Summer darlings do not pet ice cream, which children can not eat ice cream

The hot summer is coming again. For children, the heat is unbearable. However, in the summer, there are delicious, delicious, frozen ice cream, and many children are particularly happy. Summer is really a season of love and hate.

Different from adults, children have unique physiological characteristics. Can children eat ice cream freely?This is the common question of the majority of parents.In the outpatient clinic, parents often ask their children what they should pay attention to, especially whether they can eat ice cream in summer?

We will introduce the characteristics of ice cream and the physiological characteristics of children.

Chinese medicine’s understanding of ice cream

Ice cream originated from China, and was as early as the Yuan Dynasty. Later, it was introduced to the West via Marco Polo.Ice cream is based on drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream, sugar, etc., add an appropriate amount of food additives, and a frozen food made of volume expansion made by mixed, sterilized, homogeneous, aging, frozen, hardening and other processes.The ice cream is sweet and fragrant, and it is frozen and pleasant, which can almost catch everyone’s summer stomach.However, for some children, the sweet, cool and seductive ice cream is "delicious and bad". After eating, not only stomach pain, but also diarrhea, and can continue to be uncomfortable for several days.

Ice cream has two temptations. One is sweet and fragrant, which makes people feel sweet. The other is cold and refreshing. In the hot summer, people are extremely comfortable.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, ice cream is cold; from the perspective of Wuwei, ice cream is sweet.Sweet flavor is greasy and has the function of hindering the spleen and stomach; cold damage can directly or indirectly damage the spleen and stomach.The spleen and stomach are the key to parenting. Therefore, it is necessary to eat ice cream correctly and moderately to prevent falling into the "gentle trap".

Of course, some parents said again, why is my child eating ice cream?This must start with the individual differences and physiological characteristics of the child.

Chinese medicine understands children’s physiological characteristics

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that individuals have physique, that is, individuals in the crowd and the crowd, suffering from congenital, affected by acquired, and in the process of growing, developing, and aging, the relatively stable human personality that is compatible with nature and social environment.feature.Children are no exception. Therefore, there are individual differences between children. We cannot compare horizontally. We must compare with ourselves. We know that we can accept it when we are comfortable.

Chinese medicine believes that children have the physiological characteristics of "delicate organs and delicateness; vitality and rapid development".This means that the development of children is not mature and imperfect. The shape and qi of children’s internal organs and six internal organs are insufficient. It is necessary to continue to fill, improve, and mature with age.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that children’s spleen is often insufficient, that is, children’s spleen and stomach transportation function is not strong, but because of rapid growth and development, there are more nutrients such as essence and blood fluids than adults. ThereforeDiseases such as stagnation, vomiting, diarrhea.

In addition, Chinese medicine also believes that children belong to the "pure yang’s body". The so -called "pure Yang" refers to the vibrant performance in the process of growth and development, such as the rising sun and the beauty of the grass and trees.It is the physiological characteristics of "vivid and rapid development".

It can be seen that children have unique physiological characteristics, and children’s growth and development run through the entire process.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ice cream is a kind of cold product. Eating too much will damage yang and hurt the spleen and stomach. It is also the same for adults. It is even more harmful for children.

From a certain perspective, ice cream must hurt the spleen and stomach.Too much ingesting ice cream that is cold and cold will also affect the process of children’s growth and development.

It can be seen that in the summer, grab the child’s stomach and cannot rely on ice cream.So we call on parents to give their children’s ice cream the principle that "can eat without eating, eat less and eat less."However, reality is generally eaten. This misunderstanding is not good. It is damaged to the child’s spleen and stomach. Over time, it is damaged to the growth and development of the child.

However, it is not necessary to generalize that ice cream also has her beauty and advantages. Sweet ice cream will bring a sense of happiness and joy to children, and can taste appropriately under conditions permit.

So, which children can eat ice cream?

We can divide whether children can eat ice cream into three categories, that is, first, we can eat ice cream properly; second, we can eat less ice cream; third, we cannot eat ice cream.

1. Children who can eat ice cream appropriately

Such children are strong and rarely getting sick, and their constitution is biased towards flat quality.In hot summer, such children can eat properly, and it is recommended that no more than one ice cream every day.

However, healthy children can not eat ice cream too much, such as children with more than 2 ice cream a day.There are many children with good physique in clinical practice. They eat ice cream and drink cold drinks all year round, which will greatly damage the spleen and stomach.Relying on the body without controlling it, the often causes stomach pain to become a weak physique of the spleen and stomach. What’s more, the digestive function decreases, anorexia occurs, and yellow muscles are thin, which will affect body development.

Second, children who eat less ice cream

This kind of child’s spleen and stomach is generally OK. Some will have the condition of accumulating heat in food. Every year, they are sick within 2-4 times, and they have normal growth and development.

Children with internal heat often have bad breath, dry stools, and unsatisfactory sleep. They can occasionally eat ice cream.

Obese children usually have internal heat, more greedy, and like to eat ice cream, but ice cream should be eaten less.Because it will damage the spleen and stomach, the ice cream is a "calorie bomb", and eating ice cream often causes further obesity.

For children who eat less ice cream, it is recommended to not exceed 1-2 per week, which can be used as a measure of children’s rewards.

Third, children who can’t eat ice cream

Children with weak spleen and stomach, children with spleen and stomach deficiency, children who are often prone to respiratory tract infections should avoid eating ice cream.

For children with weak spleen and stomach, parents should pay attention to avoid ice cream.We know that the spleen and stomach are often insufficient. The conditioning of the spleen and stomach is a chronic process, and the accidental ice cream may make the usual nursing work. They must pay more attention to parents of children with weak spleen and stomach.

For children who usually occur in respiratory diseases, they also need to dispel cold products such as ice cream, such as easy to catch cold, often coughing, or have a history of asthma. Eating ice creams or cold food can easily induce the disease again.

Precautions for eating ice cream

1. To know the characteristics of ice cream, Gan Han is its main feature.

2. You must know that suitable people should not be blindly used as measures to eliminate heat. Children with weak spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach yang deficiency, and repeated respiratory infections should not be eaten.

3. Slowly eat ice cream, do not eat one at once, so that the cold stomach is cold, it may be cold in the cold, increasing the possibility of stomach pain.

4. To master the amount of eating ice cream, you cannot eat too much at one time. Even if you can eat ice cream properly, you cannot eat more than one ice cream at a time.

5. After eating ice cream, you can drink some warm water. You can properly neutralize the temperature in the stomach to make the stomach peaceful.

Although ice cream is delicious, it is not wonderful to hurt the child’s body. Parents and friends choose according to the child’s own situation, eat some normal temperature fruit to cool down the heat, choose a healthier way of eating, so that children can spend a happy and healthy and healthy way.Summer.

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