Swimming can get pregnant, and still get infectious diseases. Is it true?

In the hot summer, you can swim in the cool swimming pool. You can not only relieve heat, but also reduce pressure. Swimming is also a highly respected exercise method that can enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve immunity, and lose weight.

However, there are various scary claims about swimming: Some people say that they are pregnant when they go swimming, and some say that swimming will include a variety of infectious diseases including sexually transmitted diseases.The public swimming pool seems to be a crisis place. Can ordinary people who have no mines and private swimming pools at home, can ordinary people swim safe?

The truth of swimming pregnancy

As we all know, pregnancy requires the combination of eggs and tadpoles (sperm).So if some of the low -quality men have done an indescribable thing in the swimming pool to release the small tadpoles, can the innocent female swimmer be pregnant?

There is a disinfectant in the water of the swimming pool. This is a disaster for Xiaoyu, and they will lose their activity without one hour.If you are really lucky to survive, it is also difficult to bypass the swimsuit at a mobility of several millimeters per minute.

Even if the two conditions are met, there are radiation crowns and transparent bands in the outer ring of the eggs, which requires tens of millions of small puppets to cooperate to attack.Some people have made rough calculations. I want to use the tadpoles in the pool to make about 7 tons of water entering the body, and what is the concept of 7 tons?Equivalent to 14,000 bottles of 500ml of mineral water!With so many water entering the body, people are gone first.

Will you get pregnant when you go swimming?Only in one case, that is to do shame when going swimming.All kinds of legends about swimming pregnancy are either sensational rumors in itself, or they are stabbed with swimming with unexpected pregnancy.

Swimming and infection

The risk of spreading diseases to the public swimming pool is indeed risked, so the swimming pool operating in a compliant operation will do a good job of disinfection and minimize the possibility of infectious diseases.The pond water with a faint chlorine smell is a sign of disinfection. It seems that it is not just aesthetic, but to use copper sulfate that can sterilize and sterilize.In addition to killing the small disinfection measures, they can also eliminate the pathogens such as AIDS virus, hepatitis B virus, syphilis spiral body, and gonorrhea, so the possibility of swimming in the swimming pool that has been disinfected is basically.

However, if you share a towel, slippers, and shaving knives with others, some skin diseases may be transmitted.Therefore, personal items must be used separately, not shared with anyone, and it is not recommended to use non -one -time supplies provided by the swimming pool.

When a person with athletes and athletes go swimming, he may pass the disease to others.People with skin diseases and infectious diseases should also consciously abide by the regulations and not go to the public swimming pool.Those with serious dissemination of the disease can be held accountable.

Red eye disease, sandylonia, and viral conjunctivitis are also diseases that are prone to infection in public swimming pools. Wearing swimming goggles and rubbing the eyes without having to knead the eyes can actively prevent it.

In addition, drinking the water of the swimming pool by mistake may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, because even if it is disinfected, it will not be able to avoid individual people doing some excretion behavior without public morality …

On the whole, the possibility of going to public swimming pool infection is extremely low, so you don’t have to waste food.Be careful not to rub your eyes with your hands, do not share personal items, soak in the swimming pool for a long time, swim in the period of physiology and disease, and take a bath in time after swimming, you can minimize the possibility of illness.

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