Specific mothers are dizzy and headache need to seek medical treatment in time "hydrocephalus" pregnant mothers to give birth safely

Red Net Moment News August 5th (correspondent Wu Shan Huang Limin) Ms. Zhu, 29 -year -old first woman, was pregnant for 40 weeks. She was required to stay in the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for delivery on August 3.Dr. Wu Shan and Dr. Judu Pei Wang Shaoqing learned in the process of carefully inquiring about the medical history. Ms. Zhu had a history of hydaus hydaus disease since the age of 17, and she was accompanied by headaches before pregnancy.Essence

The department arranged her nuclear magnetic resonance and cerebrovascular imaging examination for her very carefully. The results of the examination surprised everyone. Ms. Zhu’s bilateral brainroom and third brainroom expanded.

The Department of Production One Department immediately organized a medical team for active discussions, and formed a multi -disciplinary expert team including obstetrics, neurology, anesthesiology, ICU, neonatal department, etc. for the pregnant woman.Considering that the vaginal delivery time is long, and the strength of the screen during childbirth may increase the intracranial pressure of pregnant women, leading to cerebral hernia, and the life of critical mother’s life. After full evaluation, it is decided to try cesarean section for Ms. Zhu.On August 4th, Li Qing, deputy chief physician, and the attending physician Tan Haiyan performed a cesarean section for the patient. The operation was very smooth. The mother and child were safe. The postoperative patients were inspected in the ICU. At present, Ms. Zhu has returned to the general ward.

Jiang Yurong, director of the Department of Industry 1, introduced that hydrocephalus is a common disease of the nervous system, which can be divided into congenital and acquisition.There are often brain chambers expand or the skull high pressure increases.Common symptoms of brain hydrocephalus include headache, nausea, vomiting, unstable gait, and cognitive impairment. It can also be seen by blindness and conscious disorders.Most hydrocephalus require surgery, and the brain chamber -the most widely used in abdominal diversion surgery.Patients with hydrocephalus should be managed under the collaboration of multidisciplinary centers including neurology, neurosurgery, video department, spine department, psychological psychology, nursing major, rehabilitation, etc., and standardized treatment to avoid cerebrospinal fluid due to physiological changes during pregnancy.Change, leading to the risk of skull high pressure or even cerebral hernia.

Ms. Zhu had exceeded the expected date of 4 days when she came to the hospital. Fortunately, the doctor discovered in time and had multiple disciplines for emergency treatment to ensure the health of the mother and baby, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.Jiang Yurong reminds pregnant mothers to pay attention to various symptoms such as dizziness and headaches.

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