Sudden abdominal pain at 22 weeks of pregnancy!The ovary is gone again later

Ms. Chen, who had been pregnant for more than 5 months, had a stomach pain at home for 3 days. After the activity, the pain consciously improved that she didn’t come to the hospital to see if nothing happened.On the morning of March 23, Ms. Chen was awakened by strong abdominal pain during her sleep, and soon came to the emergency department of Shunyi Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The first clinic doctor eliminated the possibility of threatened abortion and premature placental peeling. Combined with the ultrasonic diagnosis, it was diagnosed with the pregnancy of the ovarian cyst and the ovarian cyst.After receiving the consultation of Dr. Li Wenjing and Dr. Hao Ting, he saw the patient’s acute face, bending over the passive position, and unbearable abdominal pain.

After completing the procedures for admission in the morning, Director Zhang Fengge, a maternal family, and deputy chief physician Ni Qin carefully checked the patient, and the pregnant woman had a painful expression.The reversal of the ovarian cysts is a common acute abdomen in gynecology. Patients with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and even shock after reversal. If it is not surgery in time, it will cause tube ovarian necrosis.Then the patients and their families explained that the pregnancy of pregnancy with ovarian cysts was reversed, which may be secondary infection and abortion.Surgery is inevitable, but the choice of surgical methods needs to be cautious. Opening abdomen surgery will leave a large scar on patients, which is not conducive to patient recovery after surgery.If the laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery is very difficult, because the pelvic cavity is occupied by the huge uterus, the uterus cannot move, the vision is small, the abdominal pressure cannot be too high, the operation should be soft, the surgery time should not be too long, the surgical experience is particularly rich, and the surgical experience is particularly rich.Doctors come to complete.Considering that the patient is already 22 weeks of pregnancy, in order to make the trauma recover quickly, the impact on the uterus and the fetus is small, and the gastrointestinal function recovery after surgery is fast. After careful decision, Director Zhang, who has many years of clinical experience, has many years of clinical experience.Patient minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

The nurse of the Maternal Department was prepared before surgery after receiving the surgery doctor’s order, and urgently pushed the operating room for surgery.After receiving the call, the nurse of the operating room immediately opened a green channel for the patient.The operation began at 9 am. After the anesthesia was successful, Director Zhang gave the patient to take 4 horizontal fingers on the umbilicus to avoid the pregnancy uterus as a puncture hole.Seeing ovarian cysts reversed under the mirror for 3 weeks. After the reversal, the loss of blood looks like a purple eggplant. The longer the ischemia time, the less chance of the ovarian reservation.Seeing the cyst restored the normal color, everyone’s hearts fell off at this time.Because of timely surgery, the fallopian tube ovaries can be retained. It is only necessary to peel off the cysts. The surgery is very smooth and the surgery is over in 20 minutes.The patient’s bleeding was only 2ml during the technique. After returning to the ward, Dr. Wang Ya was listening to the fetal heart for Ms. Chen. After hearing a strong fetal heart like a horsepower, Ms. Chen showed a sweet laughter.After informing the bilateral fallopian tube ovaries, the patients and their families were very grateful.

After the timely treatment of the women’s team, the patient not only was safe, but also retained the bilateral ovarian nests. It is undoubtedly that Ms. Chen is lucky.

In response to several recent cases of ovarian cysts reversing, Dr. Zhao Huifang, a gynecological department, reminded the majority of women of childbearing age to check gynecological examinations before pregnancy. If attachment cysts were found before pregnancy, there were surgical indications in the diameter of 5-6cm or more. The cysts should be performed.After peeling, prepare for pregnancy; if you find ovarian cysts after pregnancy, the cysts continue to exist or change in the cysts after 12 weeks, which can be removed in the middle of the pregnancy laparoscopic minimally invasive attachment.If abdominal pain, you must come to the hospital in time to avoid missing the time of surgery to ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

Text | Maternal One Forest Zhao Huifang

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