Sudden stomach pain?In just one week, the black "marijuana" in Hangzhou’s elder sister’s abdomen

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In gynecological acute abdomen, clinicians can often see patients who come to the doctor for severe abdominal pain caused by the reversal of the attachment.Recently, a 46 -year -old patient was visited by the Gynecology Department of the First People’s Hospital of Fuyang District, Hangzhou.

I came to the hospital for a week of abdominal pain for a week

The fallopian tube has been twisted into "twist"

Sister Wang (pseudonym) Fuyang is healthy and menstrual rules on weekdays.But recently, she always felt her stomach pain and never saw it.

At first, she didn’t take it seriously.In just one week, the abdominal pain did not improve, but it became more and more intense. Sister Wang decided to come to the hospital for examination.

What makes the doctor strange is that there is nothing except for the abdominal cavity of the abdominal cavity of Wang, but this is not consistent with the physical examination of the patient’s gynecological examination.

Yu Huaiying, chief physician of the Gynecology of the First Hospital of Fuyang, introduced: "Later, we urgently contacted her ultrasound experts to further perform a 4D ultrasonic examination. The result prompting the attachment to reverse and need to be immediately undergone emergency surgery!"

On the same day, Director Yu arranged a minimally invasive surgery for Sister Wang. When laparoscopy was placed, everyone was shocked and happy.

Stunning, Sister Wang’s fallopian tube actually twisted in her body for 5 laps!It has been swollen and necrotic, and it looks like a black "marijuana".What is happy is that fortunately, Sister Wang’s ovaries were not reversed by the fallopian tube, safe and sound!

"For women who have not been menopause to complete fertility, the ovaries are much more important than fallopian tubes!" Director Yu said, "Therefore, this patient’s ovaries are not affected by unfortunate fortune.Rough necrotic fallopian tube resection, the surgery is smooth, and the postoperative recovery is very good. "

What is an attachment to reverse?

Early diagnosis and rapid surgery are the key

Attached reversal can occur at any time in women’s life, and the most common period of childbearing age.Attachment to reversing refers to the axis of the attachment organs consisting of pelvic funnel ligament, the inherent ligament of the ovaries, and the tubal membrane of the fallopian tube. Virus is rotated to varying degrees, resulting in the pathological phenomenon of the annexant organs, veins, and lymph pipe obstruction and ischemic necrosis.It is one of the most common gynecological urgency.

The most common clinical symptoms are sudden intermittent abdominal pain, not accompanied by radiation, but often nausea and vomiting."Attachment is usually twisted by a unilateral ovarian or (and) fallopian tubes. Most of them occur in patients with ovarian lumps, especially patients with ovarian tumors!" Director Yu said.

Most reversing will lead to a sharp decline in ovarian function after 48-72 hours!Early diagnosis and rapid surgery are the key to protecting ovarian function and fertility.Regular gynecological examinations, early detection of ovarian lumps are the prerequisite for preventing attachments.At the same time, once symptoms of lower abdominal pain occur, be vigilant and take a timely consultation.

Sudden stomach pain?

Please be alert to these gynecological acute abdomen

Gynecological abdomen is a common gynecological problem. During the consultation, it is mostly complaining about abdominal pain. It is common in the following situations:

1. Female pelvic inflammatory disease caused by infection is more common in abortion, puerperium or postoperative occurrence.The main symptoms are fever and abdominal pain, because it is easy to delay into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, forming chronic pelvic pain.It is recommended to diagnose early, and early foot courses of anti -inflammatory treatment.

2. Speed abdomen during pregnancy is more common in abortion -related and ectopic pregnancy, especially ectopic pregnancy. The main symptoms are menopause, abdominal pain, vaginal and abdominal hemorrhage.The syncope and shock caused by bleeding are life -threatening.It is recommended to have vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy to go to the hospital early.

3. The tires and ruptures of ovarian cysts are different from different properties of ovarian cysts.

Ovarian endometriosis cysts (commonly known as "chocolate cysts") usually have long -term chronic pelvic pain.And this type of cyst is most likely to cause sudden abdominal pain caused by the rupture of the cyst, which usually occurs in the front and late menstrual period;

Ovarian teratoma is more reversed, and there are usually no abnormalities. It is recommended to perform regular medical examinations. Once early surgical treatment occurs;

Ovarian luteal cysts rupture or hematoma, the second cycle of menstruation occurs.After severe activities, it is usually bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Most of the bleeding amount is not much. It can be treated conservative without surgery.

4. Other rare situations include excessive stimulation syndrome that occurs after ovulation treatment. Intestinal leakage, urinary leakage, and peritonitis occur after various surgery. The follow -up treatment plan needs to be considered according to individual conditions.

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