Tell your children that if you have something, you must report to your parents. Don’t be afraid!


In the past, every time I encountered something, when I was too stubborn and did not understand the transformation, my mother would reprimand me as "the flesh of the bones of the birth".The personality will suffer a lot.

For example, when she was in elementary school, she was in the same class as our teacher’s daughter. She depended on her mother and acted as a special madness. She gathered a lot of "little puppets" around her, listening to her calling and drinking, and she liked to play big names.

If anyone dare not listen to her command, she will provoke the girl in the class without playing with that person.Although I am a child of the people’s people, I have not been inflamed since I was a child, and I forgot what it was.

Once, it should be offended our teacher’s daughter. She convened the girls in the class and did not talk to me or play with me after class.Those friends who once got along with each other would really listen to her command. Whether it was kicking a puppet or a jumping house under the class, no one asked me to participate and added to me.

Fortunately, it is not just myself, but also a particularly honest little girl. The two of us have become the allies who are "life and death and staying with each other."

Even so, I did not take the initiative to "surrender" to the teacher’s daughter, but was oppressed for a long time.

Childhood, just like summer weather changes. It didn’t take long before, the teacher’s daughter asked me, she took the initiative to show, and other girls welcomed me with a smile. Soon everyone played again.Together.

Now when you recall it, it should be "campus bullying". At that time, he was excluded and wronged. He did not tell your parents, and did not tell the teacher.

The child’s world is not just pure. The young heart has suffered an unspeakable blow, so it is so helpless.

At that time, parents were running for their livelihoods. No one would take care of the children’s feelings; children did not know how to respond to their parents when they returned home, so they boiled it all day …

Therefore, when I was standing at a three -foot podium, I was so disgusted with those who "played the king" and privately liked to bully classmates. As long as I knew, I would criticize and educate students.Parents report to the teacher, don’t be afraid.

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