Stomach pain, stomach acid, and flatulence start to get pregnant?Don’t worry too much about pregnant mothers. These have solutions

Many novice mothers wrote to the little editor of the baby, saying that she always had a uncomfortable stomach after she was pregnant, as if she was pregnant with her stomach.

Don’t worry about expectant mothers. There are reasons for bloating, stomach acid, and stomach pain during pregnancy. Let ’s take a good babies to take the novice expectant mothers to find out.

1. Normal pregnancy

At 45 days of pregnancy, the adenoma began to secrete more and more under the influence of the fluff membrane, and the activity of gastric acid and enzymes decreased, so expectant mothers began to experience normal pregnancy symptoms such as dizziness, ca n’t eat things, and vomit.

2. True hormones

After pregnancy, women’s body hormones will change, causing the sphincter of the body to begin to relax. The uterus will increase with the growing of the fetus. After compression of our stomach, the gastric acid will easily turn upwards.

The sphincter is the connection channel switch in charge of the esophagus and the stomach. What we eat, after entering the stomach after the sphincter, it will ensure that the food is not returned, but after it is loose, the consequences can be imagined.

After the food enters the stomach and is returned, the stomach acid is brought up. Stomach acid is attached to the esophagus, throat and other places to stimulate the mucous membrane, and the expectant mothers will feel stomach pain.

3. Fetal baby help

As mentioned earlier, after women are pregnant, the uterus will increase with the growth of the fetus. The more pregnancy, the greater the mother’s uterus.Under such circumstances, the stomach is squeezed in the stomach, which increases the pressure, and even heavier the reflux of the stomach content into the esophagus, causing pregnant women to have a heart fossa burning sensation.

First of all, babies should ask everyone to rest assured that the stomach is uncomfortable, it will not affect the health of the baby’s body, nor will it have a bad impact on our body, but as a mother, it is also very important for their bodies.

1. Reduce diet

After pregnancy, gastrointestinal function will have a certain degree of decline, but expectant mothers will eat and eat during pregnancy because of the concept of "one person eating two people."The pressure that should not be affected, protest, will also evolve into stomach pain.

Specific mothers only need to consume nutrition reasonably.

2. Light porridge is a good thing

You may not believe it, corn porridge, yam porridge, millet porridge, etc. are all good things to treat stomach discomfort during pregnancy.

Don’t add auxiliary materials to the porridge at will, you can add a little jujube.The cooking time must be longer than usual, and it must be more than 15 minutes longer than usual). Try not to drink simple rice porridge.

Such a diet has a small burden on the stomach, and at the same time, the yin is nutritious. After the symptoms of the stomach are reduced, you can gradually add high -calorie, high nutrients.

3. Half -sitting position

Generally, pregnant women will become lazy in the middle of pregnancy or in the third trimester. After the stomach arrives, she just wants to lie down after eating.But when you just finish eating, it is likely to cause food reflux. Don’t sit still all the time, which is not conducive to digestion.

When the stomach is uncomfortable, taking a half -sitting position can reduce the pain, and then get up for a walk for 20 minutes to half an hour to promote gastrointestinal motility and increase digestive glands, so that food can digest it better and more quickly to relieve the foodBloating and other issues.

It is not easy to be pregnant in October. Dear expectant mothers must take care of themselves so that they can welcome the healthy baby!

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