When I was pregnant for more than 10 days, the body’s embryo and the body link of the pregnant woman were not so close. The embryo was not so harmful to the body of the pregnant woman. Some women could also abortion through the drug flow.

If it is determined that it is intrauterine pregnancy before abortion surgery, and women have no disease, you can choose a drug abortion. If you choose a drug abortion, it is best to be carried out with the help of the nurse.I also know how it is clean to avoid the situation where the flow is not clean.

The question of "how to get a fetus for more than ten days" is introduced here. It is recommended that female friends go to a regular hospital for professional examination after discovering pregnancy. Professional physicians will be judged. Do not diagnose and treat themselves.

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