Take you to share the ten good things you have to know, since then the October queen

It is said that the woman who is pregnant is the Queen of October, but is this really the case?Many pregnant mothers vomit the darkness in the first three months. The sugar control in the middle of pregnancy, the puffiness in the third trimester, the difficulty of sleeping, and frequent urination have made the pregnant mothers torture!After all, I was in a good mood. Take advantage of the nature of the woman and buy and buy, but I found that someone around you always tell you that your thing is a chicken rib.A pot of cold water drops from the sky, making you discouraged.

The so -called step on the pit is also a way. As a prospective mother who is about to unload the goods, I test the good things during pregnancy, and help you choose the 10 good things you need most during the pregnancy to avoid entering the pit!

Not much nonsense, just talk directly!

It is best to use TOP1: A good pregnancy app

From the beginning of pregnancy, you need to download an app suitable for yourself to record the menstrual period. After pregnancy, switch to the pregnancy mode automatically. You can clearly see your pregnancy weeks.Precautions Share small knowledge during pregnancy.You can also use it to record your big belly photos, pregnant women’s diary.Record contraction, fetal heart, diet and recipe.Don’t be too convenient.What I apply for is the Meiyou APP. It is really not a touting. Without it, I often forget that I am pregnant for a few days today.Of course, there are other categories, such as baby trees, and mothers can choose.

It is best to use TOP2: pregnant women’s underwear+disposable underwear

As the "belly circumference" slowly grows, a loose and comfortable all -cotton underwear is indispensable.

Generally, pregnant women’s pants are divided into 4 to 6 months and 7-9 months. It is recommended to buy the former first, and buy the latter when you can’t install the increasingly expanded belly, because it is thin as me, basically it is about to be born.Those who wear 4 to 6 months are more than enough.

Disposable underwear is a must -have for pregnancy. It has been developed in the second trimester to the third trimester. The small inner is always like the bathhouse in the summer, and it is replaced at least once a day.Private items are always inconvenient to ask your family to wash. He has no energy cleaning in the third trimester. At this time, lazy artifacts are here. Disposable underwear, oncerovers, are both hygienic and convenient!But remember to buy cotton material, quality and guaranteed underwear, you must not be greedy for small and cheap.Recommended the Xixi family, BBC’s family and Chuchu!Pay attention to the activities of various brands, you can store more at one time.

It is best to use TOP3: nipple cream (pregnancy, breastfeeding)

This is a good thing recommended by pregnant mothers.Can you imagine the sour nipple cracked when you first started breastfeeding?Do you know the tragic bite of the nipple in the long teeth?A small nipple is enough to crazy a numbness, a nipple cream can solve, why should the delicate nipples experience the purgatory -like destruction?

PS: Wipe during pregnancy can clean the nipple secretions and improve the toughness of the nipples; breastfeeding can effectively repair nipple pain, cracking, and improve the dull nipples and darkness.Most product extracts are natural cocoa beans, and babies can enter safely.Recommend Langsano, virtue.

It is best to use TOP4: oil to prevent stretch marks

Many people say that this is a chicken rib product. The money is spent and the pattern is long!Is it really the truth?Unfortunately tell you yes!Stretch marks will not leave you because you are young, and you will leave you because of your beauty. When you are still complacent in 30 weeks, you may have developed it quietly the next morning!But is this that stretch marks oil is useless?NO, NO, NO, start to stick to erasing frost in the middle of the pregnancy, which can maximize your skin’s moisture and elasticity.Said, it can make your big belly no longer itchy!Some pregnant mothers are stretched out, and the dry and itchy can’t help grabbing it!Then try your pregnancy oil or frost, just like skin care products can’t remove freckles on your face, but you can make your skin smooth and humid.

It’s best to use TOP5: Pregnant women’s pillow

Ten pregnant mothers have nine insomnia, and one has abandoned.How painful insomnia is, who knows who is pregnant!Can’t you buy a pregnant woman’s pillow for pregnant mothers?It can support the cervical spine, reduce the compression of the abdomen, relieve back pain, and raise the legs, and reduce the edema. It is almost 10,000 times better than the husband!

It is best to use top6: fetal heart monitor

Everything can be missing during pregnancy, but the fetal heart monitor cannot be missing.After 5 months of pregnancy, Ma Ma can lie down and sit at home and listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a fetal heart monitor!With its numbness, you can understand the baby’s situation in the palace in time to prevent the baby from hypoxia in the palace.A certain treasure has various styles that can be selected with personal preferences. October fungus is recommended to buy products produced by regular manufacturers!I use Libang’s fetal heart monitor, which is a bit more expensive, but it is really convenient and accurate!You can measure the fetal heart earlier!Especially in the middle of pregnancy, the fetal movement is irregular. Test it with the fetal heart. It is found that the baby’s heartbeat is still beating strongly. You will feel at ease instantly. Oh it is still alive!It feels good to live!Save your glass heart!

It is best to use top7: electric breast pump

Remember to choose an electric breast pump, don’t start with manual pit!Those who can enter the bilateral sides will not enter the unilateral side.Postpartum milk is very serious. Don’t believe that the mouth of Bao’s mouth can suck this kind of show operation!Does he have a baby’s suction?Or do you want the embarrassment of the whole family to watch?The most important and unhygienic, not only cannot solve the problem, but also the serious ones will make your bacteria infect mastitis!Except for the help of the prolactin, the electric breast pump can help a lot, and during the confinement period, the body is actually very weak. In addition, you need to take care of the children next to them.The milkware can indeed save a lot of energy. When there are many milk, it is not wasted.

It is best to use TOP8: purse pads

You may not know that after giving birth, the amount of lochia will exceed your imagination. Generally, the time of lochia will last 4 to 6 weeks, and the demand for pathies is also amazing!As the material life is becoming more and more sound, the appearance of psyllium pads makes the mother in the confinement not need to change the sheets frequently, and there is no need to worry about bacterial infections caused by unclean mattresses. It is really convenient to get home.(I really don’t know how the ancient people were confinement ~)

It is best to use top9: weight scale

Start with management weight during pregnancy. The most ideal weight growth should be in the early pregnancy (0-3 months of pregnancy), 2kg, and the second trimester (4 ~ 6 months of pregnancy) and the later period (7 ~ 9 pregnancyThe monthly weight increase of 5kg, which is advisable to increase a total of 12kg before and after.

In the face of food, the most correct way is to go to the scale first, and then decide how much to eat.

PS: Of course, the weight scale does not have to buy it. If you have a pharmacy, supermarkets, and beauty salons downstairs in your house, it is okay to go.

It is best to use top10: Wet toilet paper

(Wiping cleanly to prevent hemorrhoids.) Do pregnant mothers find that constipation becomes hidden after pregnancy?And the number of squats is more frequently. Wipe the ordinary toilet paper can easily make the fart dry and itchy?This is more embarrassing. At this time, you use wet toilet paper to clean it as soon as you wipe it, and you can prevent hemorrhoids.It’s really easy to use, it must enter!

Alright, the above 10 pieces are the must -have things for my personal test. I hope the expectant mothers will quickly prepare!We will share it next time.

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