Sun Yan practiced yoga and sweaty, and how could a pear -shaped figure with thick legs fat?Do these 3 steps well

A few days ago, Sun Yan took a video of yoga on social platforms, challenging the yoga worship 108 times, and practicing for 75 minutes.

After practicing, the mother -in -law was sweaty and her clothes were soaked.

It is indeed an old yoga driver who has been practicing for 17 years, and general practitioners can not follow.

No wonder a netizen called: a yoga teacher who was delayed.

Niangniang said that the ultimate purpose of her practice of yoga is not to make herself thinner the next day, but that she hopes that one day when she is 50 years old, she can look young, just like her 30.

In addition to loving yoga, the mother -in -law is still a health -care master, and recently has another new identity: editor -in -chief.

There may be a little partner who do n’t know. She has already produced two sets of picture books. The first set is a picture book based on stray animals. Recently, a picture book with self -protection as the theme has been released recently.

The most rare is that she participated in the whole process of the topic, story line, text, painting, and review of the picture book.

Through the picture book, she shared her own lifestyle, 11 years of parenting experience, and couldn’t help but want to praise: How can I raise children so!

As a health -keeping person, Sun Yan is very self -disciplined. He gets up at more than five o’clock a day, writes more than an hour of calligraphy, is a half -hour yoga, calls the children to get up, eat breakfast together, and send children to class.

If you do n’t start, you can practice yoga, Pirati, play badminton, and proper sports experts.

Of course, the temperament is as good as ever, and the 40 -year -old state kills everyone.

I do n’t know, what new identity will you unlock again when he comes down and what surprises will you bring?

Without the strength to practice yoga, you can’t indulge in the cold winter day, otherwise you will quietly store a few pounds of meat, and you must compare with weight!

Of course, weight control, weight control within a reasonable range, there is no problem, and you are afraid of being overkill and approaching crazy.

The standard of a good figure is not only a hundred weight, nor is it necessary to comic waist and women’s legs, nor is it so -called unreasonable data in the so -called goddess comparison.

Our ordinary people have no pressure on the mirror, no career requirements, no need to pursue perfect figure, adjustment to the proportion of the body, there is a suitable enclosure, a unique body curve, you are the most beautiful.

Therefore, while controlling the weight, adjust the shape, dual tubes are approached, and the beauty becomes half -effective.

So how do you judge what kind of body you are?

1. Apple type (type O)


1) More fat accumulates on the waist and abdomen, the limbs are slender, and the leg lines are usually well -proportioned.

2) The waist is thick, and the waist and abdomen are > hip.

3) Precision judgment: chest and waist ratio> 1.6, waist and hip ratio <1.24.Simple judgment: waist circumference > hip circumference.Men’s waist circumference is greater than 90cm; women’s waist circumference is greater than 80cm.

4) The shoulders are wide and the back is thicker. The shoulders are generally wider than the hips.

Most 35+ women and men.

If the abdominal fat accumulates too much, it will form an internal organs, heart, and abdominal obesity.

2. Pear -shaped body (Type A)


1) The upper body is flat, the lower body is thick, and the upper and lower wide shape is visually present.

2) The bumps are wide, and fat is more likely to accumulate on the lower abdomen, hip, and thighs.

3) Simple judgment: Shoulder circumference <lip 5cm, precise judgment: waist circumference ratio <1.16, waist hip ratio> 1.24

Simply put: narrow shoulders, thin waist, width, thick legs.

3. bucket type (H -shaped body)


1) The waistline is high, the proportion of the waist and hips is not obvious, and there is no obvious waistline.

2) The size of the chest, waist, and hips is similar. The changes in the fence are not obvious. They are like alphabet H, which are generally thinner.

3) The front looks wide, and the side looks flat. It is often said that "there is no chest and no waist" is it.

4) Simple judgment: Shoulder surrounding the hip around the shoulder, the waist circumference is less than 20cm than the shoulder and the hips.Precise judgment: The waist circumference ratio is <1.16, and the waist and hip ratio <1.24.

If you want to have a good figure with exquisite figure, you must first know and know that you can do more with less.Do you know the cause of the pear -shaped body?

1. Congenital genetic factors.Parents Pear Body will also be inherited.The gene is too powerful, and we all have the shadow of parents.

Studies have found that the probability of "natural pears" in European and American races is much higher than Asians, and the width of their cheekbones will be wider than us.

2. Physiological characteristics. Due to childbirth, women are born with a wide pelvis than men.

The physiological needs of women’s breeding and childbirth are more likely to accumulate fat on the hips and thighs to prepare for pregnancy and breastfeeding.Postpartum mothers are also easy to form this body due to fat accumulation during pregnancy.

In addition, the women’s inherent pelvis is wider than male, and the pelvic width affects Q angles. Therefore, women are born with Q horns, and fat is easier to accumulate on the hip legs, and it is easier to form thick legs and big butt.

Small knowledge: Q corner.

The human thighs are not completely vertical with the ground. A line from the anterior iliac spine to the knee, from the bone to the tibial nodules, which is the connection from the knee to the calf.The horn is the Q corner.

3. Sitting for a long time, no exercise habits.

The changes in life models. Since the evolution of human beings in the agricultural era, things need to be done by themselves, and how many people enjoy the beautiful life of "nourishing the excellence".

Especially for a long -seated office, although they are hard -working workers, they are all sedentary and small experts. They are tired of the brain.

Compared with the ancestors, although it does not seem to work hard on the hot sun, sit for a long time, no longer want to exercise, and the body will not be able to eat, and various protests.

Under the sedentary, the lower body will not be exercised for a long time, which will indirectly cause the lower limb circulation to deteriorate. Excess sugar, oil accumulation, aggregate into fat, the body’s pipe will block and hinder blood circulation.

The difference in blood circulation has caused metabolism to slow down, forming thick, fat, and strong lower body, that is, thick legs and big butt.

Studies have shown that those who are accustomed to sitting for a long time have a thick fat layer in the hip muscle tissue, which is 2 times faster than normal fat cells!

Moreover, in the sedentary mode, many people have the problem of weak hip muscles, which will affect the correct force when walking. Over time, it will cause excessive compensation of the broad fascia., Cause width, thick thighs, bumps.

The fake hip wide pulls the low buttocks, passively becoming a short leg, and the thighs are thicker and the lower body is fatter. You can only choose to wear Dafa to cover up.

4. Estrogen impact.

Affected by hormones, fat and moisture are more likely to accumulate on the hip legs.

5. Get used to heavy taste, high salt, greasy diet.

Such a way of diet will cause water detention, the circulation will deteriorate, and women are more likely to form edema due to physiological reasons, and then add a negative lower body that is obese.

Knowing and knowing the other, the right medicine is right.

The partner of the pear -shaped body also has a hidden advantage: it is easier to practice an hourglass shape, and it is also the S -shaped.

Moreover, according to research on Northwestern University of the United States, different fats have different impacts on human body.The fat accumulated near the hips can control the blood sugar concentration of the body to a certain extent and reduce the incidence of diabetes.

It is also to say to a certain extent, pear -shaped figure can help prevent diseases, especially metabolic diseases, so that you can live longer.

If you want to say goodbye to Yali body, do these three steps:

1. Try not to sit for a long time.

They are all hard -working workers. It ’s right to work hard, but it is also necessary to combine and rest.

The body is comfortable and not sleepy, and the work efficiency can double.

Set some small alarm clocks for yourself to remind you that the office will get up for an hour, pick up a cup of water, walk around, let the bowing body move, it can also relieve shoulder and back pain, let the swollen legs stretch, promote the promotionBlood circulation, alleviate the swelling of legs and reduce fat accumulation.

Don’t be paralyzed when you go home, move, mop the floor, wash clothes, stroll after eating, do housework, make your stiff body breathe, and consume some calories by the way.

2. Develop exercise habits and adjust dietary habits.

Perform low -intensity of aerobic training for whole body fat and reduce fat accumulation.

Take 3-5 times a week, and choose an aerobic exercise that can persist and adhere to, such as running, jumping, swimming, yoga, etc., to reduce the body’s fat and light posture.

You can eat more plant protein, eat more fresh tofu and tofu.A large amount of red meat, exquisite carbohydrates, sweets, and alcohol will make our estrogen levels higher and higher, and more and more fat on hips and thighs.

Eat more fresh dried tofu and tofu, this fermented food can reduce the level of estrogen -like and improve the pear -shaped figure.

2. Corresponding training, lift the cup+shrinking+thin thigh, shrink the body and shape the body.

While the whole body is aerobic, adjust the thin upper body, the tight and bloated lower body, adjust the proportion of the body throughout the body, and perform endurance training for chest, hip, legs, especially the inner muscles of the thighs, reshape the leg lines, modify the lower bodyform.

Action 1: Push in front of flat lift


1. Stand, keep the abdomen, and naturally stretch the spine.

2. The head is backwards, the ears are directly above the shoulders, and the arms are raised forward.

3. Push forward to feel the tightening of the chest side; inhale back.

4. Repeat 20*3 groups.

Efficacy: Improve the support of the chest and reshape the tall and round.

Action 2: Cantilever elbows


1. Stand, keep the abdomen, and naturally stretch the spine.

2. Flex the elbow and lift the side, exhale the elbow’s arm and turn inward.

3. Inhale, open to both sides.

4. Repeat 20*3 groups.It feels like the chest force is right.

Efficacy: Improve the support of the chest and reshape the tall and round.

Action three: Bow waving


1. Stand, keep abdomen, and spine stretch.

2. Inhale, move your right leg back, and your hands forward.

3. Exhale, bend your knees, swing up with your arm, and look up at the ups and dialing up.

4. Complete 30 seconds*3 groups.Change the side practice.

Efficacy: stovepipe, buttocks, and meat.

Action four: round dance little kick


1. Stand, keep your abdomen, and hold the wall with your right hand.

2. Exhale, kick the right leg 4 times, and wave forward with your left hand, feel the right hip force.

3. Complete 30 seconds*3 groups.Change the side practice.

4. exhale again, kick the left leg 4 times, keep the knees slightly bent, and feel that the groin is right.

Efficacy: The fat is firmer, and the slim pear -shaped body.

Action 5: Butterfly arm opening and closing


1. Stand, keep abdomen, and spine stretch.

2. Open and close squat jump with your legs, and swing with your arms towards both sides.

Note: When squatting, avoid the inner buckle with your knees, and your knees point to the toes; when you stand upright, clamp your hips and close your legs into 3 clear gaps.

Efficacy: shrink the positive leg shape, pull straight legs.

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