Sperm and eggs are in bed successfully!Do you feel these symptoms?

The process of breeding a new life is very long. At this time, the pregnant mother feels unprecedented happiness and pain, which is also the most beautiful moment of a woman.But when a woman was pregnant, many mothers did not notice it.First of all, we need to know that after the combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs will be formed, and then they will enter the uterine cavity through the fallopian tube, even if they are conceived at this time.So, what do you feel after pregnancy? Let’s take a look together.

1. Feeling fatigue, lethargy

You are usually very energetic, but you suddenly feel tired and sleepy? This is due to the implantation of fertilized eggs and the release of lutein in the quasi mother’s body.Lutein can maintain the stability of the endometrium and provide a good development environment for the embryo, but at the same time, it will reduce the energy of expectant mothers.Obviously, she has enough sleep, but she is still easy to feel tired and want to sleep.

2. The body temperature rises slightly

Women’s normal body temperature is about 36 degrees, but women’s body temperature will rise at about 36.5-37 degrees during ovulation, and this temperature has been maintained in this state since ovulation and will not decrease.If your body temperature has always been slightly higher, you can initially judge that you have become expectant mothers!

3. Frequent toilet

After the fertilized egg was successfully planted into the uterine wall, the chorionic gonadotropin began to secrete a large amount.The secretion of this hormone can stimulate your bladder and cause frequent urination.Therefore, after implantation of fertilized eggs, the frequency of expectant mothers to the toilet increased, but note that the frequency of urination increases!

4. Abdominal swelling

The feeling of bloating after the fertilized eggs is similar to the menstruation, and it will be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding symptoms.This is because when the fertilized egg is rooted in the endometrium, it can cause the small blood vessels to break and cause bleeding.This is normal, don’t worry too much.

1. First of all, you must count the time. After all, the sperm and eggs have only one or two days, and the eggs are only one per month, so the same room time must be accurate;

2. Do not clean it right away after the same room. It is best to go to cleaning for a few minutes in the woman;

3. Both husband and wife must strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, avoid tobacco and alcohol, do not stay up late, maintain a good constitution to increase the chance of pregnancy.

The above is the feeling of fertilized eggs after the bed. If you also have the above feeling, you can use the pregnancy test stick to test it first. If you still can’t be sure, go to the hospital for a blood HCG or B -ultrasound.It’s right.

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