Talking about melasma with my experience, this is a problem that plagues many people to take off the manuscript, …


Hello everyone!Today, I will take you to understand the melasma.

Llazed plaque is at the beginning of many women on the part of the cheekbones. The size is the same as the nail cover, but over time, it will be expanded in the entire cheekiness. In additiondepartment.I have seen severe chloasma upper lip, and the entire forehead and even the mandibular parts also appear.To sum up, it is chloasma.

· First of all, it grows symmetrically in bilateral cheekbones, cheeks, and even light brown spots on the upper lip of the forehead.The boundaries of spots and normal skin are relatively vague, but some people will have a sense of lines and boundaries. The shapes vary from person to person. Some are irregular shapes, and some people are maps.

There are many aliases in chloasma.

→ The first one is the butterfly spots. This is mainly named after its shape. It is symmetrically distributed in the cheekbones and uses the bridge of the nose as the midline. Sometimes it only grows like the two wings of the butterfly.So it is also called butterfly.

→ The second is pregnancy spots.The cause of many female melasma is the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body when pregnancy, leading to the production of pigmentation. Some people will naturally fade away with the termination of pregnancy.But some women still stay on the face even for the end of pregnancy.

→ The third one is liver spots. Generally speaking, liver qi stagnation, liver fire is strong, the chloasma is president. Therefore, the butterfly spots, pregnancy spots and liver spots are actually melasma.

· Let’s talk about the improvement of melasma.In fact, the improvement of melasma is more complicated.Lloabic spots are divided into pigmented and inflammatory.The pigment is mainly manifested in the basic state of the face of the scar. The basic state of the skin is healthy.If it is inflammatory melasma, it will be manifested on the face red.In addition, there is a distribution of melasma on the basis of red.If this is the case, it is necessary to fight inflammation first, and then to repel the pigment.

If it comes up on inflammatory melasma, we will fight back.Not only does the pigment do not improve well, it will cause further sensitivity to the skin.

Therefore, the improvement of melasma can not be rash. It is still recommended to go to a professional institution to find a professional institution, find a professional doctor to divide the spots in detail, and do some scientific improvement to the corresponding way, so as to achieve good results.

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