Summary of doctors: There are only three reasons for women to have kidney disease!

Affected by advertisements, many Chinese people mentioned kidney problems and thought of men … However, chronic kidney disease is actually a disease of "heavy female", and it has become the eighth cause of women’s death.Women’s attention.

So, what are the symptoms of women suffering from chronic kidney disease?How to prevent it?Next, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University told us the answer.

Why are women more susceptible to kidney disease?

Compared to men, women’s kidneys are susceptible to illness, and there are three reasons to summarize.

1. Pregnancy

The opening of the "second child policy" has made many women who have spent the best age, so the problem of aging and multi -pregnancy pregnancy also follows.In fact, pregnancy itself is easy to cause damage to the kidneys.

First of all, in these ten months, due to the increased blood flow flowing through the kidneys and the increase of the working load of the kidneys, it is more likely to produce proteinuria and diabetes, causing damage to the kidneys;

Secondly, the increase in progesterone levels will cause the urethral smooth muscle to relax and may cause kidney water;

Furthermore, the larger the belly, the stronger the compression of the uterus. So it is prone to expansion of the pyel miles, kidney, and ureter, which can cause proteinuria and diabetes.

Women who have kidney disease themselves will only increase damage to the kidneys after pregnancy.

2. Autoimmune disease

The incidence of some diseases in women is also much higher than men, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Once the disease occurs, it will affect the kidneys, and the problems of hematuria, proteinuriadamage.

In addition, diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and endometrial cancer may also cause damage to the kidneys during the treatment.

3. Special physiological structure

Women’s physiological structure is special and more prone to urinary tract infection. If urinary tract infection is not treated in time, and then upward infection, it may cause kidney problems.

What are the symptoms of women suffering from kidney disease?

In many cases, if you can find the early symptoms of the disease, you can avoid the deterioration of the disease and remove the worries of life.In order to detect and prevent kidney disease early, these symptoms cannot be ignored.

· The feeling of urine

Feel whether you have increased urination, urgency, pain, hot urine, and low back pain. If so, the corresponding may be urinary tract infection;

· The state of urine

Don’t rush to rush off after urine. Observe whether there are foam and blood in the urine. If you find it, please seek medical treatment immediately.

· Other symptoms

Women in pregnancy need to be particularly vigilant. In addition to the above symptoms, if there are symptoms such as headaches, vision decreases, and convulsions, they should also go to the hospital for examination.If you have diseases such as eclampsia and eclampsia, it will affect the health of yourself and the fetus.

How can women protect the kidneys?

1. Pay attention to rest everyday.

2. Reasonable diet, ensure nutrition, and spicy and greasy foods that should not be eaten. Try not to eat or eat less. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat less.

3. Regular physical examination, so that problems can be found early and treated in time.

4. Pay attention to observing yourself. If you find the symptoms of suspected kidney disease, please go to the hospital immediately.

5. Women with kidney diseases must be followed up on a regular basis, check kidney function and urine routine, follow the doctor’s advice, and treat them reasonably.

Guide expert: Dr. Chengping, Kidney Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University

Reference materials: Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University- [Welfare Post] Women and kidney disease, those things you don’t know

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