Take a look at the red and black list of breastfeeding underwear style

“2023 Parenting Season”

Moms all know that after pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages, our houses will be larger 1 ~ 3. At this time, you will find that you can not wear underwear you usually wear.Spring is here. Moms choose a breastfeeding underwear that suits them. So there are so many styles of breastfeeding underwear. How can I find the right one?Now come to share with the Bao Mom’s red and black list I bought for Bao Mom for reference.

I would like to call it the hardest to wear underwear in the world!IntersectionIntersectionTo what extent?This is probably the worst and worst clothes I have lived for so long!

I started this underwear when I was 6 months pregnant. This is also the first time I bought a breastfeeding underwear. I did n’t make a good strategy.It’s very cheap, buy one get one free one by more than 40, and the comments are also well received, so the order was placed, and then the end was greedy and cheap to eat a lot of money.

I felt that it was okay at the beginning. I tried it on the upper body. Except for a bit of expansion, it was not shaped.but!IntersectionIntersectionAfter wearing it for two days, I found a bigger problem, because this is a double -opening buckle, there are two layers of underwear, and then they start to separate after two layers. Look at the gap between the two layers from the neck.Fighting the skin, the outer layer expands hard. After putting on the coat, I found that the clothes were pushed up!It’s scary than the empty cup.

The outer layer will be tilted up almost this feeling

At that time, I was still wondering if I bought it, so I have this empty cup?Until I gave birth to a child, I took out this underwear again and found that it was more difficult to wear!

Because after giving birth to a child, the house is larger. With milk, the whole chest is very bloated. I threw it up in less than ten minutes when I put on this underwear, threw the trash can completely, and since then, I was dark!

Difficult to wear 1: The shoulder strap is super hard, the pain is painful.It was either I bought it, or I was super and hard on my shoulder straps. The position of the shoulder strap was about 1/3 of the house. It was alive to leak a seal.

Difficult to wear points 2: The outer layer is more powerful. I found that the bigger of this underwear is that the bigger the chest expand, because the outer layer is only fixed by a button, and it cannot be carried at all.

Difficult to wear points 3: The inner layer starts, the exposed area is small, it is not easy to feed the baby.The inner layer is very soft, but it is a design of exposed a hole. If this hole is swollen, it feels like a lot. At the same time, the exposed area is small. It is not convenient for the baby to fit the sucking.Several layers, it feels awkward.

In short, this underwear is four words: super difficult to wear!I don’t want me!I do n’t know how this double -opening buckle of other brands is. I haven’t bought it well, but I think other functions should be similar except the fabric, so buy it carefully!

The reason for this black list is its sizeless design.

This underwear is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is claimed that it is a sizeless design that can tolerate the B-E. It is really comfortable to wear at first.) Its disadvantages are exposed

Disadvantages 1: Run the chest.Because it is no size, the entire underwear is elastic, but its fabric is elastic yarn and does not allow strong elasticity. When it is lying on the side, under the action of gravity, the chest without feeding will be much more.There is no fixed effect, and the longer you wear, the more elasticity of this underwear, and the more serious running chest.

Disadvantages 2: The shoulder strap is too loose, and pull directly.Contrary to the double -opening lingerie, the shoulder straps of this underwear are very soft and fine. At first, it was very comfortable to wear, but after a long time, the band became more and more loose and thinner. To what extent?This shoulder strap is stretched to the length of more than twice, which is not exaggerated at all, and then the consequences are that it is not easy to find when the buckle is buckled.

Disadvantages 3: The adjustment buckle always slides down, making it difficult to operate one -handed operation.I do n’t know if the belt is too soft and too thin, or the problem of the fabric itself.It is very tired and troublesome to get it up, and you can take a look at it with your eyes.Imagine that you are feeding, holding your baby with one hand, only one hand to buckle the strap, it is not good to get it for a long time, it is really angry, then put down the baby, and then lower your head with two hands to buckle.Ah, the invention of breastfeeding underwear is to make breastfeeding more convenient, rather than increase the burden of Baoma.

Disadvantages 4: Fabrics Get the ball.Maybe I searched more. Although this underwear has a lot of problems, I have endured it for a while. What about it?Actually getting the ball!My confinement is summer, and I wear breastfeeding underwear and cotton pajamas. This can be rubbed to the ball. This fabric is not good, and it is still the kind of serious ball.

I do n’t need to know it. It feels that the original breastfeeding underwear can be so comfortable and easy to use. Didn’t you buy two black list underwear in front? Inadvertently saw this underwear, and then decided to place an order.It’s!

Advantages 1: Firming and plasticity.Actually, the underwear is so well -wrapped. Without the support of the steel ring, it can show the chest shape so well, and it is very comfortable. It can wrap the chest and not bust the breasts. The plasticity is great, and the clothes are much better!One word: absolutely!

Advantages 2: It is convenient to operate with one -handed operation.The one -handed buckle of this underwear is really great. You don’t have to lower your head to see the two hands. One hand holds the button, you can find the buttons, hang it up, and then click the buckle, click on the two two, two, two, two, and two.You know that you have been fastened, no matter how you move, you won’t move.The shoulder strap of this underwear is not a person at all, it is relatively wide, and the gravity is scattered.

Advantages 3: Full design, get in touch with your baby, do not run your chest.This underwear is a full -fledged design. As long as you buckle it on one side, you can expose the house here to the baby. The baby’s face is posted with the mother’s breast, let alone how happy it is. This is to feed the mother.There is a sense of happiness, and at the same time, the other side is tightly wrapped.

Of course, it is impossible for any product to have the advantages and no disadvantages. I think the only disadvantage is its inner cushion design. The inner pad is separated.Folding, yes, you read it right, just fold it, right, sometimes you wear this cushion for a long time.If the cushion can be designed as integrated, I think this underwear is more perfect.Of course, compared to other underwear, this underwear is simply YYDS.

I have n’t bought other styles of underwear, but since I bought this underwear, I do n’t want to buy other underwear anymore. I have already bought 4 pieces. It ’s really comfortable to wear it!

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