Summer hot heat is easy to have wet poison. Although there are many traditional Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, pregnant women should use it with caution

For patients with severe internal heat, they can use some Chinese herbal medicines with heat -clearing and detoxifying. The most representative of which are beef and dandelion, dandelion, and forsythia.Of course, honeysuckle can also play the role of clearing heat and detoxifying and refining air heat dissipation.It should be noted that patients must be appropriate when using these Chinese medicinal materials, and excessiveness may be counterproductive.

1. Told and silver flower

Golden and silver flowers are very cost -effective Chinese medicinal materials. Its main role is to clear heat and detoxify and heat dissipation.In fact, the main ingredient of the gold and silver flower particles of Zhongcheng Yaoshi is honeysuckle.It should be noted that for patients with exogenous fever, use an appropriate amount of tiny and silver flower decoction to drink can play a very good conditioning role, and this soup can also alleviate abdominal distension.

2. Forsythia

In addition to being able to clear heat and detoxify, it can also play a role in swelling and diuretic.Forsythia also plays a certain role in the treatment of gonorrhea and breast disease.

3. Dandelion

The main effect of dandelion is clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and dispersion, and dampness.If people have swollen throat or jaundice, it is very suitable to soak water with dandelion.

4. Daqingye

Daqing leaves are the main ingredients of many proprietary Chinese medicines, such as large green leaves, large green leaves, etc.Daqing leaves can play a role in cooling blood and spots and swelling. Of course, it can also clear heat and detoxify.

5. Niuhuang

Niuhuang played a certain role in the treatment of acute convulsions and epilepsy in children. It can not only clear heat and detoxify, but also turn off the wind and stop spasm.Of course, its use of phlegm and opening a lot of efficacy is also very good.

In fact, many traditional Chinese medicines can play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying, such as beef and green leaves, big green leaves, dandelion, forsythia, honeysuckle, etc.In addition, wearing heart lotus, white fresh skin, and semi -lotus can also play the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.However, it should be noted that most of these Chinese medicinal materials are cold, so everyone must be appropriate when eating, and excessiveness can easily cause abdominal discomfort.

In daily life, we are no stranger to the drugs of clearing heat and detoxifying. Some people think of taking some medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying when they have a cold, but for pregnant women, try not to take this medicine, because the use of drugs during pregnancy may be possible.Causes abnormal fetal development.If you are sick during pregnancy, it is best to take medicine on the advice of a doctor and do not take medicine without authorization.

Pregnant women with heat -clearing and detoxifying are not recommended to drink, because taking drugs for clearing heat and detoxifying during pregnancy may lead to abnormal fetal development.Try to minimize the use of drugs during pregnancy. It is best to use some drugs with some drugs under the advice of a doctor. Do not take medicine without authorization to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.Once a cold and fever occur, water should be replenished in time and usually drink more hot water, so as to avoid the lack of water.

Taboos are taken in taboos of heat -clearing and detoxifying drugs. If the spleen and stomach are cold, or people who are allergic to this drug, try not to use it, so as not to cause the disease to worsen.This drug has a certain Chinese medicine component, which can treat the upper respiratory tract infection of influenza, and play the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.If pregnant women or elderly people try not to use it, pregnant women must be treated under the guidance of a doctor, and do not use the drug blindly.

Pregnant women have an impact on the drugs for clearing heat and detoxifying, which will affect the normal development of the fetus. If the pregnant woman is seriously ill, they must go to the hospital for treatment.During the illness, you must pay attention to drink more hot water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and try not to eat greasy foods. You can eat some light and easy -to -digest foods.Usually ensure sufficient sleep and develop good living habits, which helps to recover from the condition.”””

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