Story: I realize that the more and more like my husband and husband are.

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When Qu Qiang first got off the plane, his head rose very well, and his heart was panicked.This time I saw his parents, his girlfriend, Chu Yuanyuan, had been soaked for a long time. He agreed for a long time. He was empty in his pocket.

"Husband! I’m here!"

No one was seen, first smell its voice.Chu Yuanyuan was wearing a white short mink coat, a black leather boot with shorts with shorts, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, and his hands desperately waved with both hands.

Qu Qiang dragged his heavy body and hurried over. Chu Yuanyuan flew over when he saw this, hugged him all at once, and refused to let go for a long time.

"I miss you so much, do you miss me?"

"Uncle and aunt are waiting for us at home. Let’s go to your house quickly, don’t let them wait."

Chu Yuanyuan’s small face was unhappy immediately, pouting his hands and spitting his hand, he reluctantly led Qu Qiang’s hand to the nanny car.

"Do you get a special car?"

Qu Qiang was shocked by a spacious business car. In his hometown, even Mercedes -Benz was rare. He still often saw a car in the urban area when he went to college.

"This is our car, this is Uncle Chen, our driver."

Qu Qiang was stunned for a while. He knew that Chu Yuanyuan’s family was very rich. She had lived in a high -end hotel for four years, because she was too lazy to clean the room by sherself, and she was too lazy to call the housekeeping to deal with it.

Qu Qiangchong nodded and followed Chu Yuanyuan to call Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen looked at him through the perspective mirror. This down jacket was bought when he was in a collection of the New Year the year before.Old.Qu Qiang looked at Uncle Chen’s meaningful expression and lowered his head unconsciously.

He didn’t know how to face Chu Yuanyuan’s parents for a while.

Qu Qiang was used to hold the door handle. When he was in his hometown in his hometown, he turned over the river, and the rapid turning was sometimes crooked and crooked.

Uncle Chen looked at all this, and said to him with a smile,

"My driving skills are very good, guy, scared. My wife can often sleep safely in the car when I take my car."

Qu Qiang hurried back, rubbing his thigh embarrassingly, nodded carefully.

Liu Ye entered the Grand View Garden and made up a joke.Before he entered the Chu family, he began to make people laugh.

After getting out of the car, Qu Qiang remembered the express delivery he sent two days ago. It was a health product and good wine he bought from his hometown.Because the aircraft consignment was too expensive, he sent it half a month in advance.

"You received the express delivery, do you still like your uncle and aunt?"

"What courier? I have too many express delivery, I can’t remember, what are you sending?"

"Health products are for the aunt, and the wine is for my uncle. I took a taxi with my parents to buy it in the town. My dad was afraid that I would fight the wine and hug it along the way, like holding the baby grandson, like holding the baby grandson.I dare not move when I move. "

"My dad doesn’t drink. My mother does facial care every week. It looks almost young as me. What health products to eat. Maybe Zhang Ma take it away.It won’t waste. "

Chu Yuanyuan’s face was light and light, and she said how she handled the gifts that he saved money.Uncle Chen opened a few LV boxes after the reserve car, and Qu Qiang was on his head at this time.

"This is a scarf for my mother, this is a bag, which is also for her. This small box is a tie for my dad. Remember not to be wrong. I booked it last month.Intimate, the gifts are available for you. "

Chu Yuanyuan clicked Chu Qiang, full of anger, and did not know that he had hurt his self -esteem, and looked at him with affection.Uncle Chen, who watched Chu Yuanyuan growing up from a young age, was worried that Qu Qiang rushed to her temper, so he excused that he was cold and urged the two to enter.

At the foot of the mountain, the Chu family bought a land leather, built a three -story villa, made a new orchard around, and planted a lot of dishes.

Qu Qiang stood outside the door and looked up at such a expensive villa. At this moment, he realized that the gap between Chu Yuanyuan and his own can not be shortened by his own efforts.

"Mrs., Yuan Yuan is back, can you open meals?"

After entering the door, a healthy middle -aged woman held two pairs of slippers and bent over at the door.Qu Qiang felt that she was similar to her mother and was well dressed. She thought it was Chu Yuanyuan’s mother, and she blurted out aunt.

"Just call me Zhang Ma. I am this cooking nanny, not a wife." The hearty laughter was mostly taunting in Qu Qiang. He lowered his head ashamed and quickly called Aunt Zhang.

Chu Yuanyuan rushed to him to make a ghost, and said to him with a smile,

"If my mother knows you recognize her nanny as her, it is estimated that she will be so angry that she will hit a few more hyaluronic acid."

Qu toughly smiled with his scalp, because he had never seen such a scene, and his self -esteem was frustrated again and again.He was full of hands, knowing that things were not as expensive and dare not let go easily. The two arms stunned like a lead.

"Open meals, Zhang Ma."

When Chu Yuanyuan’s mother slowly walked downstairs, she was noble.In the eyes of Qu Qiang’s eyes, the laziness piled up in the real gold is not worthy of her.

Chu mother was wearing a vegetarian skirt with water -ray green bracelets on her arms. The beads between the neck seemed to be more deterrent than her.

"Ah, Auntie, this is the gift I brought. Yuan Yuan said that you like scarves and bags. Both of them are, and for uncle, this,"

After that, a middle -aged man wearing glasses walked slowly from the study to the restaurant, holding a "The Analects" in his hand, and he read his words.

"Only women and villains are hard to raise."

Closed, sitting in the middle of the dining table.

Qu Qiang didn’t rush to call people this time, but slowly looked at the man. It seemed that it was Chu Yuanyuan’s father.

After listening to her face, Chu mother had no color, but she showed a contempt of laughter between her lips. Instead of looking at Chu Yuanyuan, she was so angry that she was like a puffer fish.

"If you have something, just say it! The yin and yang turbulent corner all day, I can’t understand!" Chu Yuanyuan was paralyzed in the seat. After her mother shot coldly with a cold eyes, she immediately bounced up.

It seems that this family is still Chu Yuanyuan’s mother, and Qu Qiang thought.

"Your dad is right. You can use our money to buy us something, and give things to outsiders and let people give us a gift. This is not as good as villains."

Chu’s mother slowly said, her tone was soft, but she stared at Qu Qiang throughout the whole process.

Qu Qiang didn’t know if he bowed his head at this time, but he only felt that his arms were sour. This gift was like a hot potato.Fortunately, Aunt Zhang came out of the kitchen and picked up things from him.

He grinned with a smile and explained to his mother that he had sent the gifts he had sent in advance, and his heart was sour.It was all selected by themselves and their parents. They were reluctant to buy such good things for the New Year. The parents were afraid that they would lose their face and added two hundred dollars to buy a bottle of wine.

"Taste this white chopped chicken, but this is Zhang Ma’s good dishes. I like to eat the most. You have to eat more. This chicken is raised in the yard, and the original ecology is polluted."

Chu Yuanyuan added vegetables to Qu Qiang in a vigorous way, breaking the embarrassment brought by the gift of the gift just now. When he just picked up the chopsticks to clamp the meat, Chu Dad cleared his throat and said.

"I don’t say anything, do n’t go to bed. Stink girl, your mother also loves to eat this dish, how do you think of the guests." After that, he grabbed the freshest chicken for the lady who had not moved chopsticks.

Qu Qiang’s nerves have been tight. When he saw Chu’s mother’s chopsticks, he hurriedly put down his chopsticks and said,

"Auntie, you try first."

Chu Mu nodded, signaled that he could move the chopsticks, and by the way, he gave the diligent white -eyed wolf Chu Yuanyuan.But the other party put all his mind on Qu Qiang’s body. This white -eyed power was full of power but the enemy was unharmed.

"Why don’t you eat it? Does this dish don’t fit your appetite? Otherwise, drink soup first? Zhang Ma, is it okay?"

Qu Qiang watched the half -life unhealthy meat, and he whispered, "This chicken, not cooked."

At this time, when Zhang Mom was holding the fish soup, he happened to hear it. He couldn’t help but say, "This is the authentic white chopped chicken! I have been doing it for more than 30 years, and I have a little bloody food."

Qu Qiang felt that he was a joke. In a short sentence, Chu mother, who made his expression serious, laughed.

"Yuan Yuan, this weekend, your son Zhao’s son returned to China. I set the location of the two restaurants for you, you remember."

After speaking, Chu Mu drank his soup, looked at the stunned Qu Qiang, and then picked up a soup and sent it to his mouth.

"Don’t go! What does he have to do with me when he comes back? I’m not their driver to pick him up, don’t tell me deliberately."

After speaking, he was fiercely put on a fish meat and put it in the counal. He deliberately emphasized that his boyfriend was still sitting here. The blind date was just his mother’s wish.

"Falling in love is falling in love, marriage is married. Just play when you are young, do you say? Small, small,", Chu mother pointed at Qu Qiang, forgot to forget who this person’s surname was for a whilewho.

"Auntie, my name is Qu Qiang."

"Xiaoqu, do you say that I say it makes sense?"

Qu Qiang’s chopsticks were coagulated in the air. As he reacted at this time, he knew from the heart that this meal was a huge banquet.

"What’s the reason for shit! Isn’t my dad also a cold door? You can find the poor boy, why can’t I!" Chu Yuanyuan threw the chopsticks on the table and hurriedly said.

Mother Chu did not respond, still drinking the fish soup, and looked at the nervous Qu Qiang with a contempt.

"Your dad is falling in the house. Poor is poor, but the cold windows are reading hard all the way, and I read a doctorate. When I got married, I didn’t bring a penny when I got married. Your dad can let me continue to spend Jin Zunyu, worry -free, and worry -free.Can you? Can you? From head to toe, including the air tickets he come here, which place is not our money? "

Qu Qiang was blushed with his face, and he wanted to immediately turn into the air into his cold house.Even if he lived in the day of the house, he didn’t want to make his personality trampled anymore.

When he raised his fist and wanted to stand up and voted to the second old man, Chu Yuanyuan stood up first, and removed the jewelry on his body and threw it on the table.The beads falling into the jade plate, like Qu Qiang’s self -esteem was broken.

This meal is still unhappy.


Chu Yuanyuan sent a poisonous vow and was cruel.These two tickets are the last time I spent my parents’ money, and it has nothing to do with this family since then.

The broken credit card is the horn of the start of the war, but all this is from the mother of Chu, the daughter is not far from the bright white flag.

It’s okay to leave.The little princess who was used to raising from a young age would only understand that everything she was disdain in her mouth was her future extravagance.

There are more than a week before the Chinese New Year, and two days are 23rd in the first month, which is the northern younger year.

Qu Qiang’s mother and a few big girls are busy running the annual goods. Unexpectedly, Chu Yuanyuan and his son were already standing at the door. At this time, Qu Qiang’s father was grinding the knife to prepare to kill pigs.

The big guy looked at each other, I don’t know how to break this tranquility, only the tied to be slaughtered miserable.

Qu Qiang’s Sanzi watched Chu Yuanyuan’s white mink coat, thinking that this poor boy really had the ability. In a few words, he cheated the rich lady who had rich people. There were two brushes.

"Well, I thought it was Xiafan’s fairy! Strong his mother, your daughter -in -law arrived at the door, what are your mother -in -law who are stupid!", Sanzer took the lead in picking up the luggage of the two, his eyesI looked at Chu Yuanyuan’s clothes without blinking, and couldn’t help but want to touch it.

Chu Yuanyuan was instantly moved by this enthusiasm.Just now the muddy soil was soiled that she bought her new boots, and her heart was very upset.At this moment, watching a group of people sweating and preparing to cook, curiosity instantly extinguished dissatisfaction.

A group of aunts surrounded her, and for a while, she boasted that she was the young lady at first glance, and her thin skin was tender.

Chu Yuanyuan’s home has orchards and vegetables, but a villa stands, and it is still an unimportant.Now go directly to the most primitive place, watching a few hundred pounds of pigs from being slaughtered with his own eyes, and his excitement jumped up.

Qu Qiang looked at Chu Yuanyuan, who was still a child, and was worried that she was not used to the worries of her poor life in the countryside.

He had a mixed taste of the meal of the Chu family. Before he went, he thought Chu’s mother and Chu had accepted him. As a result, he did not expect that people wanted him to see the gap between the two directly.

Chu Yuanyuan was both excited and excited. She couldn’t help taking out her mobile phone to shoot the video, explained while shooting, and immediately sent it to the circle of friends.

Surprisingly, no one liked it.

She doesn’t understand. She usually sends out hundreds of thousands of likes, and she is too lazy to return. What happened today? Is this not good on the Internet?

She was eager to share the video again in the family group and girlfriend group, but she was sinking into the sea without waves.

"A group of people who admire vanity!" Chu Yuanyuan said angrily.

At this time, she hadn’t noticed that blood and water sprayed out of the pig arteries and sprayed them on her clothes, as if the Impressionist painting she saw in the exhibition hall.

Qu Ma turned to see the daughter -in -law full of blood on her body and took a sip of air -conditioned. She had never seen this woman’s clothes. She just heard that he had more than 10,000. How can this be good?

"Child, your clothes are soiled. Would you like to take it off and wash you?"

Chu Yuanyuan touched her mobile phone to check the lively circle of friends in the past. Those who liked this commented on this review are now silent, and they are angry.

"Ah? Ah! This, what is this?"

At this moment, she realized that her clothes were soaked by blood, and a disgusting bloody smell came, and she was disgusting.

"It’s okay, you take it off and wash it for you. After a while, let the strong burning fire bake you dry. I’m sorry, the girl, so that you have so beautiful clothes."

Qu Qiang just helped his father to divide the pork, and turned to see that his mother was carefully apologized to Chu Yuanyuan.

"It’s okay, Auntie, you can throw it for me in a while. I have worn this dress three times. You don’t need to apologize or feel bad."

Qu Qiang’s mother heard it and threw it three times?This girl really doesn’t live.

"I put you the new jacket I made last year, don’t freeze you."

"No aunt, let Zhang Ma go to my closet to take another one. Mother Zhang, Zhang Ma!"

Chu Yuanyuan shouted a few times before returning to God. There was any Zhang mother here, and there was any wardrobe. She packed her luggage with anger and wore this coat.

Qu Qiang watched Chu Yuanyuan, who was forced to wrap the big flower, and instantly felt that the old saying was really right.

This dressed Chu Yuanyuan stood at the village entrance. No one said that she was the fairy of the Fanfan. She would only ask her. Do you still do n’t go home and cook on the fire?

In the evening, the family was sitting on the fire, and the cold wind outside the window sounded. When the hot air -killing vegetables were put on the pot, Chu Yuanyuan’s eyes brightened.

She used a small amount of meals on the plate from childhood to the table, and the dishes and bowls were filled with long dining tables.She really saw meals with pots for the first time.In addition, there are unknown objects that are dark, and the long plate next to it is full of green onions with water droplets.

The dinner scene in front of her eyes made her stunned.

Qu Qiang’s father picked up a thick green onion, pierced it into a bowl with black mucus fiercely, and sent it into his mouth after dipping it. He showed a satisfactory smile on his face.Essence

Chu Yuanyuan, who was curious, also learned everything. She has been served for a long time from a cumbersome dining table etiquette since she was a child. Occasionally, she was free like Sun Wukong was rescued by Tang Seng from Wuzhishan.

Qu Qiang feels that Chu Yuanyuan’s ability to adapt is really strong, and his worry is a bit superfluous.

After the wine was full, the two were lying on the fire that the mother had just cleaned up, and Chu Yuanyuan’s belly drumped into a ball, and she asked with interest.

"That black thing looks scary. I didn’t expect it to be so delicious. It is better than black truffle. What is it?" Chu Yuanyuan stared at the innocent and innocent big eyes, straight upLooking at Qu Qiang.

"My young lady, that’s a big sauce, but it is not comparable to Black Songlin. Do you really feel delicious?"

"Of course! I think your onions here are sweet, and the meat is firm and chewy. Husband, you eat these good things every day, it’s really happy."

After listening, Qu Qiang couldn’t help but laugh helplessly. He looked at Chu Yuanyuan, who couldn’t eat the fireworks on earth. He thought that he finally understood why the rich loved wild vegetables.Eat a lot of good things, and occasionally eat bran pharyngeal vegetables just shaving the oil in the stomach.

Chu Yuanyuan was talking about the rise. Suddenly, a current pain was like a current, and she was rushing and violent. She was looking for a bathroom in the room.

After Qu Qiang had some doubts, she couldn’t help asking,

"Where is your toilet?"

Why did Chu Yuanyuan not expect that there was still a toilet in the pigpen in this world. The bad smell has already made her stomach over the sea. Occasionally, the humming sound of the pig running from the smell made her even make her.Avoid Sanhe.

"Is this the only toilet in your family?"

There was a colors from her stomach, but she still couldn’t accept this harsh toilet environment. Chu Yuanyuan, who covered her belly, began to get back a bit of anger and Qu Qiang.

"Don’t be afraid, those pigs will not encounter people, these are pig pins, not much energy."

Chu Yuanyuan didn’t want to compromise, and hurriedly looked at the four weeks. There was indeed no better solution. She had to be helped by Qu Qiang, and she had a hard -headed toilet that was unforgettable for life.

The sound of the smelly toilet was filled with the sound of pig humming, and she was afraid and was shocked. After a thousand miles away, her stomach began to resist this stench.

The weak Chu Yuanyuan was carried back in the room by Qu Qiang. At this time, she was lying on the hot fire, and she was not novelty.This puppet was very hard, so I made my bones hurt, and I couldn’t help thinking of the big soft mattress I bought from abroad.Essence

Qu Qiang blame himself, and she has been so spicy food. Chu Yuanyuan has eaten that before. Her delicate stomach must not bear it. She did not expect this.After covering the quilt intimately, his brows began to frown again.

"What, take it away!"

Chu Yuanyuan’s stomach had just slowed down, and suddenly a sour smell drilled into her nose and rushed into her stomach, causing her to start vomiting again.

I didn’t know where the quilt was covered on her own, and it was like a pound. She couldn’t stand it.

"I’m afraid you are cold, cover you with a bed quilt, the stomach is uncomfortable?"

Qu Qiang felt that Chu Yuanyuan was a bit overwhelming, and her kindness was regarded as a donkey liver and lung.The quilt was just made by her mother this year. The family was reluctant to cover it. She came out before she came. How could it have a taste.

"You quickly take it away. I would rather freeze to death or cover this garbage. This taste is exactly the same as your parents, and your poor relatives."

Qu Qiang didn’t speak for a long time. He felt that Chu Yuanyuan’s phrase was like a five -thunder bang, and he completely disintegrated the dignity he was hit in the Chu family.

He felt that he was ridiculed because he had never seen a joke in the world, and he could tolerate these.However, no one can insult his parents without any reason. They work hard and work hard, and work hard to make him a college student.

Poor, but people must not have no dignity!

When Chu Yuanyuan saw that he had no response, he endured the anger when he endured the bad smell to go to the toilet instantly. He threw the quilt to the ground, hid on the corner of the bed angrily, and vowed not to cover the bed quilt.

Qu Qiang didn’t want to bear it anymore. He never thought that he would climb the dragon and attach the phoenix to become a man. Just when he wanted to roar at Chu Yuanyuan, his phone suddenly rang.

"Classmate Xiaoqu, I am Teacher Li. Last time I told you to pay back to school loan, you don’t need to prepare money."

Qu Qiang stunned for a while, for fear of hearing it wrong, and asked Teacher Li several times to confirm that he really did not need to repay the loan.

"Is this true? Teacher Li? But, I had loaned it for four years at the beginning. Isn’t this a small number? Is it really not necessary?", Qu Qiang suppressed his excitement, he felt the whole wholeheartedEveryone is relieved.

"It’s true, Xiaoqu. But, but," But, "

"But what, Teacher Li, you can just say it."

"But you don’t need to prepare for Baoyan. Although you see that there are national and school subsidies, you can’t make money as full -time work in three years. For your family, this study is research.Not necessarily a good thing. "

Qu Qiang was a little confused. The quota of the insurance research was that it was him. This was already a matter of the plate. He took the first in the department every year. How could he make a mistake?

"Teacher, didn’t you rank last week? Everyone signed it on the list. Only the re -examination started. Do you let me give up in advance?"

"Use tens of thousands of dollars to replace a quota, which is a thing that is not worth the loss for other students. However, Xiao Qu, for a poor family like you, but the pie in the sky is aboutConsider clearly. "

"You are like a poor family." Qu Qiang thinks that these words are even harsh. Is it because of his poor family. Isn’t it worthwhile to continue to school?

For the first time, Chu Yuanyuan saw Qu Qiang’s head on his head, and he gritted his teeth and looked scary.Think about it carefully, I can’t get my old lady anymore, and silently came down from the cymbal, picked up the quilt back.

"Xiaoqu, in fact, you should know that the interview also accounts for a large proportion. In the end, there are still led by the courtyard to hold a screening, and you can get this quota. We don’t just look at the results."

The teacher’s explicitly made him think of the second place with a good family. Although he had already got a foreign graduate offer, he applied for the school’s insurance research quota because his parents were bad.

"The second place Zhou, the scores and performance points of the written test, not a little bit worse than me. Teacher, even if my interview results are not as good as him, I also have a chance to get this place, otherwise you will not persuade me to give up in advance.Yeah?"

Seeing that he didn’t give up, Mr. Li opened the sunroof directly to speak.

"Qu Qiang, the teacher does not know how you offend the Chu family. You need to know that this time the Chu family donated 3 million to the school and told the leader directly that the only requirement is that you can not give you this place.Knowing that the funds in the courtyard have been a little tense in the past few years. Besides, you don’t lose, right? "

When he heard the Chu family, Qu Qiang completely understood what was going on, but he was even more unwilling now.

"But teacher, me,"

"Okay, it’s not too early, I should also rest, you should consider it. Isn’t your mother always not good? Isn’t it good to make money for her early?

The beep from the end of the phone is like the mood of the line that has broken the line.

"What happened to you? Husband, look not good? What happened? Is it Teacher Li called you?"

What Chu Yuanyuan was worried about happening, and her mother still started to Qu Qiang. After asking, she realized that she accidentally said that she had missed her mouth.

"Do you know Teacher Li? We are not the two, how can you know our guides?"

Qu Qiang faintly felt that Chu Yuanyuan had something to hide from him. He now has no mercy about her weakness, and even starts to disgust.

"I, I just heard you call him Teacher Li, but only know it. I, of course I don’t know him anymore."

Chu Yuanyuan would not lie. When she lied, she was stuttered, and she didn’t dare to look at people. She looked everywhere like the lice on the top of her head.

Qu Qiang wanted to break the casserole to ask, but at this moment he had been hit at the moment without temper. He just wanted to retaliate against the Chu family. The easiest way was to retaliate against Chu Yuanyuan.

"It’s okay, I recommend a part -time job for me, and ask me if I go."

Chu Yuanyuan’s hanging heart was instantly put down.She thought that her mother’s threat warning before leaving was just talking, but she did not expect that the storm came so fast.But Qu Qiang looked unharmed. She secretly became fortunate, and she really had nothing to choose from.

Qu Qiang took off the cotton clothes on his body and found a few thick clothes to cover Chu Yuanyuan on his body. Chu Yuanyuan didn’t dare to dislike this unpleasant smell anymore, but could only bear to sleep.

After a little sleepy, Qu Qiang rolled over and hugged her, Chu Yuanyuan was a little shy.Qu Qiang has always been conservative before. She also doubts whether she is too feminine. Why is it suddenly changed now?

Just as she enjoyed this late warmth, she suddenly remembered that she had no measures, hurriedly pressed the pause button to push Qu Qiang away.

"What’s wrong? You don’t want to?"

"Think, but I’m afraid what to do if I get pregnant in case of accident?" Chu Yuanyuan said with shame.

"We get married if we have, don’t you want to marry me?"

"Think! Of course! Think every day! But I don’t want to live here, I want to go home."

"You think, if we have children, will your parents still stop the two of us together? That is their grandchildren."

Chu Yuanyuan felt that this was simply two birds and two birds, holding Qu Qiang and began a trip to make a baby.


Qu Qiang thinks that this kind of evil is really growing like weeds. It is different from the grades that are gradually disappearing. Evil is forced.

When he came to the villa of Chu’s house again, he didn’t feel that he was just a trivial visitor, but the future male owner of the family.

When Zhang Ma bent over at the door to welcome him, he was still a bit restrained, and even had some mercy on Zhang Ma’s humbleness.But now it is completely different. He even felt that he should call her a few times to be worthy of the wages he would pay for her in the future.

He used to think that money was not universal, and money was just used to live up.However, when he was holding Chu Yuanyuan, who was born in and out of all kinds of luxury goods, he enjoyed the emperor -like noble treatment, and he felt that money could still buy dignity.No money, not even qualified to talk about being respected.

When Chu’s mother saw Chu Yuanyuan’s slightly bulging belly, she was completely disregarding the image of the noble woman, like a village in his hometown village scolding the street.

"Haven’t you seen his ambitions? Are you stupid! Why do you give him a child, why do you go home? Roll back to his hometown, there are village women who give you birth to you to raise children!Entering my house, you roll me out with his wild species! "

Chu Yuanyuan did not expect that her graceful and luxurious mother had such a scolding side.

Father Chu sat in the middle of the living room and said silently, but kept staring at the expressionless Qu Qiang.

Qu Qiang has learned to enter the left ear and the right ear comes out. These light rain -like abuses are nothing to him.He now only wants money and rights, so that he can not be trampled.

"Okay, okay, what’s the use of such a big fire? Is it possible to let her get it?"

When Chu’s mother heard the word "tire", she calmed down instantly.Qu Qiang remembered that when he saw Chu’s mother for the first time, he saw the beads worn between her neck. He was fighting well. He believed that Mother Chu could not bear to kill, let alone abortion.

"You have graduated from the two of you in three months, Xiaoqu, don’t find a job by yourself, come to the company for help. Yuanyuan, don’t run around everywhere, keep your heart at home."

After Chu’s father said, Qu Qiang saw that his mother had no intention of blocking, so he knew that he had taken the ride.

"Mother Zhang, buy a few black chickens in the yard, and buy a few pigeons, and boil her into soup to make up for her body. See what it looks like!"

When Qu Qiang saw Chu’s mother, he apologized and blamed himself. He also learned that the master’s tone to instructed Zhang Ma to put less salt.

At this time, the happiness of Chu Yuanyuan’s face and the reluctance of Chu’s face with closed eyes and kept eyes were in sharp contrast. What she didn’t know was the tranquility before the storm.

Qu Qiang’s mobile phone was lit, and the cousin’s person sent a message.

"Senior, I have applied for the internship quota of Chu’s Group. Thank you for helping me get a recommendation letter. Your writing is really the best in the hospital!"

After watching it, Qu Qiang was deleted, and his face was filled with the same smile as Chu Yuanyuan.


Chu Mu was still uneasy about Qu Qiang. Although raw rice had cooked rice, Qu Qiang recently looked at her eyes more revealing his wolf ambitions.

Take three million to force him to make a place for insurance research, it seems that he forced him to Liangshan.I was confused for a while, and in a hurry, she didn’t expect that her stupid girl was in the hands of others and unified him with him.

The priority is to persuade her daughter to notarize the property before marriage, otherwise they will not take out the hukou to let them get a certificate.

Chu’s mother still thought about how she couldn’t let her daughter move her fetal gas, and she had a good quotient to get her notarization. She walked towards Chu Yuanyuan’s room with the bird’s nest soup she made by herself.

"Do you want to go to the sales department?" Chu Yuanyuan asked with Wei Long’s lower abdomen.

"Yes, my mother arranged me to the Ministry of Finance. Although I was studying the economy, I just happened to be professional. However, my colleagues graduated from a master’s master’s school. I went in a bachelor’s degree. Everyone thought I was gone."

"It’s not bad, but you are not bad, the first year is the first, what happened to the financial department. You still have to support your support in the future, you can get in even the board of directors!"

Mother Chu heard the words Chu Yuanyuan at the door, and could not help but be held up.

"However, I’m afraid that my mother and our dad gives me a chance to exercise, but I am frightened every day. I will contact the company’s account every day. They must not be assured that if you don’t speak, I will definitely not be able to enter the Ministry of Finance."

At this time, Qu Qiang did not know that Chu’s mother talked about the small couple at the door. He intends to leave the Finance Department to eliminate the suspicion of the second old man.

"I think the sales department is very exercise. I don’t have to listen to others every day to talk about the backing behind me and eat soft rice."

As soon as Chu Yuanyuan heard Qu Qiang’s grievances at his own company, he stood up and wanted to go to the company to tear those chewing people’s mouths, or Qu Qiang stabilized her in time.

When Mother Chu heard Qu Qiang’s words, her heart slowly became the ground.

At first letting him into the Finance Department was to let him expose the fox tail early, and he was so straightforwardly driven him out of the company.Unexpectedly, he wanted to go to the sales department to practice. This step was to make Chu mother think that this person may be a available person.

Is it really too worried?

Sure enough, three days later, Qu Qiang resigned from the work of the Ministry of Finance and participated in the recruitment of the sales department as a graduate.

Chu mother inserted her eyeliner in the sales department, and always stared at Qu Qiang’s every move, especially the interaction with the company’s women.

Chu Yuanyuan’s notarization before marriage also finished the pain quickly.There was no blocking in the middle, and the heart of Chu’s mother was put down.

As Chu Yuanyuan’s stomach became bigger day, Mother Chu’s mind gradually shifted from shift from Chu Qiang to taking care of her daughter.

Father Chu has always been asked about the company’s affairs. He devoted himself to study and was fully right to take care of Chu’s mother, but it was too much effort to take care of pregnant women.Essence

These days, she asked Zhang Ma to stare at Qu Qiang how to take care of Chu Yuanyuan. She had a great change in Qu Qiang in her heart.

Chu Yuanyuan was swollen, and his trustee looked for Chinese medicine in his hometown, soaking her feet to swollen every day.

Chu Yuanyuan was in a low mood of stretch marks on his belly, and he fell from time to time. After Qu Qiang packed the room, he patiently wiped her ointment to prevent stretch marks.sweat.

Comparing the heart to the heart, if you find a person who is the right person to the daughter, the other person may not have a good job.

Chu Mu originally wanted to find a full -time manager to take care of the company. Now the sales department manager often exaggerates the performance when she reports her performance. She can’t help but slowly change her mind.

At night, Chu’s father took the student’s thesis to correct, and he also talked about Qu Qiang.

"At that time, I said don’t use money to solve this matter. You throw it out three million, which is drizzle for you. For the child, the trajectory of this life has been changed."

The mother of Chu touched the Buddha’s bead without speaking. She did not think about it, and could only listen to silence.

"I think this child is a good seedling, willing to endure hardship, not to enjoy, and don’t want to be as deep as you say."

"He is capable, the sales department has risen this quarter, and he has his credit."

"Look, I’m right, it’s right, it is indeed plastic."

Mother Chu was still uneasy. Originally, she wanted to drive him out of the company to find another way. Now she is going to change my strategy.

"For an outsider for such a big family business, I am not assured. I still have observation periods for him. Besides, even if it is let him manage the company, it is temporary.That’s the child, and it is impossible for him to be strong. "

After that, the lights were fell asleep.


Chu’s plan was still wrong, and she decided to let Chu Yuanyuan adopt a child.

Five years have passed. Since Chu Yuanyuan lost a child five years ago because of his waywardness, he has not conceived again.

When she went to the hospital for examination again today, she heard the dialogue between the doctor and her mother.

"The chance of your daughter’s conception is almost zero. The baby was five months old at the time of the last miscarriage. The hemorrhage caused by the curettage hurt her physical damage."

"What about IVF?"

"Then you have to raise your body before observing, but at present, your daughter’s body is not suitable for pregnancy."

Chu Yuanyuan did not expect a misunderstanding caused by his suspicion five years ago, so that he would always lose the opportunity to be a mother.

The mother was right. Even if Qu Qiang was derailed, there was a notarization before marriage, and he could only go out of the house.How could he do such a bad thing that was bad for himself.

Chu Yuanyuan remembered the situation of the day, the strange perfume flavor and the unknown transfer in Quqiang’s mobile phone, which could not help but make her sensitive nerves.

What kind of work and other excuses can not listen to it. When Qu Qiang’s business is too busy, when she hurried downstairs to prepare to go out, she completely forgot that she was a pregnant woman when she ran down the stairs.

It happened that the wood floor that just hit the wax made her lose this child with a very shallow fate.

If she was able to listen to her mother and Zhang’s persuasion at that time, she would not make this strategy to adopt other people’s children.

Although the wrong thing that year was in her, Qu Qiang regretted it.The departure of the child made both people feel guilty and had a lot of birth.

The heirs in the plan of Chu Mu did not fall. Seeing that she was old, she was also anxious.

"Originally thought, when the child was born, I modified the will and asked Yuan Yuan’s child to inherit the company. Qu Qiang took care of it first. Whoever thought, hey …"

Chu’s mother looked at Chu Yuanyuan, who was walking in the garden, and always felt that the child’s departure made the daughter of Lotte a depressed daughter, and also reduced the feelings of the young couple to the freezing point.

Chu Yuanyuan could no longer have a serious blow to Chu’s mother. Without the successor, Qu Qiang’s best candidate seemed precious.

However, fat and water does not flow outsiders fields, and the large company handed over to Qu Qiang, which is undoubtedly self -destruction.

She did not think about the children of relatives’ house, but she was afraid that she would occupy the nest one day.The company gave the child, and the child’s wings were hardened and went to the biological parents again.

If you look for it, just find an orphan, the smaller the better.

After Chu’s mother looked for the children to adopt the child, his expression looked at Chu’s expression with a refusal expression.

"I think, looking for a bigger child, it is best to get your child’s consent. Maybe one of your decisions can change the child’s life, but I hope this child has the right to choose."

Qu Qiang’s words were obviously embarrassed about Chu’s mother’s money forcing him to give up the number of graduate students.Chu mother knew unreasonable, she nodded and agreed.

"In the past few years, I have sent a sum of money to my hometown of welfare home every month. Although not much, it is also my heart. If I can, I want to discuss with Yuan Yuan and pick a child from the welfare home."

"I can only have one condition, it is best to, no father, no mother, no affordment."

Chu’s mother has always been simply doing things. Qu Qiang looked at her slightly a little camel back. It was not as straight as he was at the beginning of the year.

People always grow old.


On the weekend, Qu Qiang and Chu Yuanyuan came to the welfare home of Qu Qiang’s hometown by car.

Perhaps the reason why he was guilty. Chu Yuanyuan felt that adopting a child from the welfare home of his hometown was considered to make up for Qu Qiang.Furthermore, the remote areas, even if the child’s parents came to the child, they sent two money.

Along the way, the two were still sitting silently behind. Uncle Chen drove the car and felt that the atmosphere five years ago was very different.

"Yuan Yuan, do you like boys or girls?" Uncle Chen led to break silent.

"I like my daughter, but my mother names a boy, and I can’t help it." Chu Yuanyuan remembered the child who had flowed five years ago, and he had taken shape and was a boy.

She held back her tears and looked out the window. Qu Qiang saw the reflection on the window and handed her a paper towel.

"Uncle Chen, there is a superstition in our countryside, saying that children can help pregnancy, maybe we adopt a boy, Yuan Yuan can have a daughter." Qu Qiang comforted.

Uncle Chen listened to Chu Yuanyuan with a smile. In recent years, he has been observing Qu Qiang, and he is really a good guy.

When she got out of the car, Chu Yuanyuan’s hand was held by Qu Qiang and her eyes were red, but she felt extremely happy.

There was a sign of the "Little Sun Welfare Institute" in front of the dilapidated courtyard. There was a flag -raising liver in the center of the courtyard, and the bright flag was floating above, allowing Chu Yuanyuan to return to the student days.

"Dad Qu!"

Before Qu Qiang entered the classroom, several children rushed out of his voice and hugged him, and where the snack was.

Chu Yuanyuan looked at the big eyes of the young monkeys, and his heart was sour.

The dean was washed in the room, and when he heard Qu Qiang’s voice, he ran out of his clothes.

"Come on, go into the house, it’s very hot."

In recent years, thanks to the funding of Qu Qiang, the clothes sent to the children have been warmly warm.Qu Qiang’s remittance every month also improved the food of the children. Dean Qi saw that he was grateful as he saw the savior.

At this time, Chu Yuanyuan knew that Qu Qiang’s annual remittance was given to the children of the welfare home. He felt that this was probably destined to be destined. Perhaps his child was reborn into this welfare home.

She took the children’s information and looked at them one by one.

"Husband, come and take a look, help me get an idea, I like these children very much."

"This is not you to buy bags when you visit the mall. If you like it, you will directly charter the market. Let’s choose one."

Dean Qi and Uncle Chen couldn’t help laughing after hearing.

"Dad Qu, are you hungry?"

Suddenly, a small head was probed at the door, and the people who looked at the house were blinked with big eyes.

Chu Yuanyuan rushed to the beckon and signaled him to come in.

"Dad Qu, do you want to eat with us?"

The little guy did not recognize his life at all, and directly fluttered Qu Qiang’s arms, sitting on Qu Qiang’s thigh and holding his neck to coquettish.

Then Chu Yuanyuan saw the clothes on his body. It was the clothes she had prepared for her unborn child. After abortion, she was afraid that she would throw away.

This clothes should be worn when her child was three years old. How much she hoped that one day she could see her children can put on this clothes.

"Come, how about your aunt?"

Chu Yuanyuan felt that the child had a special fate with himself, so he couldn’t help holding him.

"Are you his wife’s wife?" He asked with milk.

"Yes, do you want me to hug?" Chu Yuanyuan opened his hands.

"Then you are Mother Qu, right?", Jumped down and rushed into Chu Yuanyuan’s arms.Chu Yuanyuan suddenly felt that his heart was hot, and tears couldn’t stop flowing.

"Do you want to go home with the mother of Qu? Let’s live in a big house together?"

"Then I can eat a lollipop every day?", The big eyes asked sincerely, and the saliva flowed on the clothes.

"It’s not a lollipop, it’s ten, even if you want a hundred songs to buy you, okay?"

After the adoption procedures were completed in the afternoon, Chu Yuanyuan’s sex became mild.

The child was really pitiful. Double death of his parents was abandoned at the door of the welfare home, and he lived in the welfare home at the age of one.

But fate made him directly into the heir of the Chu Group.

After having a child, Chu Yuanyuan and Qu Qiang also became more. Three people went out of the outing or children’s paradise on the weekend. Finally, not both of them stared at home.

Chu’s condition has gradually improved, and the medicine he was taken began to reduce.Mother Chu was very satisfied with this and began to transfer the shares to the child.

The days were slowly carried out according to the plan of Chu’s mother, but everything happened a few years later was unexpected.


"Chu Qi, hurry to urge your mother, go to the cemetery today to see her grandfather, she does not have to spend a lot of exhibitions."

The little boy ran to Chu Yuanyuan’s room to pass the words, and went upstairs to push the grandmother sitting on the wheelchair.

"Kiki really grows up, and she can push her grandmother." Mother Chu’s spirit today is good. Looking at the grandson who grew up day, she is very solid in her heart.

"Grandma, I went to buy your favorite lily flower yesterday. Do you say that the Agreement likes it?"

"The meeting, as long as you bought it, your grandfather will like it. Even if you pick a dog’s tail flower from the roadside, he will have a happy flower when you see it."

Then he and Uncle Chen pushed the mother of Chu to the car, and the family drove to the cemetery.

To halfway, the company’s group sent a message to bomb Qu Qiang’s mobile phone.

"The blood type of Qi Accounting is O -type RH negative blood. Rh negative blood is particularly small, and it is O -type blood, which is simply rare. Is there a colleague of our company this blood type?"

"I remember that this kind of scarce blood type has contact information in the hospital. Beijing has a volunteer organization in Beijing that are volunteers of this blood type."

"Qi accounting is too, how can I get a car accident when I trip my hometown."


Qu Qiang looked at Chu Qi, who was asleep beside him, and couldn’t sit still. He racked his mind and thought about taking Chu Qi away.

"Uncle Chen, just let me down at the next intersection."

"Are there any urgent things in the company?" Chu Yuanyuan asked with sweaty Qu Qiang.

"Chu Qi, you don’t want to buy this comic book, buy it with your dad." Then he called Chu Qi to get out of the car, and the two walked towards the company together.

"Qu Qiang really spoiled the child. Yesterday, he also said that the next test was rewarded to him a comic book. Today, he led him directly to buy it." Chu Yuanyuan joked.

"The older the young master, the more like a grandfather, especially those eyes. If you don’t know, you think it is his father and son." Uncle Chen accidentally said.

"Of course, who raised the child is like who. He sticks to Qiang Qiang all day and does not stick to me." Chu Yuanyuan admired his new nails.

"What do boys stick to you and buy clothes and nails with you." Mother Chu looked at her mother’s daughter, and she shook her head like a child.

However, what Uncle Chen said, it is true that the longer the child, the stronger the song.

Could it be that the child abandoned by my family of relatives is still related to Qu Qiang?

Although the mother of Chu is old, she is still cautious as before.

Looking at Qu Qiang’s nervousness to sweating, is it really a big deal in the company?

Chu Yuanyuan didn’t expect his son who was still alive just now, and lay in the ward in a blink of an eye.

"He is still a child, how can you bear to let him donate blood?"

Chu Yuanyuan looked at the pale heart and liver baby on the bed, and complained about how to discuss with herself in advance.

"I also saw that the company’s group was very anxious. Besides, what is the man who takes some blood for the man."

"Don’t say it, it’s ruthless, don’t your son feel bad?"

After saying this, Chu Yuanyuan regretted that he had missed his mouth, and hurriedly glanced at Chu Qi, but fortunately, he didn’t wake up.

"A small accounting director, where do you use my son to give her blood transfusion? You still lose so much! You quickly call Zhang Ma, stew two hens to make up for my son, and put more jujube.And wolfberry. "

Qu Qiang saw Chu Yuanyuan’s anger disappeared and hurried out to call.

Before leaving, don’t forget to tell her, "You must not tell our mother in this matter, just say that we take Chu Qi back to my hometown and go to see grandparents."

Chu Yuanyuan couldn’t stop flowing in tears. Although Chu Qi was not his own child, in the past five years, he realized that he felt the feeling of being a mother from this child, and his feelings were missing.

"Type O -type Rh -negative blood is the panda blood in panda blood. Your children should be kept carefully in the future. Otherwise, there is no such luck in the patient in the car accident next door.

When the nurse changed her medicine to Chu Qi, she also told that she was also doubtful. Such parents were really willing to let such a small child donate blood.

"We do not recommend blood donation, but patients cannot perform surgery without the supply of blood sources. Your child still does not donate blood within a year.

The nurse repeatedly thought about it or decided to order it again, so as not to suffer from a medical accident hospital.

Chu Yuanyuan nodded while listening. Although Qu Qiang was kind -hearted, Qi accounting with him is not a department, but he was not relatives. As for letting his children do such a big sacrifice?

Chu Yuanyuan’s doubts slowly rooted in his heart, but the nurse was right. Chu Qi had such a rare blood type that had to be closely linked with Qi accounting. In the future, he could find the blood source as soon as possible.

After discharge, she asked for information and contact information through personnel.

"Qi Accounting is also from the University of Economics?"

"Yes, it is President Qu’s schoolgirl. At first, she should also be recommended by General Qu’s internship."

"She told you?" Chu Yuanyuan asked HR.

"In the past few years, the company has recruited a lot of A University Economics College, all of them are all the siblings of President Qu."

"I know, don’t mention this with my mother and Qu."

Chu Yuanyuan looked at Qi Xuan’s photo, and always felt that she had known each other. Maybe she had seen Qu Qiang when she was going to school.

In case, she still has Qi Xuan’s contact information.

According to Chu’s will, 51%of Chu Group’s shares were given to Chu Qi, and Chu Yuanyuan accounted for 49%.Qu Qiang is in this company, or the general manager of a worker.

"You said, why is Director Qi who has been alone for so many years?"

Chu Yuanyuan deliberately started Qi Xuan in the front of Qu Qiang and wanted to test whether the two people really knew.

"Her eyes are high, so I pick it up and leave it." Qu Qiang looked at the company’s report, and said absently.

Qu Qiang looked at the huge home. Chu’s body was not as good as one day. As soon as she left, the Chu family really had only Chu Yuanyuan.

He and Qi Xuan used this plan that had been planned for more than ten years. Obviously, he succeeded in one step.

That’s the day when Chu Qi is adult, the company will really change the master.

Chu Yuanyuan was inexplicable today, she could only try to ask Qu Qiang first.

"You said, in case Chu Qi’s biological parents came to him, wouldn’t the company be given to others?"

Chu Yuanyuan was cutting the fruit. When she adopted Chu Qi, she heard that the dean said that the child had a letter left by her mother, saying that she was a single mother unfortunately had cancer. The child was an orphan in the future.

"We have a complete adoption procedure. In law, this child is from the two of us."

"But once Chu Qi is an adult, the company is alone. What can even our children be?"

"You shouldn’t ask me in this words. You should ask my mother. This road is the way her old man paved you. Isn’t it to prevent me from swallowing your property?"

Chu Yuanyuan felt a little guilty to Qu Qiang.She couldn’t give birth to him, and her property had to be guarded like a thief. The company was everywhere in the company. She didn’t seem to doubt Qu Qiang anymore.

"See what you said, Mom has regarded you as a relative’s son these years. Didn’t the company’s big and small matters be released to you?"

Qu Qiang heard Chu Yuanyuan’s cricket, and couldn’t help but make a few sneer.

"The old lady listened to politics. In this home, I will always be an outsider. My son and my son are the old ladies who protect you to escort you."

Chu Yuanyuan knew that Qu Qiang had already been hurt, and could only cut the cut apples into pieces to Qu Qiang’s mouth silently, and smiled at him.

Qu Qiang said casually, "Uncle Chen told me two days ago that he was older and uncomfortable. Let me quickly find a new driver."

"Then you can find it, I will prepare his pension for Uncle Chen."

Chu Yuanyuan felt that this family seemed to be alone. His father was gone. Zhang Ma was going to return to his hometown next week to see his grandson, and Uncle Chen was leaving.She looked at the empty villa, and a burst of sadness rushed into her heart.

She only left a mother and a relative, and Qu Qiang happened to think so.

Two days later, the new driver fucking the same accent as the old family of Qu Qiang, and Chu Yuanyuan knew that this kind of fat was also a fat and water.

The new nanny’s dish is also a hometown dish that Qu Qiang loves to eat. Chu Yuanyuan is very uncomfortable. He shouted to find a chef. Qu Qiang just agreed to his mouth, but he didn’t see any action.

When Uncle Chen said, Chu Yuanyuan recalled it over and over again.

Will this really such a coincidence in this world?Two people with no blood will become inexplicable?

She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep and moved the transmissions. Maybe she was looking for a door to a household, so she didn’t have to worry about making the future for herself for so many years.

"I will go to the cemetery to see my father with a car tomorrow. You will drive another car yourself to the company."

Chu Yuanyuan said to Qu Qiang’s back that she knew that he had insomnia, but she knew that the two had their own minds.

"Do you want to bring Chu Qi together?" Qu Qiang asked Chu Yuanyuan’s back.

"No, just go alone."

"Didn’t you just go to the cemetery two days ago?"

"I think a person will be with my father for a while." After speaking, he turned his back and closed his eyes, but Chu Yuanyuan slept all night.

As she grows old, she feels that she is more and more like her mother, and she is so careful as Qu Qiang’s disgusting.

But the more Qu Qiang, the more doubtful, the more suspicious.In addition, Uncle Chen accidentally said that Chu Qi and Qu Qiang looked like this, like an invisible thorns into her heart, more like a sword hanging on her head, making her sleep and food unshakable.Essence

Is everything really like the mother’s concerns?


After Uncle Chen left, Chu Yuanyuan felt that traveling had a feeling of being monitored.

The new driver is Qu Qiang’s distant relative. He used to drive a truck in his hometown. For the first time, he drove such a high -end car. It was like Qu Qiang, who had entered the Chu family.

"Sister, what are you going to do here?"

"Sister, who are you going this time?"

Chu Yuanyuan was asked by his eyes, and he was not a prisoner. He spent money to ask someone to monitor himself, and provoked his stomach.

"Drive your car, worry less." Her tone began to refuse people like a mother thousands of miles away, and even she was shocked.

Seeing that the mother’s physical condition is getting worse and worse, I am afraid that the will is more cautious.

Chu Yuanyuan held two transparent bags, one inside was Qu Qiang’s hair, and the other was Chu Qi’s hair.

Her mother had urged her countless times, so she must completely find out the details of the child.

She also went to the welfare home many times to try to put some talks from the dean’s mouth, but when the child was collected, in addition to the clothing, the handwriting was crooked.I have read a lot of books.

Chu Yuanyuan knew that doing parent -child identification. Once Qu Qiang knew that even if the two did not divorce, the relationship between husband and wife would break.

In the past, my mother did not believe in Qu Qiang, and now she is even her.

She wandered at the door of the inspection department for a long time without the courage to walk in. Is it over the years that have passed, but she can’t really trust Qu Qiang?

"You are not cruel to do parent -child identification. If you have been swept out by him one day, it will really be called every day, and you should not be in the ground."

"It is not impossible for the dove occupy the nest. Qu Qiang raised his illegitimate child to this house. After I died, he would completely clean up the portal."

What her mother said in her ears, Chu Yuanyuan felt that she had changed completely. If she could still be as carefree as before.

Just as she was hesitant, a phone call interrupted her thoughts.

"Yuan Yuan, the mother’s situation is not good, you come to the central hospital."

Chu Yuanyuan glanced at the monitoring department before leaving. She didn’t know if she would regret it after doing so.


When Chu Yuanyuan saw her mother’s body was wrapped in a white cloth, she was completely unaware of it. This home really had only her.

At the funeral, Chu Qi fully supported her weak body. Qu Qiang took care of the guests who came to hang up.

She was a powerful son and a powerful husband on the other side, but an inexplicable desolate surrounded her tightly, making her more weak, and even wanted to go with her mother.

But she still had one incident. Looking at Qi Xuan, who helped at the funeral, she suddenly understood what the mother said what the doves of the dove.

After the guests were dissipated, she came to Lingtang, and there was only one Qiang in the Lingtang.

"Don’t you think our son looks like Qi Xuan? Especially the nose and mouth, but his eyes are like you." Chu Yuanyuan said calmly with his anger.

"Enough! Chu Yuanyuan! In front of the mother, do you continue to humiliate me?" Qu Qiang raised the paper money in his hand and stared at Chu Yuanyuan with his face in anger.

Qu Qiang is nowadays, although Chu Qi has not yet been in his hands.However, after Chu’s mother left, he could have the company’s real power, and no longer had to live a day of nose.

"With three feet in the head, you dare to swear to the statue of Mom, do you have nothing to do with Qi Xuan?"

Not to mention God, he is not afraid of anything now.

"What else do you want? Your mother is dead, you continue to take over her task doubt me every day, be vigilant, and even monitor me?"

"Chu Qi is your son and Qi Xuan’s son? You are so cruel, raise your biological son in the welfare home, and then make him the heir of my Chu family in the name of adoption.Seeing you, your trick is so skilled in this trick to occupy the nest. "

I realize that the longer the adopted son and my husband, the more similar to that, I stole the parent -child identification, so I realized that I was deceived.

"I don’t know what you are talking nonsense. You can calm down yourself alone."

Qu Qiang stood up and glanced at the statue of Chu’s mother. This old lady was really annoying, but what can a dead man do?

"At the moment you entered this home, did you start to plan all this?" Chu Yuanyuan stood up and stood up with a weak body. She stared at Qu Qiang’s eyes like a vampire like a vampire.She still couldn’t believe that all this turned out to be true.

The sky gradually darkened, and the light rain in Lili destroyed the incense in the hall. Qu Qiang slowly lowered his head, and then looked up at his head and looked at Chu Yuanyuan, who was unreliable.

"I have never thought about taking a penny of your Chu family, and never thought about it." Qu Qiang raised his backbone and looked at Chu Yuanyuan, who was lonely, and felt that Fengguo was really turbulent.

"Qi Xuan is the chief financial officer. You are the sales manager. The son of the two of you is about to be the company’s largest shareholder. You told me that you never thought of getting a penny of my Chu family?" Chu Yuanyuan’s voice was inHurning, she hated why she was willing to listen to her mother’s persuasion.

"My good life was easily destroyed by your mother. What did a company count?"

This is the first time that Qu Qiang has said so loudly to Chu Yuanyuan. For more than ten years, he has endured more than ten years, and finally he can breathe once.

"At the beginning, I planned to live well with you, but the more your mother inserted eyeliner everywhere to prevent me, the more I felt that if I really didn’t make something, it would be really sorry for her old man."

Qu Qiang feels that there is nothing wrong with what he made. All this was forced by Chu’s mother step by step. Even if he didn’t do anything, he didn’t think about anything, and he would be paired with a soft pot of soft rice for no reason.In this case, push the boat as well as her wish.

At first, he withdrew from the Finance Department to dispel the doubts of Chu’s mother, and the other was to let Qi Xuan stand firm in the Ministry of Finance. The two people had no intersection in the company.

Similarly, while winning the network in the sales department, he arranged his schoolmates and sisters to enter the company to cultivate himself.

Mother Chu did not expect that there would be a party every year when the University of A was in the University of A. Chu Yuanyuan would not participate in this occasion.

Qu Qiang felt that he was a victim and was forced to become a victim in order not to be injured.Since Chu Yuanyuan already knew all this, he was too lazy to continue his acting again.

"This home is still your home, but it’s just your home. Tomorrow I will move away, and my son should reunite with his own biological mother. I will explain to him slowly."

Chu Yuanyuan was paralyzed in the Lingtang, looking at her mother’s statue, and she couldn’t stop flowing. She regretted that her mother had no calculation, but she still didn’t keep her.

The car drove slowly and gradually disappeared into Chu Yuanyuan’s sight, and their family of three left with Chu’s family.

"Mom, do you say they will have retribution? Will there be retribution?" Chu Yuanyuan hugged her mother’s legacy and cried loudly.Chu Qi.

The villas of the Chu family were too big. Chu Yuanyuan never felt that the house was so big. She walked through every room, as if she had never lived here.


When Qu Qiangyi came to the company, he felt like a rebirth.

Today, he will clearly remove all the eyeliner of this company in this company, and promotes his person as a important position.

Qi Xuan was hidden for so many years. Every time she thought of her son, Chu Yuanyuan’s mother, she was dripping blood in her heart.But Qu Qiang was right and reluctant to be reluctant to put on the wolf. She was finally able to stand beside Qu Qiang in Da Guangming, as Mrs. Qu.

The divorce agreement Chu Yuanyuan has signed. Chu Yuanyuan automatically abandoned Chu Qi’s custody right. Today, Qi Xuan intends to get a marriage certificate with Qu Qiang.

Everything goes smoothly like dreaming.

Half a year later, Chu Yuanyuan bought the welfare home to adopt Chu Qi with her private room.

"It’s time to end all this, Lawyer Xu." Chu Yuanyuan gave the parent -child appraisal report to the lawyer after reading his mother’s will.

The retribution is not waiting.

When Qu Qiang was proud of the spring breeze on the board, Lawyer Xu suddenly broke in.

"Mr. Qu, Chu Yuanyuan’s mother revised the will before dying."

"Modify the will? Can the dead old woman really toss, saying what she changed to, can it be that Chu Yuanyuan, a stupid person to take over the company? She can dry yellow after two days! This company’s executives are meWhat kind of water can she toss out in one hand? "

"If Chu Qi and Mr. Qu Qiang have a blood relationship, the company is sold by Ms. Chu Yuanyuan for sale, and the amount of the sale is donated to the" Little Sun "Welfare Institute."

"How can you prove that Qu Qiang has a blood relationship with Chu Qi? Chu Qi is the child I adopted." Qu Qiang did not expect Chu Yuanyuan to do before he had done it before he had done it before he would divorce him.

Chu Yuanyuan felt that the parent -child identification she had done was the only time she obeyed her mother, and it was also the most correct thing in this life.

She didn’t want to kill Qu Qiang, after all, his original life was changed by his mother.

With this money, the Little Sun Welfare Institute can open a lot of branches, and she will have many "Chu Qi" to raise it in the future.

She regrets that she did not listen to her mother at first, and she told the children the most words every day:

"Be sure to listen to the mother of Chu, mother Chu will not hurt you."

When she said this, it seemed as if her mother told her in her ear.(Original title: "Same Bed Different Dreams: Dove Occupy Nest")

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