Successful couples have no children 3 years after marriage, which makes people feel distressed: Please talk about sex education generously with children

There was a survey on the age of primary education. The United States, Germany, and Japan were carried out before the age of 13, and China was in a very backward position after the age of 15.

A family education survey at the Beijing Women’s Federation shows that 74%of parents avoid talking about sex education with their children.

Or because of shyness, or because of fear, or because of sloppy.

Parents think they don’t talk about them, and children don’t need it.

Such a stealing bell, just like Lin Yihan in "Fang Siqi’s First Love Park":

In this story, parents will always be absent. They absent from school, but they think they have not yet started. has reported a true thing:

A Masterpiece couple (husband, doctor, wife and master’s degree), has no conception and no children for 3 years after marriage.After going to the hospital for examination, the reason was dazzling:

It turned out that they always thought that the same bed/kissing could conceive.As for the house, they have never done it.

At that time, Dr. Zheng Jie, director of the Hubei Provincial Breeding Center, told reporters that this was the only husband and wife who had met in the past 20 years, and both sides turned out to be intellectuals.Although some extremes, it also reflects the lack of sexual education in my country.

Is it a bit incredible and even laughing at generous?

Xu Tianming, chairman of the Chinese Society, said: China has more sexual blindness than illiterate.

There is a topic about "shameful shame" in Zhihu. Many girls tell the dilemma of their first holiday.

A girl said: When he came for the first time, he found that the pants were all blood, and he was afraid that he would die.At that time, the mother just threw her a sanitary napkin and asked her to deal with it, and even did not tell her.After that, every time she came to holiday, she was particularly scared and inferior, and felt what she had done.

The lack of sexual education may lead to inferiority of children. When growing up, they cannot face the intimate relationship with lovers, husbands and wives, or even protect their bodies.

There is a set of scary data:

There are about 10 million abortion each year in my country, of which about half of the women under 25, about 2.5 million of them under the age of 18.

A large number of girls are pregnant and miscarriage because they do not understand the most basic contraceptive knowledge.

Even 50 % of the college students did not take any contraceptive measures.

The latest data from the highest prosecution show that in the past two years, the prosecution of sexual assault of 32,500 crimes, with an average of 48 people a day.

These are just public data, and how many covered damage is unimaginable.

The consequences of the lack of sex education, everyone can’t afford it.

Sexual education, like any other education, is necessary, right, and sacred.

However, many parents, even the most basic physiological education, feel difficult to open up.

In fact, in the eyes of children, all organs on the body are the same, there is nothing particularly embarrassed.Parents cannot open their teeth because they think these things are shame.

A greater child will feel shy, and the source of this shyness is the attitude of his parents.

Shame will make him misunderstood, thinking that it is dirty and inferior.

But in fact, we should tell children that sex should be beautiful and necessary, and it is the most basic physiological needs of each of us.

It is the beginning of the correct understanding of the child to be able to talk to the child generously.

Parents who feel difficult can go to see the sex education film "The Embarrassment of Father and Son".

Scientific research shows that although a large amount of secretion of sex hormones appears in adolescence, the children’s feelings and exploration of sex have begun from birth.

Therefore, sex education should be a systematic work that should start from the birth of a child.

Many people are worried that premature education will cause children to have sex too early.

This idea is strange, as if you are afraid of learning how to extinguish the fire, it will easily cause the fire.

The fact is exactly the opposite.

In the first episode of CCTV’s "News Survey", "Sexual Assault: Hidden Sin", Teacher Liu Wenli said:

Many parents are worried that starting sex education so early will trigger early love or early sex.This is a kind of concern made by adults themselves.

In order to evaluate the impact of early sex education on the development of children, scholars in various countries have already conducted long -term analysis and research.

It has clear data that it will not only cause the child’s sexual behavior, but will delay the time of the first sexual behavior.

What’s more, you think that sex education is too early, but bad people will not think that children are young.

In the "2018 Sexual Assault Case Statistics and Children’s Prevention Education Education Survey Report", the smallest victims were only 3 years old among children suffering from sexual assault, and the proportion of under 7 years old was as high as 21.33%.

Sexual education should not make up for the dead sheep after the injury, but should be planned.

Sexual education is not at a certain stage, sitting on the ground and said to the child, "Come, let’s talk about sex."

American sex education expert Debra Havner pointed out:

The use of "teach time" and "gold opportunities" in life to do sex education for children is far better than waiting for the role of "serious sexual conversation" to the child.

When helping the child take a bath, when the child is curious about the body of himself or his family, when the adolescence starts, the child said that when you want to marry a certain, when watching film and television dramas, we can have sex with the child in a timely manner.permeation of.

That’s the so -called moisturizing and silent education.

Of course, sex education is not just organ, sexual behavior and anti -sexual assault education.

It includes gender equality, self -protection, and establishing intimate relationships involving psychological, morality, legal systems, aesthetics and other aspects.

In the "International Education Technical Guidance Outline" proposed by the UNESCO in 2018, the core content of sex education is pointed out, including 8 main aspects: "relationships", "values, rights, culture and sex", "understanding society", "understanding society"Gender "," violence and security "," skills to obtain health and well -being "," human body and development "," sex and sex ", and" sex and reproductive health ".

In essence, sex education is an education about love, equality and respect.

We have to let the children understand:

The birth of life is derived from love;

There are different men and women, but they are equal to each other;

Everyone’s body belongs to ourselves. We have the right to refuse others to touch, and we must learn to protect ourselves and respect others.

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Author: Zhang Shuyi, psychological counselor who loves code characters.Life is a intentional experience, I hope you and I can be sweet.Some pictures come from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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