Some things when you are pregnant can not put the bedroom. The pregnant mother is responsible for herself, which is to be responsible for the child

The pregnant mother is pregnant, and some things must not be placed in the bedroom.Not only will it affect the health of pregnant mothers, but also the possibility of malformations for children.Children generally occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy in pregnant mothers, that is, in the early stages of pregnancy. This stage is the formation of "neural tube".If pregnant mothers can go through these weeks smoothly, the probability of fetal deformity will be particularly small.

Pregnant mothers are actually not easy. They are not allowed to get sick or drink medicine.It is a pregnant woman who is both a reorganization, not only pay attention to their own health and safety, but also always pay attention to the movement of the children in the belly.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to many things in life for their health and safety of their own and fetus, and to have a healthy child.

The first mother is likely to lack relevant experience, and there will be some things that they do not understand.The children cannot avoid risks well.Simply speaking, do n’t put it in the bedroom.These things will affect the safety and health of pregnant mothers, and also improve fetal malformations, so parents must pay enough attention to these things.

Pregnant mother Xiao Xia has been sleeping well when she is pregnant.So for a while she likes to use aromatherapy, which is also to improve sleep.It feels so no problem after pregnancy.Suddenly, Xiao Xia’s husband found that she was looking for something, but it was scared to his husband.Her husband always felt that she was very delicate when she was pregnant. She also said that she would do not let her do it.After Xiaoxia heard it, she was very relieved.Feeling that her husband was very distressed, and inexplicable.But when she said something, her husband was very angry.Specially told her, how can you use these chemicals when this special time?It’s not good for children.Xiaoxia saw her husband who usually became so terrible to her husband, and has been fierce. Since getting married, she has not been so fierce.Suddenly he cried, crying and saying it was because he had poor sleep.

Her husband told her about the danger of doing this while soothing her emotions.I was also worried about her and children.Eventually he convinced his wife.Later, I found the aromatherapy and threw it away.It is also for children, and if you can’t get angry, you don’t care about it.In fact, in the bedroom where the pregnant mother rests, there are some things that cannot be put.Putting these things will be harmful to children.For example, primitive mosquito coils, aromatherapy, camphor pills and cool oil.Don’t put these things at home, it is terrible for those who are pregnant.After the summer, there will be a lot of mosquitoes, and it is the beginning of a nightmare for those who get rid of mosquitoes.Point mosquito coils are the most effective way.The taste of the original mosquito coil is very large. The chemicals contained in it are mixed in the air, and it is easy to inhale into the human body.There is also an impact on ordinary ordinary people, let alone pregnant mothers?It is very uncomfortable for pregnant women, not only uncomfortable but also affecting children’s health and safety.

The above four items are generally written by pregnant women.But there are still many pregnant mothers who feel okay, they will use because they are afraid of mosquitoes, but they must pay attention to the safety and health of their children.How to prevent pregnant mothers from giving birth to abnormal children?When pregnant mothers are preparing for pregnancy, husband and wife must plan.Can’t drink and smoke. In the first three months of pregnant mothers, the pregnant mother is a critical period for children to develop. Prospective mothers should take folic acid and stay away from the harmful environment.For example, when the room is newly renovated, stay away from the environment of the tobacco and alcohol, and the air circulation is not smooth.To absorb fresh air, we must also strive to improve the immunity of pregnant mothers.Because for pregnant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, because of time, we can master all, so it is recommended that you start from planning to pregnancy and let pregnant mothers take folic acid, and can also obtain these nutrients from food.

Parents need to know that there are so many folic acid.For example, spinach, lettuce, and asparagus.It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat, and in the mouth of pregnant mothers, it is also added to the child.There are also various beans, animals, liver.Pregnancy is a very important thing.Pregnant mothers are responsible for herself, that is, to be responsible for their children.

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