Stabbing in the heart

“”There is a recent thing that makes me very troublesome and tangled. I do n’t know what to do. I will share with you here today. I hope my friends can give me some opinions!Thanks![Rose]

I am a full -time mother. The child is going to kindergarten. In the past few years, I have finally brought the child a little bigger. Now I have a little time to go to kindergarten in the kindergarten. I want to find something to do and earn some pocket money.But always because the time for picking up the child is not easy to open, the work is not easy to find, so I have been idle!

Recently, my in -laws have always urged me to have a second child. I have no plan for the time being, so I perfunctory the past every time, but I know that they are looking forward to my second child.Friends around me occasionally jokingly said that the second child is … even more funny is that recently there will be a lot of videos about the second child. Even if you dream of dreaming at night!Oh My God!It’s like brainwashing me, keeping me shaking.Feeling crazy!Let me talk about my thoughts about my second child!

To be honest, I saw 2 children in other people’s family. I was actually envious!I actually want two children, but I dare not!why?Because I’m afraid!I am afraid of another 3 years, I am afraid that there is no freedom, I am afraid that he is crying in my arms, but I can’t help it!The boss is bringing big by myself. I haven’t forgotten how much helplessness is now!

I remember in the confinement, he always didn’t sleep, didn’t sleep at night, and didn’t sleep during the day.Start crying. Other children’s children sleep after the confinement of the confinement, and sleep in the fragrance. Why don’t he sleep when he arrives in my house!In the hospital, I did n’t sleep for 3 days from night to the day, from day to night. Later, my mother came, and I had time to rest.I was discharged home, and I didn’t have to sleep for another two days and two nights.The baby dad, the voice is like a thunder, a second tube [covering the face], the child is hungry when he cries, returned you!Nowadays, the eyes are always uncomfortable and lumbar pain may be not resting in the confinement, leaving sequelae!I said I invited me a month to help me, but I said that there were so many people in the house. Just change it. As a result, I got sick, a cold, and there were too many farm work …

I remember the sadness of the past, but I didn’t want to mention it again. I survived it, but I survived alone!I’m scared, I’m afraid of being loved, saying life, there are us, I believe that love is true, and in the end I can’t hold my hands and feet. Everyone is very hard. I can see it.It’s hard, but I’m really scared, I’m afraid it’s another person, from early morning to night, from night to early morning!I can bear it in pregnancy, production, and no pain, but now it ’s different, I am afraid, I am afraid that I will ignore Dabao because of the second child. I am afraid that I will put my energy on the second child who will come again.Help me take care of?

I also know that when I get old, my hands and feet can accompany each other.Tomber together and grow up together!But can he understand now?

If I am pregnant now, I can’t guarantee that I am energetic and happy every day. In the face of you who do the wrong thing, you who are dragging and pulling, will I get angry or patiently waiting for you?

If in confinement, who will send you to school again?Is there a meal you like to eat breakfast and dinner?Who takes care of the second child in her arms?

If you get sick, who can help me?After all, you are still a child, but you become Dabao!Should I let Erbao?

I do n’t know, when Dabao saw that I gave love to Erbao, would he have grievances and sadness in his heart?I gave all my love to Dabao, and I don’t know if I would like it?How should my love be assigned?

I don’t know if you have considered these small problems, but these are things that can make me worry.If this day is coming, how should everyone work at that time?Maybe you feel that you can help us now, maybe make money, maybe help!You feel that you have the energy to help us, while you are younger, but you are getting older every day. I don’t want to be affected by my incompetence because of my incompetence.

Of course, there are too many happiness that children brought to me in recent years. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, sunny and rainy, sad and happy … It is the child who always accompanies me, let me warm, let me move, make me pain and happiness.every day!

So I am tangled because of this because I saw your expectations, but I don’t want you to be too hard for us.I don’t know what to do?Can you give me some opinions?

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