Teachers may not be able to teach you, but children will definitely make you talents

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There was something laughed crazy.

The circle of friends brushed a spit, "What’s the matter with Cao Xueqin? I wrote 80 times and abandoned the pit!I didn’t understand, I opened the picture in hand.

There are two pictures. The first is the passage of Zhang Ailing’s film conference.

When the press conference was about to come to an end, a female reporter suddenly rushed into the scene of the press conference.She snatched a microphone and asked loudly, "Is this Ms. Zhang Ailing at the scene?"

There are many discussions in the audience, and the host answered slightly with sadness: "She can’t come."

After hearing this answer, the reporter did not stop there, but asked again: "Can you help an interview?"

The host didn’t know how to answer this question, so he had to say, "I can’t do it."

The unwilling reporter opened our own conditions again: "We have millions of readers in the Mainland, and we can help her to promote it well."

Ouch, does such a powerful platform persuade this net red writer named Zhang Ailing?

The second picture is a consultation.

A netizen was rejected on the shelves for a video. The reason is that it contains the award -winning information, involving the award -winning need to provide a reward certificate, otherwise it will not be issued without deleting text descriptions.

This friend couldn’t think of it, and chased customer service questions. How do I provide a certificate in the Bob Denaren Nobel Prize?

Later, I realized that it was better to contact Bob Dyon with the customer service.I just hope he don’t know how to do it, and quickly provide the certificate.After all, in the logic of customer service, you can’t prove your award without a certificate …

After reading this paragraph, I flashed an idea in my mind:

Giving birth to a child may be the first need for young people.

It’s not for the pension (I want to know how unreliable the child is expected to be old -age care, and look at it: the father and mother who succeeded in chickens, now the day of the day) or the mouth of relatives is not a consciousness to contribute to the immortality of human beings, just to be for the sake of the immortal, but to be for the sake of the immortal.It is necessary to raise a child to have a child, because he can remove our cultural blind spots-

Let you know the geography of astronomy, not only the gossip of Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng, but also the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s lyrics; but also the character relationship of the dream of the red building, and the story of the Three Kingdoms is like a few treasures.The door is clear.

Because the Tang Seng has been difficult to get through in 19981, and finally there is end.Diga, Siro, and Galaxy, my brother recently loved I fell in love with Etios …

The inspection of the old mother’s question bank has also completed the upgrade. I only know that Ionx loves to run.

He used to ask me what the person above was?Examine eyesight memory; now it is all expanding questions. For example, who is Siro’s father’s father?How many small capsules are there in Saiwen?

Seeing someone in the comment area was curious about Ultraman’s women?A netizen returned to "Yes" in seconds, and knew that this friend did not pay less tuition.

Of course, strange knowledge can only prove the breadth of our learning, and the research of disciplines can prove our depth.

I read in English with my sister in English the year before, so I learned that the planets, stars and satellites are different words in English.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, which has been sang for many years, is not a little star at all, but a huge star!

From the middle school entrance examination to the college level 4, there was no understanding, and a child was full.

Therefore, if you feel that you do n’t have enough knowledge, you can really give birth to a baby.Ensure that you do not fall from nutritional science and pregnancy knowledge, you can rebuild creatures, and understand the cutting -edge technology such as genetic testing-

We have a colleague. When you are pregnant, you study the contents of the production inspection every time you are pregnant. He actively reports to the doctor. He will also summarize the results of the checkup.The certificate I learned, I have dreamed of petrochemical …

High school biological teachers may not teach how many pairs of chromosomes in your chromosome, and a child can have no teacher.

The second child is even more powerful!An elderly mother, her understanding of medicine will be sublimated.

Everyone knows that there is a non -invasive DNA of more than 2,000 yuan in pregnancy.

The principle is to use the high -throughput sequencing technology through the collection of pregnant women’s peripheral blood and use high -throughput sequencing technology.Body, 13 trisomy syndrome risk rate.

Didn’t you understand?It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it, as long as you see "risk rate", it is enough.This means that you spend thousands of yuan for testing, and the last thing you get is probability.

Of course, I do n’t understand the probability that I want to be a heart and be stopped by a doctor and friends.

She said that she wanted to determine that the diagnosis was only worn by sheep. The remaining examinations were opportunism. 0.01%and 1%were not bad. The samples were different, but they all had the probability of winning.

This gives me new complaints. The medicine that can be determined is called science. The uncertainty is full of profound and fantasy, and it is not much different from the Ziwei star.

After giving birth, it is even more terrible, especially becoming novice parents.

There are too many things to learn, from the deepening of milk powder brands to various waterproof water absorption materials.At that time, I had a set of Cui Shen pediatric emergency emergency manuals. The baby’s 4 -year -old clinical experience was very rich. It has been counted as half a pediatric doctor …

It is difficult to lying flat without learning.Chicken parents want to improve.

A friend talked, saying that the Mid -Autumn Festival holiday teacher arranged three sets of weekly reports, and after school, he had to choose.Where will the first -year children be?In the end, they were all the parents behind them.

He has no such talent since he was a child. Children can only paint themselves while crying.I can see that the heart of my mother is broken, and I asked me overnight. Where can I have adult painting training courses? I feel that I should have potential to dig in this regard.

This is still a kindergarten, and when I go to elementary school, I can test my parents.

The Chinese memorize the preface to Tengwang Pavilion from Yong Weng to Tengwang Pavilion; mathematics is unique, Huarong Dao and Olympic Questions; English is even more powerful. In order to graduate, a mother who took five times in the fourth level of graduation, in order not to lose to the second grade baby,Study various learning methods, do not blink with hundreds of words a day …

Qinqi calligraphy, calligraphy, calligraphy, archery, parents, this is your basic literacy.

In our opinion, if you want the chicken baby to practice first, there is no right to speak without the end.

The only thing that does not need to go to personally is about the ice project.But this cannot prevent us from becoming an expert in the Winter Olympics project. Standing at the ice rink below minus ten degrees, each is off -site technical guidance.

For an adult, you may not be able to teach by the teacher, but children can definitely force you to become talented.

After the 90s, you want to have culture. You do n’t need to report to the class to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Unlike our post -80s, the original accumulation of knowledge depends on "poor".

Many people may not understand, there is nothing to be poor–

Can’t go to the Global immersive experience Harry Potter, nor can the North Pole look at the aurora, and the peak of Mount Everest who has not climbed the world, and it is impossible to follow the scientific test team to find the lost treasure that the Phoenikians.Intersection

A girl is very powerful, not only knows the legendary story of Mercury Seven Jie, but also knows the habit of the Baiyao Bulong Dragon; not only understands the Tiangong Space Station plan, but also knows the difference between twelve Dharma monks and birds;All kinds of cooked cooking time …

Others are curious how she knows everything?She said that because her childhood was too poor, she had a sister and younger brother in the countryside. She couldn’t afford to buy books in the library. She read more books and knew more (@三 她).

Dong Yuhui is the same.A bitter child walks out of the poor countryside, and the Chinese and English, which come to the mouth, can crush the people in the city, and rely on the amount of reading.

Nowadays, children are not poor or suffering. There are four or five computers, two or three game consoles and projection big TVs at home. Even if they are sent to the north and south poles of the five continents, most of them only have iPad in their hands.

Although the screen is small, it is connected to the Yuan universe!The virtual building group has not been big or small in "My World". Children who are four or five years old can have land and houses. Who cares about the big acre of the earth?

Therefore, what is the strange thing about interviewing Zhang Ailing and asking for the award -winning certificate for Bob Dyon?

Moreover, not only the children are forcing their parents to make progress, but even the school is unwilling to show weakness, and treats parents as the first education object.

After reducing the burden, the child did not assign homework at school at three:30, and education started with parents.When we work for a day of work, we have to go to a family education class. Listen to the lectures and take the dragon to share the experience.

The whole society has worked so hard, can you be far away from you?


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