Symptoms and treatment methods of low progesterone should look at the pregnant mothers!

Mogoone, a progesterone, is a kind of progesterone secreted in early pregnancy. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, it is secreted by the placenta and has a significant morphological effect on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body.EssenceThe clinical diagnosis of anesthesia or amenorrhea such as threatened abortion, habitual abortion, etc. The clinical diagnosis diagnosis of threatened abortion and habitual abortion.Everyone knows that progesterone abnormalities are not good for fetal development.

Normal progesterone in pregnant women

Performatone is a hormone secreted by women’s body, which is to ensure the normal development of the fetus. If abnormal consequences occur, it is very serious.So, what is the normal value of progesterone?

Experts said that the normal progesterone value of women should be between 32 and 60 after pregnancy.If it is too low, it may cause tires to stop or have an omen.Generally, it is normal for progesterone to be about 17–286ng/ml at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy.Because the height of progesterone is also due to different personal constitution, if there are no abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms, you need to observe more closely. Generally, you do not need to be treated with tires.

However, the fetal ketone with fetal dosage generally does not affect the development of the fetus.Specifically, you need to look at the hospital’s inspection method, unit and reference value range, but there is no way to judge accurately from a value.It is recommended to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment to avoid affecting normal breeding.

Experts remind everyone that female friends should do a certain understanding. If there is any abnormalities, they must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to ensure the normal childbirth.

Low progesterone

The cause and diagnosis of luteal dysfunction says that there is incomplete luteum function, and everyone may not know what it is.Medical, luteal function refers to insufficient estrogen secreted by women’s ovarian luteum.If women are incomplete, it can cause luteal bleeding, bed disorders, women infertility or abortion.

So, what are the causes of luteal dysfunction? Studies have found that there are several reasons for female luteum function:

1. Insufficient FSH secretion in the follicles period, low value in FSH and estradiol in follicles.

2. Insufficient LH peak during ovulation.

3. Insufficient LH secretion in the luteal stage or insufficient pulse secretion.

4. The hormone hormone receptor abnormality of the endometrium cells is low, and the hormone secretion of luteal secretion is low. Even if the luteal function is normal, the endometrium is dysplasia.

Symptoms of low progesterone

Infertility, thyroid dysfunction, depression, fibrous cystic breasts, weight gain, gallbladder disease, hypoglycemia, panic seizures, irregular menstrual cycles, blood clots during menstruation, magnesium deficiency, vaginal dryness, breast pain.

Low progesterone can cause miscarriage: If the level of progesterone decreases sharply a few weeks before pregnancy, it may cause abortion.

The role of progesterone

In addition, progesterone has a great effect on women, and fertility is related to the development of embryo.Performatone is produced by ovulation during ovulation, and a small part of it is produced by adrenal glands.

The pyrine hormones in the body help generate, and then the progesterone is in turn helping other pyrine to produce, such as cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.One of the important roles of progesterone in women is to offset the impact of estrogen and help provide an environment that is conducive to successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

Symptoms of low progesterone are also manifested in fertility.Peridone helps stimulate uterine changes during the fertility process, and promote embryonic development by increasing the reproductive system blood vessels and tissue blood flow.The ovaries are adhered to the uterus after the ovarian release.

Theoretically, the binding of eggs and sperm form embryos.Welon is a hormone that can delay the time of the uterine film (embryo cultivation).If the level of progesterone decreases sharply in the first few weeks of pregnancy, it may lead to abortion.

However, for women who want to delay pregnancy, injection of large doses of progesterone can help prevent ovulation.In addition, the viscous liquid formed will prevent sperm from reaching the uterus and fallopian tube.

How to treat progesterone low

Low progesterone after pregnancy indicates luteal dysfunction or premature luteal decline, resulting in poor endometrium secretion, causing pregnancy eggs to be difficult to bed or early pregnancy.

Therefore, low progesterone needs to be corrected after pregnancy, and you can choose drugs or plants for treatment.

Uasers need to be injected under the guidance of a doctor to protect tire treatment.You can also supplement natural progesterone. Eat foods such as soybeans to assist in increasing progesterone (progesterone). Foods such as lemon, chicken, etc. are also good for women.However, you cannot only be obtained in food alone, because the food is very low in food.

Low progesterone can eat supplement

1. It contains a relatively rich ingredients of soybean exthylaskones and natural vitamin E, which can help women’s own body produce more progesterone.Such as soybeans, fish oil, etc.

2. Eating some fresh fruits can also supplement the symptoms of low progesterone, such as kiwi, strawberries, grapefruit and other fruits can help women supplement the ingredients of vitamin C and vitamin E in the bodyNormal level.

Through the detailed introduction, I believe that everyone has understood the normal values and symptoms of progesterone in pregnant women.Xiaobian also wants to remind everyone that female friends with low progesterone should not supplement progesterone by themselves. If any abnormalities occur, they must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to ensure the normal breeding.

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