Spring is more sleepy during pregnancy. Is there any good way?

With the arrival of March, the temperature in many areas has been significantly picked up, the severe cold in winter has dissipated, and the warm wind brings the warmth of the spring.At this time, all things began to recover, but at this time there was a phenomenon that was incompatible with this scene, that is -spring trapped.Many pregnant mothers also consult us, how can we get rid of the spring sleep?

To solve this problem, we must first understand what is going on with spring difficulties

In most cases, spring difficulties are the reaction of physical changes caused by seasonal conversion.

In winter, the human body is affected by low temperature. The capillaries of the skin are contracted, the blood flow is reduced, and the sweat glands and pores will be closed to reduce the radiation of calories to maintain the normal body temperature of the human body.By the time of spring temperature rose, human pores and sweat glands began to relax, and skin blood circulation began to strong.At this time, the blood of the brain will be relatively reduced.At the same time, the human body’s metabolism is strong in spring, and the increase in oxygen consumption will lead to lack of endogenous oxygen. The oxygen supply of the brain is significantly reduced.

I am afraid that many pregnant mothers have this feeling: after pregnancy, they are always prone to sleepy and tired, and even sleepy, often in a state of misery.Some pregnant mothers are inevitable: always have no listing, no disease, don’t delay your baby.

In fact, the sleepy mothers are very probably caused by changes in hormone levels. The most important of which is HCG hormone, which is human chorionic gonadotropin.Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the blood volume of the pregnant mother’s body increases, the heart rate is accelerated, the blood glucose decreases, and the metabolism is accelerated. These will consume a lot of physical strength.Therefore, it is normal for most pregnant mothers to be sleepy, but it does not rule out that a few people need to pay more attention to pregnant mothers because of hypertrophic and hypertension and other diseases.

Once the fatigue during pregnancy is suffering from spring, and double buffs are superimposed, this will inevitably cause a little trouble to the normal life rhythm of pregnant mothers.So how should we deal with this situation?

To solve this dual problem, start from multiple aspects.Pregnant mothers’ sleep quality, good eating habits, proper outbreak exercises, and calmness of mentality have different degrees of effects.

Good sleep.This is a powerful guarantee for solving the problem of spring difficulties.Due to physiological reasons, women should pay more attention to rest, and they can no longer work hard like before.Especially staying up late, often causes some irreversible injuries to women, harm to pregnant mothers even worse.Pregnant mothers should still maintain good work and rest habits to ensure the time and quality of sleep.If you do not sleep at night for some reasons, you can take a nap to replenish sleep, and you can also make the afternoon more energetic.

Scientific eating habits.Diet is closely related to sleep, and bad eating habits will largely affect sleep.Some people do not like to eat breakfast, so that they will lack energy in the morning, and face the aggressive spring difficulties.Some spicy foods can cause many stimuli to the stomach, making the pregnant mother feel gastrointestinal discomfort and affect the quality of sleep.Therefore, to sleep well, you must first eat well. The nutritional supplement should be fully balanced to avoid the stimulation caused by too much food.At the same time, three meals, especially breakfast, should not give up breakfast because of time, so that it will hurt the body.

Appropriate exercise.Some people may say that they are sleepy and go out to exercise. Do n’t you move more and more sleepy?But in fact, sports has a great promotion effect on driving away the spring difficulties.In spring, it is the recovery of all things, and the outdoor environment is relatively suitable for going out.For pregnant mothers, appropriate exercise can effectively relax the body, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, and maintain a good physical condition and mental appearance.

Maintain a good attitude.The reason why many pregnant mothers feel extraordinarily tired during pregnancy have a very important relationship with the unstable mentality.During pregnancy, the energy itself is limited. We must worry about the health of yourself and the fetus, but also worry about a lot of useless things.Pregnant mothers should relax their mentality, do not always have unnecessary troubles, usually walk more to relax and adjust their emotions.

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