Some people say that you cannot perm and dye your hair during pregnancy?This matter should be done less. Do your stomach pain for 3 days

During pregnancy, you must not be perm or hair.Based on my experience, add another: you can’t do head massage.So far, although it has not yet been reported that the fetal malformations caused by perm -dyeing, the potential impact is inestimable.

Why can’t you perm and dye your hair?

1. Perm and hair dye contain chemical ingredients

The perm and hair dye are prepared by chemicals, and the obvious irritating odor exposes them.Even a hair dye, which is known as plant, also contains chemicals such as phenyline, phenylexol, and amino phenol.I have also used plant hair dye. As a result, my hair was like dried grass. I lost the luster of the past, and it took several years to raise it.This shows that hair dye has a destructive effect in absorbing the nutrition of hair.

These chemicals enter the pregnant mother through blood circulation, and then enter amniotic fluid to affect the healthy development of the baby.The irritating odor of perm and hair dye is also a volatile of harmful substances. After the pregnant mother absorbs, it will also enter the body to affect the health.Perm and hair dye can cause irritation to the skin and cause allergic reactions.We often feel itchy scalp when we perm hair dye, which is an allergic reaction.The body is more sensitive during pregnancy, and the allergic reaction will be stronger.

2. The barber shop environment is not good

Not only do barber shops do hair for the pregnant mother, there are many people, and there are many perm and hair dyeing.

Chemicals will gather in a small space, the concentration becomes larger, the room is basically in a state of imperfect air, and it is difficult to dissipate the harmful irritating odor, which is extremely unfavorable to the human body.

Because there are too many people, small space, and exhaled carbon dioxide, it is easy to cause insufficient oxygen.Pregnant mothers’ lungs are squeezed, and more oxygen supply has originally needed, which can easily cause pregnant mothers to breathe in poor breathing.

There will be some strong music in the barber shop, which will also make pregnant women feel irritable. The fetus will restless, which will affect normal development.

3. The hair time is too long

Perm and hair dyeing time are very long, generally more than 2 hours, and it is common for three or four hours.Pregnant mothers use a sitting posture for a long time, which will make the fetus uncomfortable, easily cause fake contractions, and the stomach is tight or even painful, and then the pregnant mother is uncomfortable.

Pregnant women are in a harmful environment for a long time, and it is easy to feel hypoxia and dizziness.

Why not do head massage

My head massage causes stomach pain during my experience.

If you do head massage, you will cause stomach pain.I experienced it at the time. At about 4 months of pregnancy, I felt that the fetus had been stable, so I went to make a head massage. As a result, I felt a stomachache after I finished it.It’s right.I was really afraid of abortion at the time, but fortunately the fetus was strong.However, the 3 days were terrible.

The human acupoint meridians are mainly concentrated in the head. In general, the head massage can relax the body. However, the pregnancy of the head during pregnancy is reaction to the head massage. Pressing to a certain acupoint can cause stomach pain and even premature birth.

In short, for the health of yourself and your baby, you can bear perm, hair dyeing, and massage your head.

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