Swallow the tiger, drink pigeon blood, take stock of the hardships of the giant actress

Recently, the news of Meng Yaoyao’s second child rushed to the hot search again.

Before, a reporter interviewed He Yanjun’s mother. How many grandsons wanted, she did not hesitate to say, "Three men and three women."

After the birth of the first child, Xun Mengyao went to the variety show. She exposed that she had been weak after giving birth.

And He Yanjun also asked Sitai to regenerate every three years, but the answer of Sitai was: "After three years, the zodiac signs are wrong, the brothers and sisters are not affectionate, and the family is not good."

Obviously Sitai does not matter the body of her daughter -in -law at all, just wants her to be a ruthless child.

After more than a year, Xi Mengyao came out with a good news. It seems that she still can’t escape the magical spell of having a child for "love", just like completing the task.

Fortunately, Meng Yao’s first child was already a son.

There are not a few female celebrities in the entertainment industry, but most of them are not as good as Mengyao Yao, some cannot be born, and some are unknown.

Today, Shuishui Jun will take everyone to take a look at the suffering of those giants for giving birth to children.

Many things that science and technology cannot solve will easily fall into the feudal superstition swamps.

Speaking of this, we must talk about the female star Zhou Danwei.

It may sound a little strange now, but in the 20th century, Zhou Danwei was the actress with Lin Qingxia.

She moved from the fashion industry to the entertainment industry and won the awards of two International Film Festival.

Until the age of 36, she promised Xiao Junlang, the vice chairman of a company, and successfully married into the giants.

But what followed was also a career, and her in -laws withdrew all of her advertisements in her hand.

She didn’t care about it at first. After entering the giants anyway, her life in the second half of her life was guaranteed.

But I did not expect that only the child was a stabilizer that she could stand on the wealthy family, and love was just a nothingness.

In order to give her husband a child, she made 19 test tubes in 9 years, but the results failed.

The doctor had warned Zhou Danwei that the densely linked egg needle would cause endocrine disorders. Sure enough, Zhou Danwei was later found to have breast cancer.

If the scientific methods do not work, then go to some crooked doors.

Ask for the heart, she listened to the favors, swallowed toads, drinking pigeon blood, and finally begging for the son, she also damaged her body.

Wanwan actress Lin Xiuqin also broke the news on the show. In order to ask for a child, Xiao S actually swallowed the gecko.

Recently, Xiao S also opened her first podcast show. Among the podcasts, she also said that when she was pregnant with her second child, her in -laws had drank some remedies for herself.

The mother added beside him: "It’s some medicine to change boys."

As a result, the second child was still a daughter. When he was pregnant with the third child, Xiao S made more sufficient preparation and found many ways.

But she was still a girl, and her in -laws sighed for a long time, and during that time, she often cried in the toilet with her husband.

Some female stars marry into the giants are already considered old, or they cannot be pregnant naturally because of physical reasons, so they choose IVF.

For example, Li Zi, in 2008, Li Zi announced his retreat, and later reported the news that he married Hong Kong’s rich man Ma Tingqiang.

HK $ 100 million is the son of the founder of the Oriental Newspaper Group. Because of the disability of one foot, he is called the second generation of "Hao Hao".

After marrying into the giants, Li Zi was 38 years old and her husband was 14 years old.

Such an age is very dangerous, so the two chose IVF.

In 2010, Li Zi successfully gave birth to a pair of twin daughters, but she was not satisfied with her daughter.

In 2017, Li Zi was renamed "Li Jia", saying that it was inconvenient to go out every time he went out of his own star, so his husband changed his name.

But the homophonic of this name is unfortunately "Rica".

In 2012, Li Zi was successfully conceived again, but still her daughter.

So like Xiao S, the three children announced their "sealed belly" afterwards.

Like Zhang Ting, I had more than 1,000 stitches in 3 years. The belly was full of acupuncture, and nine test tubes were made before success.

It was also tortured during pregnancy. In 2009, Zhang Ting finally gave birth to a daughter.

But I did not expect that her husband would continue to suffer from pain on the grounds that "no boys in the family", and she was pregnant with a second child and finally got a child.

Actress who uses superstition methods and test tubes, maybe he is also very envious of Wu Peici’s easy pregnancy, except for a regular name.

When Wu Peicai was in the first daughter, Ji Xiaobo also scandals with other female stars outside. On the day of birth, she did not accompany her.

However, he was also his own daughter. The man’s family gave Wu Peici’s 10 carat diamond ring and NT $ 27 million.

Despite the children, Wu Peici still failed to become a "giants."

More than a year later, Wu Peici announced his second child again and was a son. The man’s family sent two luxury homes worth 360 million yuan and a value of RMB 360 million in one breath.

Compared with NT $ 27 million, you know how heavy the Ji family is.

Wu Peici, who tasted the sweetness, continued to work hard. The third child was also a boy. The mother -in -law sent her a diamond ring worth 25 million. After giving birth to a third child, according to media reports, Wu Peici’s property has reached 5 billion yuan.

Immediately after the fourth child was a daughter, Wu Peici announced the closure of his belly.

Wu Peici has always had children, and she must not just like children. Each birth of a child, the richer her mother -in -law’s reward will be. She is looking forward to whether she can become Ji Xiaobo’s justice.

Unfortunately, until she gave birth to four babies, she still failed to enter the giants.

In fact, there are many girls who grew up in the family of young and light men since childhood. They will make up their minds. If a child is a daughter in the future, he will not regenerate. He will give all your care to this child to make up for his childhood missing love.Essence

Like Xiao S, she does not like children very much, and her mother also has a third child because her grandfather wants a son, and the result is her daughter.

So Xiao S’s name is Xu Xizhen -hoping to have a younger brother, the name is Tingting -girls can stop.

She was poisoned by this concept. She was not convinced by such feudal habits, but after marrying her husband’s house, she still compromised to the other party.

In order to pursue his son, he gave birth to a third child, and tried to remedy.

Female celebrities are okay. There are still rewards for having children, but in fact, many wives have no rewards, but there are a lot of oil salt and chai.

In fact, many girls do not like to be dominated by such the concept of "women are not as good as men", but with the changes in the environment around them, the first firm in her heart is slowly shaking.

In fact, whether boys and girls are a god -given gift for parents.

When they came to this world, they hoped that the adults were excitedly welcomed, not a sigh.

The task, because you are a "pedal".


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