Sudden low back pain in the third trimester, the body temperature soared to 39.2 ° C, it was the calamity of urination!Drink plenty of water to prevents

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Drink less water or even drink water, just to go to the toilet once a day.In the recent hit drama "Perfect Mom", Chen Shan, played by Gao Yuanyuan, was very hard to lie on the bed.It is unknown whether such a fetus is effective, but experts from the Department of Urology, Zhejiang Lide Hospital in Zhejiang Province, said that women’s urethra is short, straight, and coarse.Urine infection.

There was also a pregnant mother in Hangzhou to go to the toilet and took urination. As a result, she almost had a big problem.

Urine in the third trimester causes the body temperature to soar to 39.2 ° C

As the baby’s baby grows up, Ms. Zhang, who is 6 months pregnant, feels that the frequent urination and emergencies are getting worse. "Every time I feel very urgent, but the amount is only a little bit."Trouble and embarrassing: "Go to the toilet from one end of the office to the other, as if everyone is staring at her."

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In order to avoid the embarrassment of always going to the toilet, she tried to drink less water. I did not expect that the frequent urination did not improve.The cold war, fever and waist pain, her body temperature rose to 39.2 ° C, which scared her.

Ms. Zhang, accompanied by her family, hurriedly came to Zhejiang Lide Hospital to send a hot clinic. After excluding new coronary virus pneumonia and other infectious diseases, diagnosis was diagnosed as "acute pyelonephritis".Surgery.

According to Ms. Zhang’s condition, the doctor suggested to be hospitalized for anti -inflammatory treatment, but she was very worried that the medication would affect the baby in the stomach at this moment."It is safer to use penicillin and cephalosporin drugs. Generally, it will not affect the fetus. If it is not active, it will cause serious consequences." Urology doctors patiently explained to Ms. Zhang.

After formal treatment and drinking more water and avoiding urination habits, Ms. Zhang quickly recovered her health.This time she learned a lesson, drinking about 2000ml of water every day after returning, and urinating in time to avoid re -infection.

60%of women’s life will suffer from urinary tract infection

The incidence of urinary tract infection is quite high. It is one of the most common infectious diseases. It is also a disease with gender preferences. The incidence rate is much higher than that of men. According to statistics, 60%of women’s life will have urinary tract infection.EssenceThat’s because the women’s urethra is short, straight, thick, and close to the anus and vaginal mouth, and there may be a large number of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms near the anus and vagina.Ureutal and kidney cause urinary tract infections.If you don’t pay attention to prevention, urinary tract infection will recur.

How should urinary tract infection be prevented?

The simplest and effective prevention measures for urinary tract infection are drinking plenty of water. The reason is very simple. After drinking plenty of water, there is naturally more urine. Often, urine is scrued in the urethra.The urinary tract is infected, and at the same time, it can promote the discharge of bacteria and inflammatory secretions, and accelerate the control of infection.

So how much water is enough to drink every day?

Under normal circumstances, drink 1500-2000ml a day. If you sweat more, you need to drink more water to make the daily urine volume of more than 2000ml.

Patients who are prone to urinary tract and have no taboos of drinking water can increase drinking water appropriately.At the same time, we must maintain good living habits, such as avoiding staying up late, excessive fatigue, urination, and paying attention to sexual hygiene.

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