Story: Drinking the emperor’s tonic, I suddenly had a joy in infertility, I was shocked: We have not been a round room yet

The emperor and I have been a model couple for five years, but there are no children

One day he brought a bowl of supplement for himself, feeding me to drink, and the doctor announced that I was pregnant after a long time.

But only I know, we have no round room at all


I dreamed again because I saw the life before crossing.

In modern times, I was born in a rural left -behind child who was born in a male and female family. My mother was divorced early and remarried. My father worked outside for many years. I was unpopular. I was a well -known girl in the village.

Grandpa and I dugged in the class to go to video games. I kissed a love in the professional high school next door.

As a result, the young boyfriend was involved in the fighting of the bad boy.

When I was just wearing, Xiao Lingyue was only six years old. She lost her childhood. She was abandoned by her father because of her ominous life.

The servants in Zhuangzi deceived her young and lost her childhood, and no one was sheltered, so she was very unwilling to this little master.

Xiao Lingyue was young and weak, and no one was shining. After just half a year, he died of cold and cold.

And my soul can live in the body of this six -year -old child.

Xiao Lingyue’s serious illness finally made Tianzhuang’s career a little scared. The master who was not favored was the master. In case Hou Ye asked one day, Yizhuangzi’s life was not enough to lose.

As a result, the manager recruited a newly widow in the nearby village to bring Xiao Lingyue as a grandmother for Xiao Lingyue.

That’s Aunt Fang and Wenzhu.

Aunt Fang is a gentle and gentle woman. Since taking over the errands of Tianzhuang’s management, she has regarded me as a biological child.

Xiao Guo drove away without taking a name for his child. The servants in Zhuangzi only called me "girl".

Only Aunt Fang listened, looked at me with a pair of wet eyes, and said with pity, "How can the child have no name, the girl was born in February, the slaves entrust, and call you double."

I stunned, Shuangshuang, my previous name was Nie Shuang. My modern biological mother may call me like Aunt Fang when I was unaware.

Before the marriage, Aunt Fang was the embroidered mother in the city. After marrying, she did not leave this craft. Since she came, I have dressed beautifully every day, and there is a serious lady in the field.

Although, every time I wore her own hands, she made a beautiful clothes under the tree, and hit the chickens and dogs, which made her a headache.

The picture of the dream fixed in the persimmons that I picked in and Wenzhu, while eating and listening to her half -fake, we ran to make trouble.

In these two life, I only felt my mother’s love on Aunt Fang.In the eyes of others, she is just a loyal servant, but for me, she is my mother.

Xiao Chuo clasped her, just pinched my weakne, so that I could only live without any unwillingness.

The embroidered Pakistan that comes every month not only declares her peace, but also conveys some of the news.

I hid each side of the embroidery Pa, that I was looking forward to one day, and I could solve the place of Aunt Fang’s imprisonment through clues, rescue her, and escape from the birth day together.

For so many years, I always remember what Aunt Fang finally told me.

She said: "Shuangshuang, left Aoyama is not worried about the firewood, no matter how difficult it is, we have to live. As long as we live, we can see you. Aunt will work hard to live, waiting to reunite with both Wenzhu family."

I turned over, wiped tears on the pillow. When I opened my eyes, I saw Liu Ye who accompanied the bed by the bed.

His clothes were a little wrinkled, and I didn’t know how long it was changed.

Seeing that I woke up, Yin and Yang weird said, "Ziyi is in the palace, but in Houfu, he obeys Xiao Chuo and his wife.

I remember his life -saving grace, without anger, but sincerely said sincerely: "Thank you for helping His Majesty."

My rare politeness made him stunned, and after a while, he said uncomfortably: "You should take a good rest, I don’t bother you anymore."

I later learned that Liu Ye broke into the Houfu to save me. At that time, what he said: "The queen is filial piety, and the heavens and the earth can be learned, but she has become my wife, so she must not ignore her body.The court was looking at Gu Houye, and Mrs. Wanghou should not be superstitious to pray for blessings. If you want to come, no one is willing to see the queen kneeling to pray for blessings and hurt her body. "

Wang Xi’s repeated words made me silent. Liu Ye himself was the most unwilling to see my birthday.

For the sake of me, he would lose his royal face that he had not had much.

I covered my heart, and the always cold heart in my chest jumped out of the rhythm that made me disturbed.

I reluctantly calmed down my mind, restrained the throbbing, and the Tianjia was passionate. He was just to change my direction for me, but unfortunately, he missed the calculation.

As long as Aunt Fang was in the hands of Xiao Chuo, I was a thread puppet that could not be relieved in his hands.

Liu Yan took me away from Houfu and retired from all over his body, that is, he promised Xiao Chuo to round up with me and give birth to a child.

So, I woke up from the coma and would be able to cultivate for two days to face this tricky problem.

This time, Ruan Yan’s light and copper lock locked the door of Zhu Qi Hall, and we would not do something to leave.


Liu Ye and I were sitting on the bed, and their eyes were opposite, both of which were reluctant.

After a long stalemate, Liu Ye slowly moved to me. His hand was stiffly hanging on his side and holding his fist.Essence

Oh, I am not a grave.

I sighed, and said, "Liu Ye, can you know your mouth skills?"

He stopped and opened his distance to see me, his eyes were full of confusion.

I lift my feet kicking his thigh: "Go down."

Liu Yan puzzled it, but obediently opened the curtain and got out of bed.

I lay down on the dragon bed in the palace of Kunning Palace, listening to Liu Ye’s light breathing sound outside the curtain, took a few deep breaths, imitated some small movies I watched many years ago, and opened intermittently and ambiguous breathing.

When I saw Liu Ye’s figure outside the curtain, I felt the cheeks were hot, so I didn’t dare to look at him.

The golden beast was arranged in the furnace of the golden beast, and the smell was different from usual. It probably had some effects. I unscrewed the rational valve and let my desire swim in the body.

At this time, there are still some things in my mind. For example, which word will Liu Xie call out in his four -character idiom library to describe me now?

When I ended, I clearly smelled the ambiguous smell in the air, and saw his flushed face and dodge eyes. Oh, Liu Ye was also very hard for the false round house. This is not easy to expose the stuffing.

Sure enough, this time I cheated Ruan Yan, and everyone knew that after four years of marriage, the emperor finally rounded the room.

Liu Ye and I took the first step in making people, and finally calmed down the turbulent undercurrents in the front dynasty.

Xiao Guo was very satisfied with our obedience, and finally "healed", returning to the DPRK with his death, and the political affairs were successfully implemented.

Because of this, I thought I should be able to live in half a year, so I did not have any precautions when I went to Yu Lin to participate in the spring hunting.

However, just when I was in a good mood of playing with you, several long arrows broke through the air. In the middle of Liu Ye’s heart, I was startled, and immediately lowered my body and tried to avoid the subsequent Liuya.

I didn’t want Liu Yan to jump off the horse and ran over, pulled me behind.

The assassin who wanted to sneak in his back saw that the person under the blade was changed to me instantly, and his face was confused.

Before I screamed, the assassin closed the trend, and one of my feet fell to the ground, and she died under the guard sword in an instant.

My heart was pounding. I thought Xiao Chuo suddenly arranged a assassination, but seeing that this assassin dared not move me. I know that the assassination of the mastermind must not be Xiao Chuo, but he never cares about my life.

Liu Yan pulled me to escape in the rain, and from time to time, he chopped the arrows.

But the guard around us fell one after another. When we finally got rid of the chase, the guards were not left.

Even Liu Ye hung up the lottery. Only me, except for being cut off by grass and leaf branches, it was not injured.

I was against the stump next to me, panting and said, "Let’s break for a while."

When I didn’t want me to look back, I saw Liu Xun pine my hand and sat on the ground along the trunk behind me.

I saw that his eyebrows were frowned, his lips were purple, and the flesh of the mid -arrow’s part of the center was ominous black -purple.

I was shocked, I do n’t know what poison he was, and if I did n’t find someone to save someone earlier, I was afraid that it would be a collapse.It is estimated that it is going to be a meal for the beast.

I squeezed the ring that Xiao Chuo gave me, and it was what he sent me before entering the palace. It was in case that there was a very important thing, so I turned on the ring to take out the fire smoke and inform him.

Before he didn’t hesitate, I took off the ring in my hand, twisted the ring, and put on a eye -catching fire smoke.

Unexpectedly, for the first time I used Xiao Chuo’s things, it was not to harm Liu Ye, but to save him.

However, we may be too far away from the hunting camp. After the fire smoke was released, we couldn’t wait to wait for the rescue soldiers. Seeing that the sky was getting darker, my heart sank.

The blurry wolf came from the distance. I trembled, no, I couldn’t sit still, I had to pick up a little flammable dead branch to order a fire, which could not only send a signal and alert the beast.

Otherwise, these beasts can be full tonight.

I immediately stood up, dragged him to the grass first, and covered it, and then used Liu Ye’s hiding place as a round heart to pick up some dry branches everywhere.

Over time, I became more anxious.

Xiao Chuo is not the mastermind. As long as he arrives, Liu Ye and I have to be saved. For the first time, I miss the face that hates for many years.

However, I overestimated my ability to recognize the way in the dense forest. Although I repeatedly confirmed the position of Liu Ye, I still dizzy after half an hour, and I don’t know where I am.

While I ran wild, I called Liu Ye’s name in vain.


I was lucky. I was taken away by the wolf without waiting at night, and I just hit a team to find the guard behind the emperor.

I cried very well, but I couldn’t describe Liu Ye’s position accurately.Fortunately, this spring hunting has recruited several fine dogs that are good at tracking from the animal -traging garden.

These sensitive little guys can find Liu Ye in the smell of ambergris.

The guardians who were separated were advised me to return to the camp to rest, but I kept flashing the terrible pictures of Liu Ye’s blurred blood in my mind, and there was no way to go back to the news.

I tied up my hair and insisted on following the end of the team.

It wasn’t until the moon came out of the East that we finally found Liu Ye.

He had been dug out of the grass, and he was weak in the arms of a hunting girl, chewing herbs with a small mouth.

There was no blood on his face, but his lip color was no longer terrifying purple.

The heart that was held along the way finally fell, and he was fine, but I didn’t expect that the hunting woman who did not pay attention at that time would be the fundamental reason for our future break.

The bright girl is the daughter of the nearby hunter, named Wei Wushuang.

Because of her life -saving grace and Wei Wushuang’s good -looking face, Liu Yan wanted to make a good body about the daughter of this poor hunter.

Wei Wushuang was obviously confused by Liu Xun’s skin, and his face was half a push.

Female talented appearance, deep mountains, life -saving grace, encountering each other, promising each other for life, the opening of the same thing, but failing to gain the end of the book.

Mainly, Xiao Chuo, a villain, made stalks from it.

Regardless of how Liu Ye gave concessions and humble and humble, Xiao Chuo was not allowed to Nan Wei without frost as a concubine.

After finally calming down the court, it once again set off a storm, and finally, Liu Ye compromised in the weak.

He brought Wei Wushuang into the palace and asked her to be the Fengcha Palace in Cheng Qian.

After the assassination of spring hunting, Liu Ye has never been to the Kunning Hall, nor has it been alone.

I don’t know if he woke up or saw me, and misunderstood that he was relentlessly abandoned by me at the juncture, so he remembered me.Still purely because of the woman with a sharp heart, she was grinding my ears and my ears, and I forgot me to the clouds.

I thought about it twice, and I felt that it was meaningless to think about these at this time, so I lost my head.

fair enough.

Liu Yan’s love for Wei Wushuang lasted for a year and a half, but after all, she was just a tea palace girl. Her petting had little effect on my status.

I don’t want to fight, and I am a vicious female partner that everyone hates.

But life, or the white dot, Xiao Chuo, who is a villain, will not let my turtle shrink in the Kunning Temple.

After receiving Xiao Chuo’s message, I had to come to Houfu on the grounds of the province.

Xiao Chuo was sitting in the Zhengtang, and he did not respect the queen’s driving driving halfway. Instead, it was me.

He was holding the rainy Ru kiln tea cup, and said faintly: "For the father, I heard that there is a tea palace woman in Chengqian Hall?"

I jumped in my heart. Wei Wushuang was so secretive that I didn’t even know, and Xiao Guo learned.

He didn’t wait for my answer, and took care of himself: "This maid’s dirty palace, raising the rod, the queen’s mother -in -law thought?"

I clenched my punch, my nails were deeply caught in the tender meat of my palms. I tried to calm down and thought about it: "That woman is pregnant and is God’s will. Father only wants one dragon, even if she is not from her daughter, go to her mother to stay in the future.That’s. "

"Short -sighted," Xiao Chuo sneered. "Such a child grows up after all, and it is a scourge, and that, for the father, someone does not like someone, and then rejected me again and again."

My heart was tight, knowing that Wei Wushuang’s mother and child’s life became a warning of Liu Ye, I couldn’t hold it.

In this case, I thought about the electricity and then said: "The father taught, then give it to the daughter. The daughter is the master of the harem.

Xiao Chuo finally nodded and said lightly, "Go."

I asked Ruan Yan’s movement, while Wei Wushuang rafted on the Royal River, sent the frogman to cut through the cabin.

She sank into Yuhe, and she couldn’t see anyone dead.

When I heard that the news passed to Liu Ye’s ears, he rushed to the River River as crazy, and found it with the palace people for three days and three nights until he fainted on the banks of the river.

At that time, it was already late autumn, and the cold was forced. I baked in the temple and listened to the reciprocal of Wenzhu. I only felt that the wind outside the temple blew through the window seam and kept cold until my heart.

I dare not think, how will Liu Ye retaliate against me.

But Liu Yan never appeared until Wei Wushuang was seven.

I was awakened late at night. Someone climbed up the dragon bed, pressed my shoulders, so that I could hear the teeth of the bone shift.

The ambergris mixed with wine, drilling into the nasal cavity.

My heart was embarrassed, but I pretended to be calm: "Liu Ye, are you crazy at night?"

He hated: "Isn’t this what you want?"

Yes, after despairing the life of beloved life, he naturally punish me the culprit.

I struggled, but couldn’t shake his heavy body.

I felt scared. I do n’t know when it started. The teenager who could be hit by me that year had grown into a tall and healthy adult man.

At the moment when he was ironic, I was like a little worm who fell into

My hands and feet were cold, and Liu Ye’s ignorance tonight, I dare not imagine what kind of torture will I wait for me.

Under fear, I almost blurted Wei Wushuang’s alive.


I have worked hard to run away these years, and cultivated a few confidantes that can be entrusted.

After the frogman of Ruan Yan pierced Wei Wushuang’s cabin, the familiar water bamboo took her away from the river and sent it to Jici in the suburbs of Beijing overnight.

But when the limelight passed, Wenzhu got the line report yesterday, saying that the child in Wei Wushuang’s belly was gone.

I was countless, only to keep Wei Wushuang’s life, but I sent the lives of the innocent child.

At this time, I told Liu Ye that I was afraid that it would be difficult to recover our relationship, and it would also be alarmed Xiao Chuo, which brought danger to Aunt Fang.

The only reason was frozen from the words contained on my lips. I bit my lips and cried for him: "Liu Ye, don’t do that, I’m afraid."

His lips kissed the corner of my eyes, and the cold wetness seemed to make him sober. He stopped his movement and stared up at me.

I was holding my collar that I was torn, tears down, and repeated: "Don’t, I’m afraid."

The fearful fire in Liu Yan’s eyes finally went out slowly.

He stared at me, his eyes were fierce. In addition to hate, there seemed to be other emotions, but under extremely frightened, I couldn’t distinguish it carefully.

After a while, he suddenly leaned over, biting a bite on my lips, and then when I didn’t respond, I turned over and got out of bed.

His back was hidden into the dark night outside the temple. I stared at the direction he disappeared for a long time, and raised his hand to stroke the corners of his lips. In fact, it didn’t hurt, but my tears were fierce than just now.

I know that, across the child’s life in the belly of Wei Wushuang, I and I and I would never be.

After Liu Xun went crazy on the day of Wei Wushuang’s head, he completely depressed and stopped in March.

When I thought he would be in a slump, Liu Ye suddenly went up again, insisting that Wei Wushuang was the emperor’s concubine, and he was buried in the tomb of the emperor.

Xiao Chuo did not allow him, and the Emperor’s and Xiao Party once again made trouble on the grounds of this matter.Until March, they finally reached a suspension agreement.

Wei Wushuang was eventually named Wei Xianfei, and the crown was buried in the concubine.

Liu Yan finally appeared in Kunning Hall again six months later.

This is the price he wants to pay, with me, a murderer who killed his beloved, and gave birth to a puppet heir who was flowing with the blood of the Xiao family.

After a lapse of half a year, he lost a lot, and the outline of the facial features became more and more stubborn, making people dare not look at it.

Ruan Yan "died of illness" in recent days, and I guess that was also part of the transaction.

But without this eyeliner of Xiao Chuo, it is also a good thing for me. These subsequent things have made me struggling, and I also drop my relationship with Liu Ye to the freezing point.

I can’t do it in front of him to make a round house.

Liu Yan converged all the past hatred, and seemed to return to Wei Wushuang before the appearance.

Although he did not touch me, his daily speaking was also considered to be beautiful.

I cooperated with him like an ostrich and starred in a loving couple in front of outsiders.

Until the beginning of this month, I received a family letter outside the palace, and it was always an embroidered Pay.

I looked closely but changed my face. This is not from Aunt Fang!

I was dependent on her in Jiangnan Village for ten years, and she pointed at her embroidery. Now I have received this side that can almost embroidery with fakes.

I violated my conscience and dyed blood in my hand, just to keep her aunt Fang, who looked at the mother, if she had three long two shorts, then my church and mind in all years became the biggest joke!

Without waiting for me to go out of the palace to find Xiao Chuo for verification, Liu Ye came, and he also brought one embroidery.

I took it, stroking the small orchid grass in the lower right corner, and the tears were like rain. Yes, it was Aunt Fang’s Paizi. She just came out of Longtan and fell into the tiger’s hole, but fortunately, she was at least alive.

Leave Qingshan without worrying about firewood.

I squeezed the Pazi and kneeling on the ground without hesitation: "I wish my Majesty to work hard for the horses and horses.

He was silent for a long time and accepted my voter: "Get up."

Then, Liu Ye invited the Taiyi, and I transferred some dark medicine every day for me to drink.

I don’t ask what efficacy is, and those who come to come will not refuse.

Three months later, Liu Ye announced that I was pregnant.

I touched my flat belly, and I was in a daze.

Houfu did not believe in Liu Ye’s words, and asked me to return to the house as usual.

Xiao Chuo sent a few confidantes to give me the pulse, all of which had the veins. There was actually a gynecological sacred hand, claiming that my fetus would be male in one fell swoop.

Xiao Chuo was finally satisfied and sent me to escort me back to the palace.

Of course, I was not pregnant, and Liu Ye and I never had the fact that my husband and wife had.

I started to be scared. I was afraid that the Taiyi gave me an unknown medicine. I was afraid that my stomach would bulge with ordinary pregnant women, but gave birth to a strange fetus or tumor after the month.

After being awakened by nightmares, Liu Ye came to see me late at night. His dark eyes did not seem to be emotional. He only said, "Don’t be afraid, the medicine is not hurt."

There was a drop of tears in the corner of my eyes. He seemed to comfort me, but why did he need to comfort me?

He had pinched my lifeblood, as long as Aunt Fang was in his hands, he had to see the blood -sealing throat poison, and I had to drink.

Fortunately, my stomach has never been bulging.

During pregnancy, Mrs. Hou would go to the palace from time to time to see me. I took the fake belly, but I had always been able to maintain the pulse of normal pregnant women. She had no doubt about me.

Although I was kept at the Kunning Hall, I also felt the signs of storm.

Liu Yan has passed the age of weak crown, and his wings gradually become abundant.

The balance between the Emperor’s and the Xiao Party has maintained a balance of more than ten years.

I faintly feel that the day I produced, it is estimated that all the situations were changing.

I squeezed the ring that Xiao Chuo gave me, and the spring hunt was assassinated. I used the burning smoke in the ring, and Xiao Chuo re -filled me back to me.

He explained me, if there was a change in the palace, he sent a message to inform him.

I have been caught for a long time, and the embroidered Pa on both sides was sent for nine months. Only Liu Ye’s side was the hand of Aunt Fang.Liquid pool.

In that suddenly mobilized palace change, Xiao Chuo died in Wanjian through his heart.

On the same day, I drank the poison wine that Liu Ye gave me.


When I woke up again, I thought I could see the hospital, smell the smell of pungent disinfection water, and return to the modern modernity.

But what I see is still antique furniture, yellow pear flower and wooden shelf bed, long -necked white porcelain bottle, and a little maid with a double -cricket porcelain. I can’t help but stay. Is this reborn again?

The little maid saw me as a classic opening remark: "Are you awake girl?"

I only felt weak for a while, let the little maid hold the mirror, and want to see what I look like today, but I might as well see a familiar face -Xiao Lingyue’s face.

I pulled up my sleeve, and the wounds cut off by the branches during the spring hunting fell off, but left a shallow and long trace.

Today, the same traces are in sight.

I, not dead?

The little maid explained the background information. I was Nie Shuang, who was adopted by Nie Xue, and was now healed and over seventeen. Her brother was returned to Kyoto to see the husband’s house.

Nie Shuang … I jumped, this is my modern name, how can it be so coincidental?

Nie Scholar, the three generations of Qingliu, the pure Emperor Party.

I watched the thin face in the mirror, the tired eyes, and the younger state of the sixteenth or seven -year -old girl.It was difficult to talk nonsense for the little maid’s eyes and said that I was only seventeen.

I soon saw my nominal brother, Nie Xue and Mrs. Nie looked unreasonable. They were so more and more respectful.

After waking up, I raised it for three months, and sorted out the six years when I became the queen. Some fogs were dissipated, but some became more and more confusing.

There is no doubt that Liu Ye helped me Jin Chan’s shell and got rid of the identity of the rebellious daughter, but I couldn’t figure it out. Why did he work hard to fabricate the identity of a daughter of a well -known door for me.

This Nie Shuang looks like the best background in the following.

I was startled by my suddenly emerging thoughts. Wei Wushuang didn’t die. Liu Ye didn’t want to be amphibious with her. How could it bother to arrange for me.

In the middle of the night, the smell of the ambergris suddenly in the boudoir. I woke up and saw the upright figure in front of the window. I suddenly choked. I restrained my emotions and said: "Breakthrough the woman’s boudoir, you don’t."

He lit the candlelight, and his smile shone in the candlelight: "Double double, it’s me."

Seeing it was really him, he was aggrieved, confused, regretful, and joy was disturbed into a ball in my heart, which made my sight suddenly blurred.

I widened my eyes and didn’t let the tears rolled down. I only asked him: "Wang Xi didn’t tell you, Wei Wushuang didn’t die, was it raised in Jici?"

"He said to me naturally." Liu Ye walked in, sitting on the edge of my bed, his eyes soft.

I breathed a stagnation and asked, "What do you save me and what do you do?"

"Stupid," his smile was also relaxed and gentle, "Non -frost is not my lover."

"She is my comrades -in -arms who have been side by side for many years, and the leader of the film guard under the seat of the national dynasty. After we got rid of the chase, you hid me near the snake cave. She exposed her identity in a hurry.It was better to protect her as a concubine for a while for a while. "

Hearing that I threw the unconscious him in the snake cave. Even after many years, I knew that he was safe and sound, and I had a white face for a while, but: "I’m sorry, I don’t know."

Immediately, I remembered the child who was killed by Wei Wushuang’s belly, and his face was whiter: "I’m sorry, I hurt your children."

He stunned, and smiled helplessly: "Double doubles, frost is not my heart, and naturally there is no child who is pregnant with me."

My brain turned slowly: "Is that kind of medicine?"

"Well, so shortly after stopping the medicine, your people will return that the children in her belly are gone." Liu Ye explained one by one.

The fog down, I couldn’t help but said, "Liu Ye, you settled Nie Shuang’s identity, what is it for?"

He looked over, and his eyes were some kind of force that made me shudder. He asked softly, "Do you really know?"

I almost blurted out, but I bite my lip and endured it.

After a moment of stalemate, Liu Ye was defeated. He sighed: "Double doubles, I thought that it was no matter how much you were.Arrange at will. "

He paused and said again: "I don’t know what you plan now?"

Thousands of things tumbling in my mind, my thoughts seemed to have a knot. I left him back to him: "If I still want to go back to Jiangnan Tianzhuang, how do you stay?"

He held the candlestick’s hand trembling, and his face was a little ruthless in the light of the fire. After a long time of silence, his voice was difficult: "That naturally as you want. But if you marry another person, you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can, but you can get another one, but you can get another one.The news of the death of death, otherwise … "

Without waiting for his opening threatening, I asked again, "If I am willing to return to the palace?"

He heard his eyes bright, and there was only a few points in his eyes.

I stretched my arms around his neck, leaned on his thin lips, and responded to him in the gap between the breath: "


Liu Yan got my quasi -letter, and quickly selected his succession, Nie Lin’s sister -Nie Shuang.

On the day I got married, I met Aunt Fang and Wenzhu, who had been lost.

Time is stunned, and I passed by six years. Goodbye Fang, I have sighed a few of them.

She personally put on a wedding dress, dressing up, and sending me to marry.

In this way, I was so mighty to the Lord of the Kunning Hall. The wedding six years ago had almost left a trace in my memory.

But now this wedding, celebrate the country, congratulate all the people.

Liu Yan used the joy to carefully unveil my hijab, don’t look behind the pearls behind the ears, revealing the face that I was carefully modified by the fat powder.

At the age of twenty, he was completely childish when he was fourteen years old.

More importantly, there is no anger and depression in his eyes, only joy and cherishment.

We looked at it for a long time, and he suddenly laughed: "Double doubles, will be a family in the future."

I was stunned for a while, and through the sixteen years, I have surpassed my years in the modern life of modern life.

I had no nostalgia for the so -called loved ones in modern times.

Today, I have gained aunt Fang, Wenzhu, and Liu Ye in different times.

This life can be so complete, and this life will be so good.

I snuggled into Liu Ye’s arms, listening to his heartbeat like a drum, and whispered: "For the rest of my life, please take care of it."

(End) (Original title: "Marriage (Boolin)")

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