Teacher Guo Guo is not pregnant!Lying on the bed, the expression was extremely uncomfortable, and frankly came to the aunt

Speaking of Teacher Guo, as long as she is a family, she should know her a little bit.Different from other female net reds with a good -looking figure, Teacher Guo looks ordinary and rounded, but with a nonsense funny way, the speed of suction is much higher than those high -value anchors.

Not only is the video style funny, Teacher Guo himself is also very grounded.Every time you appear in the video, you will always look like you do n’t repair the edge.Because Mr. Guo himself did not pay attention to the image, so that when she announced that she was the post -90s, it really had the effect of shocking the entire network.

However, although Teacher Guo is not good at dressing, he is not a single dog, and his boyfriend often appears in Teacher Guo’s video.Although the way of getting along with each other is quite violent, they can’t bear the more than Jin Jian. The two often play and make trouble, and they can see that the relationship is also very stable.

Not long ago, Mr. Guo announced the good news on his personal social platform, showing a picture of a pregnancy test stick, and shouted: "My son is coming!" The excitement overflowed.However, if you look closely at Mr. Guo’s picture, he found that the other line was surprisingly shallow. If you don’t look closely, you can’t see the effect of the two lines.At that time, many netizens with pregnancy experience said that such pregnancy test results were not necessarily pregnant.

Although I am not sure if they are really pregnant, netizens who love Teacher Guo have sent blessings.Some netizens ridiculed at Teacher Guo’s suspected pregnancy. They joked: "The first sentence of the child was born: Jessora!" It can be seen that the netizens who love the house and Wu are also looking forward to the love crystals of Teacher Guo.

However, on April 1, Mr. Guo updated a video on his personal social account.In the video, Teacher Guo was lying on the bed, frowning, looking painful.Later, Teacher Guo said: "I’m sorry to gather beauty, I have a menstrual period, and today’s stomach is quite uncomfortable. It’s okay to do my career, don’t care about me!" Teacher Guo lying on the bed looks very low, maybe because of pregnancy failure, it is because of pregnancy failure.In addition, an empty joy was overwhelming, resulting in the ups and downs of the mood.

But before he had time to distress Teacher Guo for a few seconds, he was laughed at by netizens in the comment area.When I learned that Teacher Guo was not pregnant, netizens began to tease again: "All half a day, fake pregnancy?" "I was pregnant yesterday, and I came to laugh at the holiday today!""The son of your hand flew." I have to say that this netizen is really "bamboo shoots"!

Subsequently, Mr. Guo updated a video of greeting the camera on the social platform. She smiled and beckoned at the camera. In the later period, she also added a lot of special effects of the love of stars, which looked full of childishness.Teacher Guo also wrote in the text: "Come on! Children, you are really cute." It can be seen that Teacher Guo really loves the child from the heart.

For a long time, Teacher Guo has brought a lot of laughter to everyone, and fans netizens have a sincere love for her.Although they are ridiculed, many netizens are actually looking forward to Teacher Guo to realize their wishes.As a post -90s, this year Teacher Guo is only 27 years old. It is the age for fertility. I believe that as long as Mr. Guo adjusts his mentality, the crystallization of love will definitely come.

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