So excited, there is such a symptom that really proves that I am pregnant

You can know pregnancy without a pregnancy test stick?In real life, there are many pregnant mothers who are pregnant without knowing it, but because they do n’t know what symptoms are pregnant, they still do n’t know that they are pregnant after 3 or 4 months.Essence

Netizen Xiaojuan left a message on WeChat: "I was in the same room with my husband during ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy was very high, and this month of this month came on the 20th of last month, but I want to know if I am pregnant as soon as possible.What about pregnancy? "Today, I compiled some symptoms of pregnancy, so that you can know whether you are pregnant as soon as possible without the pregnancy test stick.

1. Early pregnancy has symptoms of colds

I always feel sleeping when I get up in the morning, sleepy or cold, like the symptoms of the early cold.If a woman with a normal sex life still does not come one week after the menstrual cycle, then consider whether to get pregnant.

2. Breast change

Due to the increased hormone level, the breasts will increase after pregnancy, and it will become solid and heavy. At the same time, the breasts will have a tingling and full feeling.

3. A small amount of bleeding

When the embryo is implanted in the endometrium, the pregnant woman may have some discomfort or pain, and the vaginal secretion may also have a faint bloodshot, but there are rarely the case of blood wire.

4. Men stop menstruation

The days of menstruation are delayed in the future. This is the most obvious pregnancy signal.So if the time is over, you must think of your possibility of pregnancy.However, some women will still come to menstruation after pregnancy, but the menstrual blood is less than usual, and the date is shorter, but the latter is mainly because the blood stains that are unstable when the fertilized eggs are successful in bed.Blood.

5. Change of appetite

In the 1-2 weeks after menstruation, some women’s appetite will change. For example, things they usually like to eat, they do not like to eat, some do not want to eat or even vomit, some things they want to eat.This is because of changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy.

6. Frequent urine

After pregnancy, due to the successful planting into the uterus, as the fetus grows, it will continue to put pressure on your bladder, leading to frequent urination, and with the advancement of pregnancy, the long -term symptoms of fetal frequent urination will continue, and even more severeEssence

7. Similar to before menstrual syndrome

The symptoms of early pregnancy are very similar to the pre -menstrual syndrome. You will feel swelling and abdominal pain in your breasts. The vagina may flow out of a small amount of brown or light powder secretions, making you feel that the "big aunt" is coming.

Pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy are always easy to feel tired. They are drowsy all day long, and they can’t afford interest in what they do.

However, in order to understand the development of the fetus in time and the physical condition of the pregnant woman, pregnant women should go to the hospital for a check -up. If the pregnant woman’s body has abnormalities, it can also be treated in time in time.

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