Tea contain caffeine, will pregnant women have a miscarriage when they drink it?Rumor: You can drink tea, but you need to control this number

As one of the three major drinks in the world, tea can be described as the history of the Chinese spend thousands of years.

It originated in China, prevailed in the world, and hundreds of different teas. Although they all come from the same plant, they are processed with the leaves of tea trees.

However, different tea trees, different planting environment, different picking time, different processing methods ………….. All have different flavors of tea and tea culture.

Of course, if it is only analyzed from the perspective of biochemistry, these tea is not very different in nature. After soaking, the caffeine, tea polyphenols, tea acid, and tea saponin in the tea are similar.

For pregnant women, can you drink tea?

In fact, for this problem, the medical community naturally gives a positive attitude. You can drink tea, but you cannot excess.

Mainly because tea contains caffeine, this alkaloids can improve excitement. Pregnant mothers can enter the fetus through the placenta.

Excessive caffeine can easily hurt important organs such as the fetus’s brain, heart, and easily increase the possibility of teratogenic or congenital dementia.

How much should pregnant women drink tea every day?

Because of the daily tea, the caffeine content in tea is often different from the effects of tea brands, soaking water temperature, time, etc.

According to the USD Association and other institutions, the recommended intake of caffeine: pregnant women, lactation, and women in the preparation during pregnancy ≤ 300 mg/day, equivalent to 2 grams of tea, about two cups of tea.

In addition to the need to control the amount, pregnant women also need to pay attention to the variety of tea

Pregnant women can also drink fruit tea, and the taste is not bad, sweet and sour, can also promote digestion and increase appetite.

However, don’t forget that most of the fruit tea contains sugar. Some pregnant women like to eat sweets and drink a lot of fruit tea. This is an incorrect approach. Do not consume a lot of sugar during pregnancy, otherwise high blood sugar is prone to occur.

There are also some pregnant women who like to add food sugar and honey separately because they like sweetness. These are not desirable.

In addition to green tea and fruit tea, you can drink some rose tea, enhance your physique, and blood -moist wolfberry tea.

At the same time, it is necessary to avoid drinking tea before bedtime, avoiding a large amount of caffeine in pregnant women, symptoms of insomnia, decreased sleep quality, poor body rest, and resistance to decline.

Not only coffee and tea contain caffeine, but some foods such as carbonated drinks, functional beverages, cocoa, chocolates, etc. also contain caffeine. It is recommended that you pay attention to controlling the intake when eating.

What important matters do you need to pay attention to?

1. Inspection during pregnancy

Among the many precautions during pregnancy, active pregnancy examinations are the most important one.

Such as early pregnancy, B -ultrasound, Don screening in the middle of pregnancy, and four -dimensional color ultrasound, etc., are very important important examination items.

If you miss the best time to check or miss the inspection items, it is easy to have adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and fetal development.

2. Control the diet

Whether the diet during pregnancy is reasonable and healthy has a great impact on fetal development.

For daily daily meals, pregnant women must pay enough attention, and it is necessary to correctly recognize that it is necessary to supplement the appropriate amount during pregnancy, but the practice of excessive supplementation is very unpleasant.

Otherwise, if you cause excess nutrition, it is easy to cause the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy.

3. Restrobe sex life

Sexual life is quite strong for the stimulus caused by the uterus and vagina. Therefore, for female friends in pregnancy, we must pay attention to reasonable control of sexual life.

Generally, in the early three months of pregnancy and within three months of pregnancy, sexual life needs to be completely prohibited, otherwise factor uterine contraction is likely to have a negative impact on fetal development.

In short, in a special period, everything is mainly based on the health of adults and the health of the fetus. Remember not to be willful.

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