Sweet grapes and romantic culture

Qi Baishi "Only Ru Xia Cooked" (partial)

The blue and white seawater grape pattern of the Ming Dynasty along the market

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Ming Dynasty silk enamel grape pattern incense burner

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Squirrel Grape Golden Dream Stone

Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the Ming Dynasty contains: "Grape," Hanshu "as a peach, can make wine, and drink it, then Tao Ran is drunk, so it is named., White named Crystal Grape, Black names of purple grapes. "Han Book" said: "Zhang Jian made the Western Regions returned, and it started. ‘And" Shennong Materia Medica "already had grapes, but it was old in Longxi before Han Dynasty, but it was not entered.Guan Er. "It can be seen that the grapes first came from the Western Regions.

Grapes and wines have always been the subject of poetry for writers.In addition to the historical biography, grapes and wines also appear in the classics, Fang Zhi and documents.There are many types of grapes and wine documents.Turpan documents, Dunhuang documents, Turpan back to the text, Tubo Jianjian, etc., all have records of grapes and wines.The Buddhist literature of the Tang Dynasty was an important carrier of grape culture.

In the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes on the Silk Road, the Bodhisattva in Buddhist murals has hand -held grapes. Those grape skewers and grape leaves are distributed with the tangled curved arcs.Green, red, ,, white, contrasting, refreshing and pleasant, the meaning is the sweetness of the spiritual world.The grapes are stubborn and the branches and leaves spread, but people have been affected by their descendants and prosperity of their families.So there are various "grape patterns".In ancient times, grapes and vines were ancient symbols that were prosperous in nature, representing the meaning of spiritual life and life regeneration.

Why is the grapegun in Xinjiang’s grapes that are rich in grapes?There is a romantic saying that when Tang Sanzang got the scriptures, he passed here to rest. The four of the masters and apprentices drank the mountain spring while eating the grapes brought along the way.In "Journey to the West", various gods and monsters often eat grapes.Every time a banquet, grapes are indispensable in the fruit plate.

"Taiping Royal Lan" records that Tang Taizong not only grows grapes in the imperial palace, but also personally participate in the brewing of wine.The wines made not only have a good color, but also have good tastes, and have the flavor of sake and wine.Wine in Tang poetry is not uncommon.Wang Han’s "Liangzhou Ci": "Grape Wine Nights Cup, I want to drink pipa immediately. Drunk lying on the sandy field Jun Mo Xiao, fighting for a few people in ancient times."Wu Ji fifteen thin horses. Qing Dai’s thrush red boot, Taoist characters are not right to sing. Drunk in his arms, Furong’s account is the king. "The king of Rong is headed. Tianma often titles the flower, and the Hu people offer wine. "

The Chinese translation of grape varieties is really amazing."Cabernet Sauvignon", describes the color of grapes, like red clouds and pearl jade, from the "Jiang Xing Untitled" poem from the Tang people: "Looking at the end of the world, clearing the ripples.Hey. "" Musk "(transliterated Muaskato) was from Xu Zhimo. He felt that the aroma of this grape was very wonderful and refreshing, and it was as refreshing as musk.

In ancient Greece, every spring, when grapes make wine and the vines grow new buds, when flowers are blooming in the fields, the Athens people will hold a grand festival to commemorate the wine god Dynisos.Because he awakened nature, brought spring and happiness.

Although the Yuan Dynasty has only a history of more than 90 years, it is the heyday of the wine industry and wine culture of ancient Chinese society. A large number of wine products have been sold in the market."Marco Polo Journey" by the Italian Mark Polo records: "In Taiyuan, Shanxi, there are many good vineyards where many wines are made and shipped to all places for sale."

The image of grapes often appears in Western literary works.Grapes are delicious, and they can also make life from Chinese and Chinese.If the Bible is a harvest and wealth created by grapes symbolizes human labor, then the grapes that foxes want to eat in "Isso Fables" are metaphorical of greedy desire.

There is a love folk song "Turpan’s grapes familiar" in Xinjiang, China: "Krims joined the army to the whistle and planted a grape when they were leaving. The girl in the orchard Annalham, carefully cultivated this green seedling …… Turpan’s grapes are familiar, Analhan’s heart is drunk. "Grape symbolized love.Some people say: "First love is an orange, very nutritious, sour, and endless. Single love is a lemon, which is not suitable for chewing. Love is a mature grape, which has a sweet feeling of beauty."

Because the fruits of grapes are gathered together, and there are many seeds in each flesh, there are many sons and blessings and people.Give the grapes to the newlywed lover, to pin the good blessings, symbolize a happy and happy life.

Ancient Chinese painting masters love grapes.Xu Wei, represented by the Ming Dynasty. His "Ink Grape Map" is purely drawing grapes with ink ink.The rattan fell down and lowered down.With the water -filled ink -splashing freehand method, you can draw grape branches and leaves. The ink is smooth and full.Poetry cloud: "Half -lifetime has become a weng, and the independent book of Zhai Xiaoxiao. The pearl of the pen has nowhere to sell, and throw it away."

There are many philosophies about grapes. Xizhe Peigen has compared the accumulation of knowledge to "a string of sweet grapes", and it is by no means "a plate of loose sand."Chinese scholar Qian Zhongshu said this: "There are only two kinds of people in the world. For example, a bunch of grapes get the best, one person picks the best first, and the other person keeps the best on the last.People should be optimistic, because each one is the best in the leftovers; the second kind of person should be pessimistic because he eats one of the worst grapes. However, the second typePeople still have hope, the first kind of people only remember. "The humorous language of the cultural master often thought deeply.

Eating sweet grapes often think of life.Grapes from seeds to results are also a practice.Grapes are looking for sunlight, air, and soil in the heavens and the earth, which is the wisdom of all things.For grapes, only if you do full effort in patient growth, can you present an intoxicating aroma in the future.This is a practice of assembling the essence of the heavens and the earth and working hard.

(Author: That Qiusheng)

Source: Guangming Daily

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