Tang’s screening results are 1 to 247, what should I do if Tang Siek high risk?3 analysis 1 method pregnant woman rest assured

Friends Tian Tian was pregnant for more than 4 months. I just went to the Tang family screening. I received a call from the doctor that day. The doctor said, "Tang Siek’s result is 1/247, which is a high risk!"Yes, 1/247 is really scared.She cried and asked me, "What should I do if the high risk of Tang Si is high?"

Not only Tian Tian was not only a pregnant mother encountered this situation. Several pregnant mothers had happened. Seeing the test results, her face became yellow, and she increased a tense atmosphere.

The daughter -in -law and two colleagues of one colleague were checked at the high risk of Tang Si.Some have done amniotic fluid puncture to eliminate risks.Some have done non -invasive DNA to eliminate risks.Later, he gave birth to a healthy child.

So don’t worry first, Tang Si high risk just indicates that it is necessary to further review, which does not mean that there is a problem with the child.

The results of Tang Si 1/247, which represents one of each of the 247 fetuses, is Tang’s, and the proportion is relatively large.But this belongs to the screening test, which does not mean that the fetus is determined to have problems. It also needs to be determined by the method of diagnosis.

Tang Si’s judgment method is to adopt three indicators such as HCG, AFP, and E3, which adopt pregnant women’s venous blood, and then combine comprehensive judgment of indicators such as gestational week, due date, age and other indicators.

The method of testing by Tang Tuo is to extract the venous blood of pregnant mothers and test the three indicators of chorionic gonadotropin, nail protein, and estradiol.Then use a software to comprehensively analyze the risk of fetal affected Tang’s syndrome in conjunction with multiple factors such as gestational week, due date, and age.

If you are older and more than 35 years old, it is generally high -risk, and the pseudo -positive rate is 99%.Therefore, the elderly pregnant women recommend not to be Tang sieve, so as not to get a high -risk result to cause inner panic.

If it is a twin, it is impossible to make an accurate judgment and do not do it directly.

Tang Si is not a gold standard, but the screening method of Tang’s syndrome. The accuracy rate is about 65%. The error is very large and the false positive rate is very high.Moms are often frightened by this result, but there is actually a chance to come back.

When you get the high risk of Tang Si, don’t be nervous first, and then do the non -invasive DNA. If it is a low risk, it means that there is no problem.After all, non -invasive DNA has no harm to pregnant women, which is relatively safe, so now I recommend non -invasive DNA.

The non -invasive DNA is also extraction of venous blood. By analyzing the peripheral vein blood of the pregnant mother, the three chromosomes of the three -body, 18 tri -body, and 13th bodies are analyzed, and the risk of the fetus suffers from the Chinatown syndrome, the accuracy is as high as 99%.

Generally, there are many problems with fetal chromosomes in these three chromosomes. Therefore, you can do non -invasive first. After all, it is non -invasive and there is no risk of detection.At that time, I did non -invasive DNA, passed low risk, and the child was 1 year old, which was normal.

If you consider other factors, you can do amniotic fluid puncture. Only this method is a gold standard, and the accuracy rate is also 99.99%.For example, the situation: There are Tang family in the family, and the abnormally used drugs are worn in harmful environments include pregnancy complications.

The amniotic fluid puncture is used to penetrate the skin of the stomach to reach the amniotic fluid, extract about 10ml of amniotic fluid, collect the fetal skin tissue that falls into the amniotic fluid, and directly analyze the fetal chromosomal condition, which is more comprehensive and more direct.

Because amniotic fluid puncture is creative and there is a certain risk of detection, it is generally not necessary to choose.

In short, Tang Si is high risk, children can still ask for further inspection, believe in themselves and children!It is recommended to choose non -invasive DNA first, and you can rest assured if there is no problem.

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