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——Best birth to a small life

Brother Er, what is the best child to have children?

Good seeds encounter good soil to fruitful results. Fertility must meet two conditions: one is kidney qi and feet, hiding essence in the kidneys, equivalent to seeds; the other is that the five internal organs are strong, and the five internal organs provide the energy of the acquired blood and gas, which is equivalent to the soil.

The woman arrived for two or seven days.But at this time, the five internal organs are not the most prosperous age. The soil is not fertile, so it is not suitable for childbirth.The ground is not there, so the woman has to wait for another seven years, the man is waiting for eight years, the female 21 years old, and the man 24 years old. They can get married and have children.

Brother Second, the book says that you can choose a suitable physical life during pregnancy, which is a bit different from the customs?

If you want a good baby, you should use precious kidney qi to raise your fetus.Sexual activities are the release of vitality, the consumption of essence, and the research of western medicine far from reaching the level of contact with internal life. Do not practice that kind of statement, it will be buried in the fetus and itself.

Of course, if you are not demanding on your own and the future small life, you only have a long personal shape, and outsiders can not see differences. You can not listen to the advice of TCM.

Brother Er, I think there are a lot of nutrients that need to be during pregnancy.I didn’t eat calcium tablets or cramps twice, but joint pain.

Yes, there is a congenital vitality and acquired blood and gas participation at the same time, so it is difficult to get pregnant for the elderly. Although it is reproductive, malnutrition or physical illness, it is not easy to breed the fetus. The representative manifestation is abortion.Not strong enough.

The sufficient nutrition and vitality are the basic conditions of eugenics.Nutrition is to eat and eat well and absorb; save vitality is recuperation, not angry, calm mood, emotional and thinking is a large energy consumption, so you should be good at recuperating after pregnancy.Humans have to work with their children. This is more unfortunate than animals. In the movie, most of the misery in the old society has pictures of pregnant women being forced to work.

Brother, when I was pregnant, I suddenly couldn’t walk for a few days. I checked on the Internet and said that the child was sitting on my sciatic nerve.

The waist is the house of the kidney, the main bone of the kidney, the main tendon of the liver, and the direct anatomical cause of the sciatica is the compression of the vertebral bone dislocation.Or pregnant women who have deficiency of kidney and liver.The root of spinal disease is in the liver and kidney. Similarly, the method of nourishing the liver and kidney can also effectively treat the spine and sciatica. As long as there is a self -healing phenomenon or light, it cannot be said that the child is sitting on the sciatic nerve.

The child is in the uterus and the uterus in the pelvic cavity, and will not directly compress the sciatic nerves. The doctor you encounter really dare to say, why don’t he worry about sleeping in the internal organs of sleeping in the spine?Pregnant women are more difficult to produce hypertension and osteoporosis … including sciatica during pregnancy, which is essentially weak.

Brother Er, plan to have a caesarean section, choose a cross -incision or a vertical incision?

The doctor who sells the surgery will set the two choice questions for you according to your technical proficiency or the surgical method you want to practice, and then induce you to choose the results she wants. If you want to practiceThe horizontal incision surgery is told that the scar is too ugly after the surgery of the pregnant woman.At the grass -roots hospital, the new incision method can also be reported as business innovation at the end of the year. If the technology is not proficient, it is said that the horizontal incision causes pelvic adhesions and affects secondary surgery.

Children who give birth to naturally are more talented. Unless first aid and pathological reasons cannot be produced naturally, do not cut it. If you want to cut, choose a vertical incision.

Brother Er, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, what is the harm of the horizontal cutting?

Compared with the vertical incision, the horizontal section of the body is severe, so the internal scar is severe, which affects the second pregnancy and childbirth. The horizontal incision surgery will cause the body shape to change, and the spirit is not enough to the future.There is no concept of Western medicine, so the harm of the cross -incision cannot be inferred, and the statistical control of two types of incision cannot be thought. Women can only eat dumb.It is prompted for a self -examination and a cross -incision, is the quality of sexual life worse?

Brother Er, I always thought I had a cesarean section and cut off the meridians.

The twelve meridians are non -tangible qualitative.The surgery is cut off the connection bond between part of the tendon meridian of some and non -critical points, and the bonds between the various parts of the human body.Movement function.There are also some recovery, leaving the root of the disease.

Brother Er, two months after giving birth to a child with joint pain, do you know what is going on?

The production consumption is not only the later weather, but also the innate vitality of the twelve meridians. The later weather can be nutritious and supplement.Health system.Vitality comes from the kidney, the main bone of the kidneys, and the joint pain of the whole body. It is a manifestation of insufficient vitality in the kidney.

The confinement is of great significance to restore the body. The confinement center should use the classic Chinese medicine theory guidance.After the management, psychological satisfaction is greater than actual income.As soon as the child was born, he lacked the spiritual protection of the whole family. One day in the future, he hurriedly sent the white -haired mother to a Chinese -style nursing home. As a repayment of the confinement of confinement today, the world was shallow and could not see the connection between the two.

Brother Er, I had a caesarean section twice. In the past two years, I felt that my body was much better.

The self -repair and balance of the body originated from the support of the vitality and the nutrition of the day after tomorrow.Similarly, those with poor physical fitness get sick, and the less likely to cure. At a glance, experienced Chinese medicine can see the difficulty of the patient’s treatment. It is not concerned about the specific name of high blood pressure or diabetes. Sub -dimensional considerations, one person.

Practice enhances the activity of muscles, cultivates the essence of the five internal organs, and regenerates kidney essence of the five internal organs, which improves the recovery ability of the human body.So habit to persist!

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