Sun Yan Huai Longfeng baby?Wearing loose and sharing healthy food, the studio comes out quickly to rumors

Recently, the news of Sun Yanhuai’s third child has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens.Someone on the Internet said that Sun Yan was pregnant with a third child, and the third child was still a pair of dragons and phoenixes.Once this news was released, it can be described as a heated discussion among netizens.You must know that Sun Yan is in his 40s today, and he doubts that the third child is very hard.In addition, it is rumored that her third child is a pair of dragons and phoenixes, which makes everyone very concerned. You must know that the probability of Dragon and Phoenix baby is still very low.

In the video, Sun Yan introduced some things that usually packed in his bags, roughly some healthy foods about health.Sun Yan in the picture is wearing a white loose short sleeve, and a pair of green velvet loose trousers below. The whole person’s dress is mainly loose and comfortable.She is holding a canvas bag with cartoon patterns in her hand. I have to say that Sun Yan, who is middle -aged, has a girl’s heart. When choosing a canvas bag, this is a very cute style.

Sun Yan in the picture is very good, and she looks very mentally capable.In the video, she carefully introduced the things in her bag in front of the camera. First of all, he took out the cup he used to use every day. It was a march cup and made by wood.It is really worthy of health experts, and in all aspects, it is mainly health.In addition to the cup, she also took out the biscuits she made from the bag.She said that the biscuits were made of nuts. At the beginning, Deng Chao’s nutritionist was made for it, mainly to help Deng Chao lose weight.But after tasting the nut biscuits, she felt a good taste, so she learned from a nutritionist, and then made the biscuits by herself.

In addition, she also said that the tea that she usually drinks is all black tea, and if she is chocolate, she will try to choose more than 95%as much as possible.When she heard that she usually eats chocolate, she chooses more than 95%, which really shocked me.You must know that the higher the purity of the chocolate, the harder the taste. It is actually difficult to accept it. Sun Yan also chooses to eat the dark chocolate with such high purity in order to reduce the sugar that he consumes as much as possible.

In fact, most of her statement on the Internet is judged based on some of her daily life.After all, most of the clothing that Sun Yan wore in private is mainly loose, and they eat healthy foods, which are very similar to the wearing and diet of pregnant women during pregnancy.But for this part of netizens, her studio quickly denied it, and said that the rumor began to spread 5 years ago, and it has not been broken during 5 years.Message.

Hearing the studio said this, it can be regarded as the expectation of everyone’s heart about Sun Yan Huai Longfeng.However, it is still inevitable that if it is true, then Sun Yan will have a family of 6.

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