Tang Yixin acknowledged pregnancy, Zhang Ruohuan reposted the four words, "Master Fan Xian" is too straightforward

On March 16, some media exposed the airport photos of Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin when they returned to Beijing from Sanya.From the photo, the two wore a black and white couple outfit that day, and they were very loving with their hands. Among them, Tang Yixin’s belly was slightly dragged. Can people think that she was pregnant?

At noon, Tang Yixin finally responded on the social platform on the social platform, saying that there was indeed good news, and a caring expression package was added later. It can be seen that Tang Yixin was in a good mood after pregnancy., Pay attention to protection.

Later, Zhang Ruohuan forwarded Tang Yixin’s Weibo and wrote only four words. Thank you for your concern.It is still in line with Zhang Ruoyi’s consistent low -key style.Some people tease, this tone is in line with the upright personality of Fan Xian (the protagonist of "Qing Yu").

Career, family is equally important.

Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin have been dating for 9 years. In June 2019, the two finally got married in Ireland. This place cannot be divorced. Choosing to get married here also represents their attitude towards each other.

To talk about it, Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin’s story, I am afraid that even romance dramas dare not shoot like this.

Zhang Ruohuan was very good. His father was a famous director Zhang Jian. He has filmed many classic dramas. Although the family conditions are very good, when Zhang Ruohuan was very young, his parents divorced. He has been brought by his grandparents.careful.

His acquaintance with Tang Yixin was very interesting. The two met at the traffic light at a gas station. Tang Yixin accidentally encountered Zhang Ruohuan’s car and was stopped by the other party., Until they were slowly familiar with them later, they made each other with each other.

In recent years, Tang Yixin’s career has also developed well. She has played several deeply rooted roles. For example, in "Zhen Huan Biography", she played a nobleman and "Happy because of Love" starring Chen Weiting.

Tang Yixin’s appearance is pure and beautiful. If you are marketing well, it may not become a popular flower, but because of Zhang Ruohuan, she rarely appears in addition to filming, which means that all kinds of scandals will follow, and she and Zhang Ruohuan will gather less.

Actress’s flowering period is not as long as actors, but when the career is the best, Tang Yixin is willing to give up.

Because in her mind, Zhang Ruohuan deserves her to do so.

Zhang Ruohuan was very serious on the surface, and he didn’t laugh much on the show, but when he said that he was happy to coax Tang Yixin, no one was going on.

He once wrote a memorandum for Tang Yixin on the social platform:

"Regarding her memo, 1. She loves cherries and laughed very sweetly. 2. She likes to be alone, and she needs a bird to rely on people. 3. She laughed sweetly and walked up.Make water. 4. Men should not be emotional. Protect her, believe her, support without dominating her. 5. Don’t be her earth. 6. She likes romance, but romance is not everything. Understand her.It is more important than accompanying her. 7. Love her. Don’t persuade yourself. "

This is his request for himself. After so many years, he has realized his original commitment and made Tang Yixin’s land to give her enough security.

When an artist had an accident, Tang Yixin was also affected. Zhang Ruohuan stood up for the first time and supported her. "You don’t believe her, it’s okay, but I believe her."

Now Tang Yixin is pregnant, and their little family finally has more new lives. I believe that Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin will be very gentle parents. The original marriage to love is so happy.

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